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Who draws the boundary of Ezekiel’s Sovereign Nations and Nationalities?

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Tedla Asfaw

66520065 10219067249182893 1976343477725691904 nEthiopia as a country has ended in 1995 when the constitution was ratified by the nine Sovereign Nations and Nationalities  who came to form Federal Ethiopia according to Ezekiel Gebissa.

The good professor should know that one of the Sovereign Nations Tigray Its capital Mekelle where Ezekiel was lecturing is created by taking huge land from the province of Gonder and Wello from an independent country called Ethiopia.
Ezekiel does care less for history but the only time the name of nationalities and regions were put together in map was by fascist Italy occupied  Ethiopia from 1935 to 1941.
Sidama unfortunately was missed from the sovereign nations list in 1995 which was on Italy’s map. However, today It hosted its flag to become another Sovereign country on Hamle 11, 2011 or July 2019.
Ezekiel has failed to educate us why these colonial Italy Ethnic maps that come back in 1995 as a gift to Sovereign Nations and Nationalities is the end of Ethiopia?
Classic Banda Historian try to revitalize the defeated Italy by declaring Ethiopia is no more after it was defeated by Ethiopians 80 years ago.
The professor big lie in the name of his sovereign nation is revealed by his census result of July 2019.
He said Oromo is 50% or more of the nations and nationalities of Federal Ethiopia and will rule in any form of democracy.
Ezekiel Gebissa once again has shown he is neither a historian nor a lecturer but anti Ethiopia Tribal  propagandist.