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Where is Amhara’s country?

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I have used the real identity and names of people which might create some problems since some of those people are well known by the government and the community. Even if I used different names (i.e. changed names) these people will still be known so I have found it important and useful to use their legal names, even though this is my report. A lot of the evidence has been taken from me, which was in my notepad when I was arrested, I have managed to photocopy so even if I changed names or not the document shows clearly that it was written by me.
Traveling through protected areas and different places I gathered a lot of evidence which was taken from me when I was arrested. This report is compiled from using my notes and from my personal recollection.
On May 22, 2013 I purposefully posed as an Amharic language speaker to travel to Benishangul Gumuz (region in Ethiopia) and find out about the displaced refugees from that area. My objective was to travel through Benishangul Gumuz area which is located between two zones (Kemash and Metekle) and continue my way through the different districts (Bulen, Bardo, Wenbera, Gilgel Beles) to find out the truth. I decided to travel to Metekle zone specifically to the town of Chagni. In all these areas there have been forced evictions problems which needs to be investigated, but I needed to prioritize and pick a region with the most cases. Since I didn’t know anyone in the town of Chagni, I decided to travel to another town with any available transportation. I found a crowded bus travelling to the town of Wenbera. One of the passengers informed me that most of the people were returning to try to salvage whatever possessions were left for them to sell and relocate somewhere else to try to build a stable life.