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When the Kabuga of Rwanda is Facing the Court,  the Kagbugas of  Ethiopia Are  still Enjoying the Thrones!

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Belayneh Abate
October 10, 2020

genocudeAfter decades of hiding,  Félicien Kabuga of Rwanda is facing justice for nearly one million Tutsis slaughtered during the Rwanda Genocide. [1] This genocide  was neglected by the world and this negligence has contributed to the vast extent of the Tutsis extermination.

The Amara genocide victims repeatedly voiced that the genocide committers were assisted by the regional administrators and the security of apparatus in the genocides and ethnic cleansings of Amaras for three decades, especially for the last three years.

The Ethiopian Kabugas organized and promoted the killings of Neftegnas-the nick name the Ethiopians Kabugas gave for the Amaras. In the past one year, thousands have been massacred and hundreds of thousands cleansed from the central, southern, Eastern and Western parts of Ethiopia.  The barbarians inspired and organized by the Ethiopian Kabugas, slaughtered pregnant women, chopped the victims’ necks,  drag and hang their dead bodies. [2-3]

The genocide committed for the last three years is the continuation of the slow-motion ethnic cleansing and genocide of Amaras, Gurages and Agnwaks for three decades. As Ethiopians know  first- hand, and international human rights organizations documented, there have been continuous ethnic cleansing of Amaras in Bedeno, Gura Ferda, Arba Gugu, Arusi Negele,  Wolkait, Raya, Metekel and Shewa for decades. [4-14]

It appears that the Ethiopian people is forgetting  genocide victims and the survivors of the ethnic cleansing.  The people of Ethiopia  shall not walk on the coffins of the dead souls carrying the throne of the Ethiopian Kabugas. The Amaras should understand the Amara genocide will continue unless they organize and force the Ethiopian Kagbugas face justice and defend themselves. Similarly,  the nations of the world should not repeat the same mistakes they made during the Rwandan genocide.

The dead souls are  watching from the sky when the kabuga of Rwanda is in facing the court, but the Kagbugas of  Ethiopia are still enjoying the Thrones!

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October  4, 2020.