Who owns Addis Ababa ? – by Veronica Melaku

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The status of Addis Ababa remains one of the most vexed and volatile sticking points for Ethiopians.
The bill that will realize Oromia’s constitutional right over the city of Adiss Ababa released from Oromia Regional state. This new bill is based on the unfair privilege guaranteed nearly 20 years ago for Oromia when a proclamation stablishing the constitution was ratified.

In this short article, I will primarily reflect my position about the city of Adiss Ababa.

1~ The Best-Case Scenario

All political forces particularlly Woyanie itself needs to get a better grip on reality, and understand that Addis Ababa is and will be remain under the controll of All Ethiopian.
Addis Ababa belongs to all Ethiopian . If special priviilage is ncessary over the city that privilege should be given to people of Amaras, who make up over half the population.
25 years ago People of Amhara were very much mystified by the evil and hidden ajendas of TPLF and OLF.
There are more Gurages in Addis than tigres and Oromos combined, who only make up a combined 15%. of the population.

2~ Second Best-Case Scenario
Let the Oromo establish their capital city somwhere else as the Amhara moved to Bahridar. Addis Ababa should be the capital city of all Ethiopians and African counties. Oromo should not be allowed to make their capital city in Addis Ababa .

Historicall Back ground 
Historically, the whloe Shewa area was the seat of famous Abyssinians kings like Emperor Amdetsion, Emperor Dawit ,king zereayakob and others.
When we go back 300 years earlier the whole shoa and Arisi area was home to Amhara kingdoms & Muslim sultanates which were part Abysinia. Old rock hewn churches like Adadi mariam in South Shewa & other old churches in Gurage areas dating back over 500 years are evidence of chrstianity presence before oromo expansion.

Among others Gafat, Argobba, Chebo, Gurage, Zay, Aymallal & worjie were semetic tribes inhabiting these area which joins northern semetic people all the way south to Gurage-Silti-Zay land. Their kingdomes were Damot, Ganz, Waj, Ifat & Shewa sultanate in which all of these located in todays Shoa Oromo & East wollega area. Northerners were weakened because of Gragn mohamed’s wars so as result they couldn’t help these small minority tribes from oromo invasion. Each having small population they couldn’t be able to resist oromo conquerors who are expanding their population size at a very fast rate whenever they raid into new territories.

Historians gives facts with time stamp, you and politicians responsibility is to read and make your own conclusion. I read this book and make my own conclusion. All rational conscious oromos and Ethiopians should read this book themselves and make their own conclusion. It’s better to be a rational readers and a follower at the same time rather than just be a follower.
In politics you can negotiate by saying you give me this and I will give you this in return but in the question of identity & history you cannot negotiate by saying I will not preach this fact or false history if you give me this.

I trusted this book because it is written by a foreigner who doesnot take sides between north & south and furthermore it uses a varied sources from 12th-18th centuary historians & travelers from portugese, arabs, turkishs, harar muslims & northern chrstian historians.
You could buy the book here
or read some highlights for free here
These invaded kingdoms & their exact location and all about the people can be found here in this book