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Why Ethiopians unwaveringly must punish every TPLF operatives for conspiracy against the people of Ethiopia

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by Teshome Debalke
No one in his or her right mind and at this late hours denies; the Tigray People Liberation Front is strangling to death the rights and livelihood of the people of Ethiopia by controlling everything Ethiopians hear, see, write, read and eat and the land they live under and depended on for their survive.
In fact, if it was humanly possible; the rogue group wouldn’t hesitate a bit to control the air our people breathe by shutting off valve in order to subdue them to accept its ‘occupation’ and the racketeering economy it embarked on to sustain its rule.
Unfortunately not many Ethiopians understood the intricate methods TPLF use to control our people let alone join the democratic movement to dismantle its network. But again, that also have everything to do with the elaborate schemes the rogue mercenary group instigated division and extortion and the character assassination of Ethiopian leaders to undermine institutions it feared most to make sure Ethiopians never come together to dismantle the criminal enterprises it built and free our people from modern day mercenary rule. Thanks to the dysfunctional elites it used and abused as Weapon of Mass Confusion to get us where we are.
The recent decree that followed the State of Emergency (panic) further illustrates what the rogue regime in verge of collapse is all about like never before. By declaring listening and talking to Media outlets that exposes Woyane’s criminality illegal on the list of desperate decrees to strangle Ethiopians to maintain its illegitimacy and corruption, the rogue group gone where no other has gone before.
Therefore, the rogue TPLF masquerading as the Ethiopian government has done everything humanly possible to strangle Ethiopians (Nation and Nationalities) and reached paranoia stage to hold on to illegitimate power and the racketeering economy it built by criminalizing everything under the sun including being Ethiopian and run out of things to criminalize.
Regardless, it is fascinating to observe the desperation of its operatives to save the rogue group they invested on and opportunists taking advantage of the chaos to get what they wanted contrary to the freedom and the rights of our people.
Make no mistake, unlike the dysfunctional elites in general wanted us to believe for one-reason or-another, it is a established fact; the rogue mercenary group from its very inception was meant to institute a jungle law on Ethiopians by the way of Mass-Confusion and division it mastered and atrocities throughout its existence in the shadow of the brutal Military predecessor. In doing so, it knew all along; Ethiopians are not easy prey for much bigger advisories let alone a collection hired hands of Middle Eastern petro-dollar autocrats’ — as we witnessed when TPLF mob bosses bow to their petro-masters — going as far as asking forgiveness for killing and abusing our people they sold as modern slaves.
This might sound farfetched for the fainthearted and the ignorant that has no clue of the history of TPLF and its partnership with the enemies surrounding Ethiopians that got Woyane where it is now.
Confused by TPLF instigated ethnic divide (Apartheid) and backed by elaborate propaganda machine financed by extortion and foreign enablers, TPLF operatives committed the unforgivable crime of conspiracy to commit crime against the people of Ethiopia and choose to save the rogue group than the people of Ethiopia and themselves.
Unfortunately, from the get go; many Ethiopians were gamed for far too long to see it coming as they found out the hard way rather too little too late wondering what, when why, where and with whom… to start sorting out who-is-who to punish for the conspiracy against our people while TPLF operatives are giving us more to fight with each other over absolutely nothing worthy of freeing our people from the horror of Woyane.
Let’s face it, we were fooled by street-smart conmen/mercenaries hired to play us like Russian roulette to fight and watch each other in a cover of ethnic Nation and Nationality while TPLF operatives are picking our pockets like a 19 century Italian Mafia.
Think about it, how many TPLF operatives in our mist we made accountable for crime of atrocities, racketeering or outright corruption on our people? Zero… nada… zilch? Instead, we are fighting over the rubbish TPLF operatives feed us on a daily bases since its inception.
Guilt by association and ethnic Apartheid: the dysfunctional elites’ Weapon of Mass Confusion
Any ‘civilized’ person would rather be caught dead than accuse whole group of people guilty by association on ethnicity, religion, color, gender and the rest. It is so stone-age thinking and in a complete contrast of what our civilized people figured out 1000s of years ago not to do that made Ethiopians the most civilized and hospitable people ever and it shows.
But yet, seeing contemporary dysfunctional elites practice it in the 21st century says more about the bigger problem facing our people in the future than a rogue mercenary group masquerading as a government and its clandestine operatives playing hide-and-seek in-and-out of a hole they dug for themselves.
