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Yemen detains prominent British-Ethiopian

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Addis Voice

Andargachew Tsige
Andargachew Tsigie

Yemeni authorities reportedly detained Andargachew Tsigie, a naturalized British citizen of Ethiopian descent while in transit to another country.

Andargachew, Secretary General of Ginbot 7, Movement for Justice and Freedom, was detained by Yemeni security officers at Sanaa Airport on June 23, 2014. Andargachew, is still believed to be under the custody of Yemeni authorities.

In a press release Ginbot 7 issued yesterday, it expressed its grave concern over the incident and appealed to Yemen to free him unconditionally and never consider to hand over him to the TPLF-led rogue regime, which is routinely condemned for its appalling human rights record.

The movement has also written a letter to Yemeni President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi requesting an end to the “unlawful and unwarranted detention” of its Secretary General.

“We are particularly concerned that that the continued illegal detention of Mr. Tsige, a well-known critic of the Ethiopian government, is politically motivated and a violation of international law.We urge the Government of Yemen to release him immediately and unconditionally,” the letter said.

According to informed sources, British consular officers, who indicated that Andargachew is still in Yemen, are in contact with the government of Yemen to secure his release.

Andargachew was one of the key figures during the 2005 elections. He was also detained in Ethiopia for his role in Kinijit. He was convicted of treason charges twice along with other prominent dissidents, activists and journalists.

“If Yemen hands over Andargachew to the tyrants in Ethiopia in violation of international conventions, he will face torture, if not extrajudicial killing. But we do not believe that the Yemeni government will do that ignoring the moral and legal implications,” a Ginbot 7 source said.

Source: Addisvoice