What is really the very end result of this very devastating war?

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Tegenaw Goshu
November 26, 2020

I read what the prime minister had to say about the third phase of the very nonsensical war between the two factions of the same cancerous political game or system of ethnocentrism which has brought the very political, social, moral, and cultural fabrics of the people to very dangerous breaking point.

Here is my very brief points of view on his announcement about “the finishing line” of this disturbingly nonsensical war. I am saying it is nonsensical because both of these factions could have avoided this very sickening vicious cycle of bloodshed and wasting meager resource the country. But they did not. Why and how?

1) The so called Prosperity Party was not willing and able to take very basic and necessary precautionary measures in terms of political, security, military and legal instruments that could either reverse or mitigate the horrible consequences we are witnessing. The prime minister was very busy with the very infantile and  highly misleading politics of political correctness and the drama of how to create and beautify parks around his palace and the city of Addis as if there was or there  is no a government body in charge of these kinds of activities or  projects. Alas! What a very stupid way of political thinking and behavior!   2) Those politicians of Oromization of which he himself ( the prime minister) is a leader were very busy with their own evil-driven agenda of using the situation as a golden opportunity instead of giving serious and due attention what was going on all over the country particularly in the very northern part. They were busy with the very devilish operation of cleansing those communities whom they categorized as neftegans and orthodox Christians from “their land” which is exclusively given to them constitutionally 3) No government official of the Prosperity Party had any sense of concern about OLF which was invited to be part of the so called democratic reform without making the terms and conditions it agreed up on and without making sure it put down its killing machines. Unless we are victims of very short memories, what Shemels Abdisa, the governor of the Oromo regional administration had to say was clear and loud enough about the very short, medium and long term strategies of Oromization.  Now, they stupidly try to fool the people by saying that the affix Shene does not belong to OLF. Is this not a terribly idiotic political game?  4) The inner circle of TPLF stupidly believed that it is time to twist the political arena around by hook or crook to the extent of displaying their especial forces and militias just like what North Korean ruling elites do. Sadly enough, the prime minister was stupidly negligent about this dangerous madness and he kept his favorite drama of making himself look great political leader. I wish I could express this clear and straight-forward comment of mine in a much more politically correct manner. But I did not and I could not because I strongly believe and argue that it is this kind very clumsy and terribly opportunist political way of thinking that has contributed to the untold sufferings of the people in all aspects of their lives for a long period of time.  We desperately need to get out of this self-disgraceful and self-degrading political taboo of which our cynical and dishonest politicians love it so much.

Any  freedom and justice –loving compatriot who knows the politics of his or her country not only  theoretically or from secondary sources but also objectively experiencing by going through a very miserable and bloody political system of EPRDF (the politics of ethnocentric identity) for a quarter of a century strongly believes that the protagonist inner circle of TPLF must be forced  either to come to the negotiating table with a real sense and readiness of admitting its politically motivated crime it has committed or must face the consequences of being  irrelevant in the  political arena of  present –day Ethiopia.

But it must be equally necessary and quite legitimate to argue that it is absolutely stupid if not idiotic way of political thnink to assume or believe that the mere absence of TPLF’s inner circle from the ruling circle faction of EPRDF which renamed itself as Prosperity Party will take us to the very desirable destination we want to be at. Yes, it is absolutely nonsensical and disastrous to believe that a ruling faction without any substantial change of the bloody ethnocentric constitution and federalism which are the root causes of the politics of division, mutual exclusion, hatred, falling apart, mutual destruction, killing of generations, abject poverty, moral degradation, and making us the laughing stocks of the world can be an asset in the process of bringing about a fundamental democratic change.

The prime minister who has been and still is in a very dangerous ethnocentric political quagmire cannot make any desirable difference unless he will be patriotic enough to be an extraordinary political figure to take extraordinary measures to reverse what terribly went  wrong for three decades and what is going horribly wrong at this very moment of Ethiopian politics, and move forward with a noble idea and action of making the very long and desirable dream of the people (fundamental democratic change) a reality.

