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Woyane is a dead and deadly regime walking (Teshome Debalke)

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By Teshome Debalke
Ethiopians must be very attentive to safeguard the safety of our people and the integrity of our country from a dead and deadly regime walking. We must warn the officials and the cadres of the regime to abandon Woyane like their colleagues or ultimately pay for all the crimes of the Woyane. There would be no excuses not to abandon the regime and expect a safe haven to hide or run.

The defection rate of Woyane’s officials and cadres are increasing faster than ever. In recent news several individuals including the Deputy Communication Minster Ermias Legesse, the Federal Prosecutor Tewodros Behar, the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange Executive Director Anteneh Assefa, and the General Manager of the Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) Getachew Belay Wendimu is the sign of a dead and deadly regime walking.

The testimony of the former Deputy Communication Minster Ermias Legesse 1 2 3 / alone is sufficient to the extent of the crimes of Woyane to abandon it. Others choose to remain silent as cowards from telling what they know. They will be sought out as conspirators of the regime’s crime for the rest of their lives.

Things are not going well for Woyanes. Desperation is setting in among the officials and the rank and file of the cadres of ruling regime Woyane. They are searching for a place to run for dear life.

There are no armed oppositions surrounding them to surrender yet. There is no popular uprising to overthrow the regime yet. They are afraid of the same regime they have been serving most of their adult life going to use them as fall guys for its extensive crimes to buy time.

The inner circles of TPLF are scared to their pants from each other and are in a no-way-in no-way-out position the regime put them in. It is like being in hard place and a rock. The grandfather of Woyane Sibhat Nega is seen shuttling back-and-forth to calm down the Gangs of Adwa to stick with each other or else.

The ethnic puppets Woyane assembled and use to justify its crimes are in more crises than ever. Used and abused as front men by TPLF’s ethnic agenda, they sensed they are disposable to get out of the jam the regime got itself in to save face. Stuck from getting out of their predicament of serving the criminal enterprise of TPLF they are looking for escape route out of the reach of the regime’s assassins.

The vocal Diaspora apologists are also looking for an easy way out of their association with Woyane. With very little options for their transgression against the people of Ethiopia for far too long, economic growth and peace and stability became the only safe things to say to feel better. The popular badmouths of Woyane are also toning down their insult of Ethiopians on behalf of TPLF– sounding more patriotic that unite Ethiopians than Woyane lovers. If it wasn’t for the perk, they would have bailed out sooner than later singing Tobia Hagre woy mot.

The top enchiladas of the regime are also scrambling to stop the bleeding of Woyane by throwing all kinds of bizarre propaganda as they go. Accordingly, terrorist are surrounding us is becoming the quick way of buying time until they find a better diversion.

Other developments are, the numbers of Woyane’s officials’ family abounding the country to settle around the world. ’According to the advocacy groups that follow up these case most of the families of high officials are seeking residency permits as investors while the low ranked cadres are applying for political asylum. Sources inside the regime reviled the operatives of the regime are issuing passport and legal papers for substantial fee to smuggle officials to preferred destination of Western countries.

Others that fear Diaspora oppositions in Western countries prefer to migrate in African countries, South Africa in Africa and Thailand and Malaysia in Asia being the preferred destination.

As much as many corrupt officials and their families are free to migrate anywhere around the world with stolen public money without much challenge, oppositions rarely challenge them with all legal means available in the countries of their destinations.

Ethiopians have a long way to go to setup legal groups to challenge the officials of the regime and their families that committed crimes of atrocities and corruptions. Medias can’t any longer seat ideal and watch when the regime officials and their family launder public money in front of our nose. Political parties can no afford to squabble over minor differences than saving their country and protecting their people they want to rule. Individual Ethiopians no longer can pretend the little benefit they may have gotten from Woyane in a form of land is sufficient to abandon their people and country for the criminal enterprise of TPLF.

It is time to standup and be counted