Regardless, nothing illustrates the civilized people of Ethiopia and their hospitality that made the nation home to many refugees from near and far places throughout history than refugees that came from Arabia seeking shelter from religious prosecution over 1400 years ago. For that we should grateful to the Hejira Foundation’s fellow Ethiopians that remind us, Ethiopians are not only civilized people in the real sense of the meaning but, practiced it as their daily ritual unlike we are told otherwise by the rogue TPLF and the dysfunctional elites of our time.
Have you noticed how inhospitable and uncivilized some of the regimes and nations in Arabian Peninsula are to the same Ethiopians TPLF operatives sold and to the fleeing refugees from Woyane Apartheid rule they helped come to power?
Notice also the barrage of propagandas targeted on the sovereignty of the same Ethiopia, our religious tradition and tolerance and the existence of the Nation by the rogue TPLF & Associates and Arab autocrats led nations that never existed half century ago.
Look my people; it doesn’t require a PhD (real or fake) to figure out why Apartheid was instigated on Ethiopians by a self-proclaimed minority ethnic regime known as Woyane. Nor, it is by accident why TPLF operatives are all over the map to make the best out of the rogue Apartheid regime rule and racketeering. What is hard to figure out is; what the dysfunctional elites gain embracing TPLF Apartheid and destroying a nation as old as humanity that should raise more question whether they are working for the people or the same foreign enablers of TPLF.
It is not a secret, TPLF’s one-and-only mission is to destroy Ethiopians and Ethiopia and self-distract at the end as it declared publicly. To accomplish its mission, the only weapon that remained on its disposal is Apartheid and guilt by ethnic and religious association and enough dysfunctional elites to buy it. What was surprising; the number of dysfunctional elites that reduced their integrity in a service of a rogue group from their hiding.
Is what’s good for the goose good for the gander?
Are Ethiopians in the present ‘Tigray Region’ (TPLF invented ethnic group) guilty of their self-appointed representatives’ crimes? Are the ‘Amhars’ (another TPLF invented ethnic group) guilty of the self appointed Ethiopian regimes that preceded the Woyane regime? Are the followers’ of the Muslim faith guilty of the crimes of the autocrats that rule the ‘Muslim’ nations, ISIS or Al Shabab? Are the Oromo people guilty of half a dozen self appointed representatives? Are you guilty of your siblings or spouse’s crimes?
If the self-appointed representative of Tigres, Oromos, Somalis… and the rest found TPLF invented ‘Amharas’ guilty by association of previous regimes and accept the TPLF narrative of the nonexistence of a nation Ethiopia while praising rulers and nations that didn’t exist few decades ago; what makes them different than the self-declared non Ethiopian rogue group known as TPLF that accuse Ethiopians guilty of anything by association?
If you ask me; guilt by association and Apartheid is a gift for dysfunctional contemporary elites, pseudo ‘intellectuals’ and foreign enablers to hide their delinquencies and conspiracy against the civilized people of Ethiopia. There noting more-or-less to it.
Think about it. For instance, there is no Amhara or Tigre ethnic group in recorded history but, a colonialists’ invention of the 19th century. If there was, as our contemporary dysfunctional elites wanted the world to believe; they must be mysteries ethnic group with no languages to communicate (or sign languages) that existed before the Amharic language and Tigrina language branched out of the ancient Ethiopic language of Geez. In the same TPLF and enablers’ analogy, these mysteries ethnic groups must be Geez ethnic group in the old nation of Ethiopia that according to TPLF and enablers never existed.
Is a diploma a license to lie, steal, kill and avoid accountability?
Have you noticed how many dysfunctional elites insist to institutionalize TPLF create ethnic Amhara out of the Ethiopian family to suite their enablers’ Apartheid agenda?
The million dollar question is; why did TPLF created a nonexistent Amhara ethnic group to hate and nonexistence Tigre ethnic group to love and, why are contemporary intellectual elites let it get away with it?
As the saying goes; “a lie goes around the world before the truth puts its shoes on”. If the truth must be told as it always should; our contemporary dysfunctional elites’ lies’ crisscrossed the world for more than four decades while the truth is buried under by TPLF and its enablers and unfortunately, as always the people of Ethiopia have to pay for it.
Can the real intellectual elites come forward to tell the truth, if not why not?