To this end, he desperately need to not only challenge and fight the very evil intention and action of TPLF’S inner circle but also to cleanse the very bloody hands of high ranking members of his own circle (including himself) with a real sense of apology that must be followed by practical or objective steps. And it must be underlined that these desirable steps must start with a genuine and feasible national dialogue, peace and reconciliation in which all stake holders have to take active and non-restricted part. There is no any other reliable and long-lasting way out at all!

As a matter of deeply painful and crystal clear facts of what TPLF’s inner circle has done and continued to do, there is no doubt that it must be engaged and defeated with very minimum collateral damages.

To this very desirable end of  unfortunate if not painfully stupid war between or among those politicians of EPRDF who had been one and the same forces of the very unjust and bloody politics of ethnocentrism for a quarter of a century, extremely critical questions must be addressed sincerely, unequivocally and timely . And some of these questions are:

Is this the war of power struggle between the factions of EPRDF ( one in Arat Killo palace and the other one pushed out and forced to retreat to Mekele ) or aimed at ending the bloody politics of ethnocentrism altogether with its deadly constitution and federalism of division, exclusion, hatred, animosity and mutual destruction or elimination ?

Is it aimed at getting rid of those elements of very dangerous political trends and ambitions of Oromization who are directly or indirectly parts and parcels of ODP-led palace politics or allowing them to replace TPLF in a much more miserable way?

Is the prime minister courageous or patriotic enough to get out of his very immature (infantile), narcissist, hypocritical, cynical, and extremely misleading and confusing political personality and behavior and pave the way for the realization of a fundamental democratic transition and establishment or to strengthen his ethnic-based political power grab?

Will he be heroic enough to assure the people of Ethiopia who have been and continued to be victims of the deadly political game (ethnocentrism) in which he himself was one of the notorious cadres and still keep playing a leading role as a prime minister that this war of nonsense will be the turning point of making history of democratic system in which individual as well as group rights can prevail without going antagonistic to each other or he will use this as an opportunity to “win” the so called election and continue the very vicious cycle of ethnocentric politics?

Will he be courageous enough to get out of his fake and highly deceiving apology he made when he took over the palace politics from his very politically stupid and morally bankrupt predecessor, Hailemariam Desalegn and recommit himself to the prevalence of a true sense of apology and promise or he will keep doing what he has done but miserably failed?

Will he be patriotic enough to set up a national peace and reconciliation platform at which any member of EPRDF (including TPLF) will be confessing and willing to present himself or herself to the due process of justice (law) in such a way that it will serve as a very bitter lesson for this very confused generation and the generations to come or he will continue playing not only the same but much more worse ODP-led ethnocentric political game?
Believe or not, this nonsensical war will end by hook or crook. But one and one absolutely critical issue remain pending. And that issue is the question of taking all necessary and decisive measures that should pave the way for the realization of a political system of freedom, justice, peace , equal opportunity, unquestionable or uncompromised rights of citizens to live and work anywhere in their own country without being victims because of their identity.

And this truly desirable situation shall become real or practical if only and only the continued deadly political system of EPRDF, now Prosperity (ethnocentrism) comes to its end irreversibly! This very noble political discourse and action cannot be done or accomplished by the same political groupings which are badly infected by a very toxic if not canorous political game of ethnocentrism dominated by a certain political elites of ethnicity such as previously TPLF and now ODP ( elites of Oromization) . That is why the very idea of national dialogue, peace and reconciliation through which fundamental democratic change can be achieved is absolutely essential if we have to get out of the vicious cycle of wars of power struggle once and for all! If this is not the right case to deal with and get it done, it must be clear that politicians of Oromization will definitely do what TPLF’s inner circle is doing now whenever they would face people’s resistance or struggle against their politics of “it is our turn to rule by hook or crook”. So, the question I want to address to the prime minister is:
Are you willing and ready for all necessary steps to be taken in order to make a long time and desperate dream for genuine democratic change a reality or you are still insisting your very cynical and unproductive assertion of presenting yourself as a leading figure of democratic transition which has been tested and horribly failed before the very ink of your flowery words of speech got dry? Although the way you behaved and are behaving does not seem good at all, you are still given the very benefit of the doubt. Do the right thing and be a man of making history and who cleansed his very terribly damaged political background of being a very loyal cadre of a bloody political system of ethnocentrism!!!


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