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Young Amhara generation and Amhara Nationalism

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Ze Arada
“The new Amhara generation will renew its history” Eskender Nega
It should be clear as a broad day -light,atleast by now,that TPLF’s grand plan has been establishing greater Tigray at the demise of primarily the Amhara. All its track record since its inception in Dedebit shows that quite vividly. It definitely was not easy and they needed couple of more decades to finish the job.
TPLF’s intent is so devlish and many has been blinded by their sacred Ethiopianess that, to this day, they dont WANT to believe this obvious FACT.
That’s why some people needed long time to sink in that Amhara’s resistance is a resistance of survival, first and foremost.
When they see all the irrefutable information out there,they start believing that Amhara is the prime target of TPLF and Co.
But,freezing in awe seeing all what has been done against Amhara and what to unfold could be worse,they fail to understand the core ENABLER and HOPE of TPLF for its grand project : AMHARA WILL NEVER RISE AS AMHARA.
TPLF has been successful in realizing its plan, mainly because of that. i.e. Amhara hailed only as an Ethiopian while it has been undone as an Amhara. Unfortunately many and more importanly the Amhara elites are still in deep sleep to realize that.
They fail to see that the ever giant surgeon professor Asrat had saved thousands and thousands of Amharas under AAPO than in his entire life’s medical career.
But in their naivete,they still say Amhara’s standing as Amhara is just following TPLF’s path. The stupidity!
They do realize TPLF killed professor Asrat,right ? Because he stood on its way not only standing as an Amhara,but establishing the first Amhara party in Ethiopia to save his people and successfully so.
While professor Mesfin had the ‘luxury’ of debating the late PM on ‘Amhara’s existence’, professor Asrat was struggling to save Amhara before he was killed by the PM, who argued for his own evil cause that Amhara exists.
You have fire and water in front of you : Mesfin,Meles and Asrat ; open your eyes and choose.
Historically,enemy has come many times from outside and Amhara with other peoples of Ethiopia stood as an Ethiopian.
Being a prime target of an internal enemy and having repeatedly tried to defeat it as an Ethiopian to no avail,Amhara has risen as an Amhara and TPLF and Co.are shaking.
In the current political dynamics, all honest observers could witness that TPLF and TPLF 2(Arena) have been shocked to their core since the Amhara resistance.
Still dont think so? see for yourself how they tried to legitimize Oromo protest and singled out Amhara’s resistance as a chauvinist anti this and that rebellion in all their media platforms.
They have continued the same action in their state of emergency proclamation and its aftermath by focusing on OLF on their medias and working hard to crash Amhara’s resistance at the background.
The irony is, many confessing unitarians have been doing same – deliberately “neglecting and overlooking ” Amhara resistance.Even some planning and working to abolish or hijack it to their ever failing cause.
Of Course TPLF’s dream has been turned to a nightmare because of one BIG reason : Amhara has stood as Amhara. They have never thought this day would have come,but it did.
Killing Prof.Asrat is not the end,rather the beginning.
“The new Amhara generation will renew its history” Journalist Eskindir Nega.
Tikimt 2009/October, 2016