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You will get venom, not honey from the snake By: Surafel Admassu

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By: Surafel(mamushe)Admassu
Ethiopians in SaudiWhere is the God of Abraham? Where is the father of Israel? How deep our (Ethiopians) sin is that makes You turned Your back against our poor? The mighty God, why you ignored the suffering of our helpless people? Our Father, the son of Saint Marry and the holiest of holy, for how long is long for you to erase the pain of our God fearing people? Or are you letting us to wait fife thousand and fife hundred years to relive us from our sorrows and grieves just like our father Adam? The lords of lord, haven’t you told us you are the only savior during our difficulties? Where is your limit?
The killings and the atrocities of our brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia make me sleepless and restless. The State sponsored terrorism activity on the holy land (sarcasm) against our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are incomprehensible. Compared to what the Saudis have done against humanity through out the world, for them, these barbaric actions against Ethiopians are just a baby steep. The Saudis are always known for their unjust murder against innocent people all over the world. Saudi Arabia is nick named as a city of sin that never respect the basic rights of human being. Saudi Arabia is a country which gave us Osama Bladen who was responsible for the massacre of thousands of innocent lives. Their religion believes and the foundations of their culture always have been out of order. This is a country profiling their own women based on their sex. Only in Saudi not anywhere in the world, women never vote and drive. Forget about Ethiopians and other foreigners, they are ruthless bloodthirsty nation against their own women.
Lots of Ethiopian people in and outside of the country are outraged and angered by the Saudis barbaric action and by the silence of the Ethiopian government. Rightly, I share the anger and disappointment against the Ethiopian government. Instead of giving a lip service, government should and must have defended its own citizen from any kind of abuses and killings. However, I am not expecting a honey from the snake instead venom. This is the same government torturing and killing its own citizen and makes our people flee from the country. The income inequality and a staggering jobless rate left our young brothers and sisters without any choice except fleeing the country for better economic opportunity.
Both the Saudis and the Ethiopian government have commonality. They share the same principle and follow the same avenue to stay on power. They are merciless “the twenty first” dictators that never cares about the basic principle of human rights. If the Saudis are not aware of the attitude of the Ethiopian government against its own people, they will never take this kind of coldblooded action against our brothers and sisters.
My fellow Ethiopians in the Diaspora, anger and outrageousness are not doing good for those Ethiopians currently suffer in Saudi Arabia. We should change our anger into action as soon as possible to save our fellow citizens from another murder. We, Ethiopians in the U.S., have power to make a difference. I call upon all sensible Ethiopians in the US to make a phone call for their respective Senators started from November 13, 2013 to November 14, 20313. Please find your Senators from the list and make a phone call.
Let’s occupy the U.S. Senate Phone line