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Why the Former First Lady Mrs. Azeb Mesfin Cared About Rumors?

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By Samson Gebremariam,
March 30, 2013azeb_mesfhin
The former First Lady and widow of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Mrs. Azeb Mesfin, comment on the TPLF/EPRDF 9th Congress Meeting about her late husband income was out of the meeting’s agenda context. On an article ( I wrote prior to the meeting I quoted to substantiate my claim about a high capital out flight from the country. However, Mrs. Azeb dived-in to denounce the information at the wrong place and time.  She said that “Meles came to this world with his mind, and he came up with an idea that would benefit the world and this country. He has never been selfish and never thought of himself and his family.” She added “he was paid from EPRDF’s contribution, which was four thousand something. We are proud that he could be able to support his family with such a small income, and we don’t care about any rumors.” Why she cared; if it is not true or has no glimpse of truth? Why wouldn’t she let his [the deceased dictator] “legacy” speak for itself than she tried to downplay rumors that she claimed are not true? Above all, she wouldn’t be a legitimate witness, due to conflict of interest, as she could be the first person to inherit his “$3 billion” (, which could have been robbed from the country over the years. Given how recent the information release date is on the website, January 6, 2013, I feel her concern though. She knows that the regime is struggling to hold on power and the “$3 billion” could be frozen anytime soon; before she spent as much as she could. That is my take away from her comment.
As a matter of fact, that was not the first time where she claimed how she and her late husband were “poor” that they could not afford to pay for their children schools fees. In January 2007, in an exclusive interview with US based Ethiopian Community TV (ECTV) she said that she had to save her three months income to pay the school fees ( Was she telling the truth? May be, because their children were going to the most expensive and prestigious private schools in the country, Sanford International School and Lycée Gebremariam School, according to her. Sending their children to those schools was/is a big deal? Not at all and that would even suited/suits the status quo. ግና…የቀድሞዋ ቀዳማዊት እመቤት ከአንደበታቸው የወጣውን በአለም አቀፍ ቋንቋ አቅርቤ ገመናዬን አሳለፌ ከምሰጥ በወቅቱ የተናገሩትን ቃል በቃል እንዲህ ላስቀምጥ “ብንፈልግ እኛ ገንዘብ፣ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ ገንዘብ አይደለም እምንሰርቀው” ፡፡ ጉድ እኮ ነው፤ “ስርቆትን” ምን አመጣው እስኪ? ጋዜጠኛውም ቢሆን በዚህ ጉዳይ ትታማላችሁ ብሎ ጥያቄ ያቀረበ አይመስለኝም፤ አያቀርብምም፡፡ “ ‘ምን’ ያለበት ዝላይ አይችልም” ሆኖ ካልሆነ በቀር!? The way she described their personal economy situation and the cover up story she created did not fit to the position he (the late PM) had held and cascaded to her. She embarrassed him big time and herself.
To conclude, with the corruptive1 practices of TPLF/EPRDF led government institutions and how corruption addict majority (if not all) of the party leaders are, it is unlikely that anyone would share her alleged pain unless one has a stake with her or threatened to believe what she has said and will say.
#SomeoneTellAzebMesfin that we are sick and tired of her lies!!!
By Samson Gebremariam, March 30, 2013
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1According to Transparency International annual reports Ethiopia’s Corruption Perception Index (CPI) score was 2.4 out of 10 and ranked 130th out of 163 countries in 2006, Corruption Perception Index 2006. On a recent report the CPI score is 33 out of 100 and ranked 113 out of 174 countries in 2012, Corruption Perception Index 2012.