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What Do We Learn from the Western Media Stampede Fiasco? – Belayneh Abate

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33815_aWestern governments and major media outlets have labeled the cause of the Irrecha massacre in Ethiopia as stampede. Furthermore, they have reduced the number of deaths to 55 echoing the lies of the murderers. They labeled the cause of this massacre stampede, not because they believe it was stampede, but they want to disguise or belittle their dogs’ heinous crimes as usual. Belittling this worst crime as stampede is pricking Ethiopia’s conscience with thorns and needles. They have been pricking Ethiopian’s conscience because they think they can say anything about her since she has been divided and weakened for the last 25 years.
Westerners follow scientific methods to analyze and identify the root causes of incidents related to their peoples. However, they intentionally ignore root cause analysis and focus at their own interests when it comes to the large scale crimes committed on our people as shown at Irrecha massacre. By calling the Irrecha massacre a stampede, they are blaming the victims while safeguarding the murderers they babysit.
The very people that labeled the Irrecha massacre as stampede follow different approaches when they talk about incidents that occur in Robert Mugabe’s backyards. They strongly accuse Mr. Mugabe even when scavengers die from old ages in Zimbabwe jungles. The western media writes even about Mugabe’s coughs and sneezes, not because Mugabe commits crimes more than the Ethiopian murderers, but he walks on his own spines.
After supporting Mugabe to walk on his own spine, Mama Ethiopia unfortunately fell under cursed serpents that do not walk on their spines, but that crawl on their bellies swinging their long tails. These spineless serpents were bred, nurtured, trained and pushed to power by neo-colonizers. The neo-colonizers continued to finance and train the serpents to transform them to loyal dogs. The loyal dogs, in return, provide first class services to their neo-colonizer masters. Why, then, we expect the masters to reprimand their loyal dogs?
It has been long since we understood the master-dog connections between the westerners and the Ethiopian murderers. The western media stampede fiasco begets from this master-dog connections . But, what do we learn from these master-dog connections and stampede fiascos? Do we still expect the dog masters to admit that they have nurtured and trained murderer dogs? Do we still hope the dogs will stop biting our umbilical cords to keep us divided and weakened citizens?
Divided We Fall United We Stand is not just a tale: It is real! Ethiopians should unite to defend themselves from western trained dogs. United Ethiopians can fiercely defend themselves from dog masters let alone from the blood licking dogs. No doubt, Ethiopians again will defend themselves from dogs and their masters as they have done it many, many, many times.
Ethiopia shall rise from the quagmire she has been immersed!
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October, 2016