Recently, few individuals are attempting to validate a nonexistence Amhara ethnic group TPLF and enablers invented in the last hour of the regime demise– claiming to represent the interest of ‘Amhars’ as opposition to the rogue TPLF’s invited Tigray ethnic group it claims to represent by 100% and to the liking of a handful of ethnic parties that endorsed the Apartheid system of governance as a good thing to the people of Ethiopia. Judging from the lack of transparency and the timing, it appears they are more interested lending a helping hand to TPLF Apartheid than a concern to the people they claim to represent.
We have yet to hear any halfway coherent and convincing argument from ethnic political elites; why the self-proclaimed non-Ethiopia TPLF instigated ethnic Apartheid rammed on the people of Ethiopia is a good thing for our people. I am not sure of motives and who benefit from it. But, I am absolutely convinced it isn’t in the best interest of Ethiopians for many reasons we conveniently are not told about. In fact, in my opinion; no one could insult the civilized people of Ethiopia more than the subscribing ethnic or religious Apartheid to create fear society in the very nation born to deify segregation and intolerance. If that wasn’t the case, the political discussion would have been; how to free our people from TPLF dysfunctional and criminal ethnic elites rule so that our people can express their true feelings about their people and country and what kind of rule they prefer in their free will.
In that note, I will end with another Diaspora (disoriented) dysfunctional elite I found by the name Samuel Getachew to illustrate living in complete virtual bubble. But, in his defense; I myself is as dysfunctional as any but, what I wouldn’t act on my delinquencies let alone lie, steal, kill… on the expenses of my people.
That said, I am reminded of our wise people two saying – አወቅሽ አወቅሽ ሲሏት መዽሀፍ አጠበች and yegorgisen geber yebela yaselfelefwal which by the way are where dysfunctional behavior originates.
I don’t know enough about the person named Samuel Getachew and which apply to him. But, based on his incoherent perspective below; I am sure of one or the other applies to him and all the action of all contemporary dysfunctional elites. Moreover, his article reminds me of yet another saying of our wise people—Ymetblaw yelate yemtkenabebw amarat.
In CNBC’s 08 Nov 2016 perspective titled America offers the possibility of what we could be – A view of the elections by an Ethiopian Canadian Samuel Getachew from the comfort of his ‘vacation’ in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, a country under six month State of Emergency declared by the self-professed ethnic minority Apartheid regime that won the May 2015 election by 100%.
What was fascinating about the view was Samuel began with two perspectives (as an Ethiopian and a Canadian) about an election of a third country (America) as follows;
“I have two unique perspectives of America – as an Ethiopian and a Canadian. I cherish both.
Coming from a country led by the horrible unstable communist government of Mengistu Haile Mariam, which preferred to send its young to war rather than to school, made famine its signature while misappropriating resources donated from abroad, as a youngster, America made a profound impression on me.
I saw in America the possibility of what we could be. In my own relatives, I saw a nation where people found refuge and reconstructed their once-broken and vulnerable lives to be better. I saw how my father’s American education changed the narrative of his own biography.
I grew up watching my entrepreneur grandfather pray for the longevity of the Voice of America radio – because through it, he saw and heard his own destiny – one that should not be limited by undue government intrusion. John F. Kennedy’s peace-corps idea made Ethiopia better and inhabitable.
As a Canadian, I saw how our close bilateral relationships, in security, trade and immigration, made us better, not worse. It was no wonder that many Americans pretended to be Canadians when travelling the world, to help escape the scrutiny of the Bush War a decade ago. It is easy to emulate and complement each other.
America the beautiful, as Ray Charles often reminded us.
In 2008 – I went to the United States – Ohio and Pennsylvania – to volunteer for Barack Obama. I wanted to be part of a historic milestone – where America was about to have its first black president and transform from a country that once allowed slavery to opening its highest office to a black man. I wanted to experience the change, in a country, that once educated my dad while denying him the right to use a public washroom not reserved for coloured people.
From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I am watching today’s presidential elections with interest and optimism.
I wish I was in America, volunteering in Minnesota helping Ilhan Omar become the country’s first Somali-American legislator just a year after I helped Ahmed Hussein become Canada’s first Somali-Canadian parliamentarian.
The presidential candidates are both imperfect unlike the 2008 elections. Then the election was between a respected war-hero (maverick) Republican vs a respected progressive activist from Chicago.
I wonder who is going to become the 45th President?
Will it be Hillary Clinton, who once advocated a crimes bill that helped send non-violent African-Americans in record numbers to American jail or Donald Trump, a comical character who wants to close America’s borders and remove a privileged nation from the rest of the world through protectionism?
America is better than either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Her people want a moderate and generous America to play its responsibility in the world.
No one candidate will change that reality. No single presidency will destroy its fabrics and needed voice in the world. I hope the better candidate wins today. With that win, like we did as Canadian volunteers in 2008, we will see America make history and that every girl will dream that she has a place in the highest political office in the country. This is not because Clinton is an exceptional candidate, but because she is the better candidate in 2016.”
Samuel Getachew is referred as” a resident of Toronto and is a regular contributor to TZTA, Generation Next and Leaders & Legacies (among others). He is the recipient of the City of Toronto’s William P. Hubbard Award for Equity and Human Rights and was chosen by the Toronto Star as ‘Person to Watch’ in 2014.
I have seen many articles and views and wrote handful of articles about dysfunctional elites of one-kind-or-another over the years but, I keep finding more and more hilarious views and articles from dysfunctional elites as times passes. I am not sure where to begin with Samuel’s views that was written in what appears to reassure Western audiences — despite the crises brought by the rogue ruling ethnic Apartheid regime in Addis Ababa, everything is nice and dandy in Ethiopia as Samuel, the Canadian Ethiopian claimed “From Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, I am watching today’s presidential elections with interest and optimism” about a country (America) he doesn’t belong while vacationing in a country he claim to belong and cherish without mentioning the State of Emergency just because the rogue ruling Apartheid regime he failed to mention refuse to surrender for democratic rule crises in Ethiopia.
The Ethiopian Canadian Samuel that appears to know what he is doing is all over the world map like a lost driver to his destination but, asking for direction of a third country (America) to get to a country he arrived.
Had Samuel not plugged in; “Coming from a country led by the horrible unstable communist government of Mengistu Haile Mariam, which preferred to send its young to war rather than to school, made famine its signature while misappropriating resources donated from abroad, as a youngster, America made a profound impression on me and replace it with ‘the horrible unstable communist Apartheid government of Melse Zenawi’ I would have left him alone.
But, from my perspective; he had proven to be either a desperate TPLF operative agonizing to save a desperate regime or completely out of touch Diaspora operating in his own bubble.
What else can I say about a dysfunctional elite like Samuel more than what he said about himself; except to agree with the Toronto Star narration as ‘Person to Watch’; not “for Equity and Human Rights” but, inequity and hypocrisy in human right. Quite frankly, it says more about Toronto Star’s hypocrisy too.
Again, I am not completely sure Samuel from Addis Ababa wrote the way he did because he operates in virtual bubble or attempting to change the narrative of the crime of the Apartheid ruling regime of Ethiopia. Regardless, he is as dysfunctional elite as they can come that made our people’s democratic rights and liberties an exercise of futility of their illusion.
If you ask me, until Ethiopians agree to stop all dysfunctional elites, particularly in the Diaspora from undermining the democratic movement by making a mockery of the rights and liberties of our people; noting much would change in the lives of our people.
I have advice for dysfunctional ‘Generation Next and Leaders & Legacies’ elites like Samuel that live in virtual bubble of their own creation. Slogan is only good for your unchecked ego or pocket book on the expenses of our people. But, in reality; you are a lost soul–suspended in midair not to come down to the reality or disappear in the tin air. You are no ‘Generation Next’ until you come down to reality either by force of nature (gravity) or by forces of democracy (accountability). Until then; you can chew on whatever you got out of the virtual reality with empty slogan in Canada, Ethiopia or America which you don’t belong or cherish none. You can do better… much better than livening in a wonderland to nowhere and wasting your valuable life for noting worthy of your generation. No Mengistu, Obama, Hillary or Trump nor Ethiopia, Canada or America will help you snap out of your illusion. Stop insulting the intelligence of Ethiopians.
My people, like I said before; no one should be allowed to make a mockery of our people’s rights and liberties not to mention their lives and livelihood and get away with it, NO ONE.
I will do my part; can you?
The article is dedicated to the real ‘Generation Next’ that took the rights and liberties of our people seriously to end up being the causality of the rogue Apartheid regime of Woyane.