What a hilarious fact?

TilahunA friend of mine inboxed me this interesting note attached with the image of a young ???? ??? and I thought of sharing it with you as I often do, I am so sure that the story was taken from ??? ??? ??? of those era and retyped or reconstructed as it is.According to the note that you can clearly see the value of birr at that time. 40 birr was Artist Tilahun’s first salary, and In a generation when a well cooked ?? ?? in ??? ??? was costing only 50 cents per ?? of a big old ???? with a few ??? ?? ,so without a doubt 40 birr sounds a lot’s of money and ?? ???? may have been the highest paid civil servant of those days. The story in the second paragraph looks like breaking news of that time …. like…??? ??…. ?? ???? ??? ????? ???? ???? ?? ????? ??? ??? ?? ?? ????? ?? ??????? ??????? ?????? ?? ??? ?? ????? ????????…… What an interesting era? Isn’t it?
Eduardo Byrono



  1. In this three piece suit at that time and age?! What a born dandy! Poor man of aristocratic horse-sense.

  2. In 1965 e.c(1973) the price of beg wot was 50 cents and doro wot eth.$1,a bottel of beer was 45 cents. And that was in front of the parliament named Zewditu Hotel 4 kilo.these prices were16 years later after his recruiment.I guess during that time (1949) the price would have been low down below 50cents.BTW
    The price of 100kg tef in 1966e.c.(1974)was between ETH.$ 30 &32 .This was what brought about the so called revolution.sky rocketing prices!!!!

  3. He is our son, Oromia’s own son. See how natural born elegant Oromian looked like in 1949? He beats Clark Gable, Harry Belafonte and Warren Beatty hands down, baby!!!! That is because he was an Oromo. I don’t want anyone here to call him no one but an Oromian. To call him an ‘Ethiopian’ is strictly forbidden. It is so sad that he did not live enough to see his beloved homeland Oromia becomes an Independent nation before the end of June, 2014.

    • Ordoffa Hordofaa Toffa, Are you proud of having this man of fraud and killing of innocents during your era (Derge) ? Your complaints about marginalization of Oromos is pitfall because of one of this as evidence who was ruling and killing EPRP members, majority of it are Amharas. Bunch of lost dream, June 2014.

  4. Dear ordoffa Hordoffa
    Come to your sense my brother,there are so many things bigger than race and regionalism. I hope we do agree together, YE OROMO LEBA,YE AMARAM LEBA,YE TEGRE LEBA ..YEW LEBA NEW!! ZERACHEW BECHWEN YETESHALE LEBA AYREGACHEWEM …BEGONETEM ENDEZAW,KEYETEM ZER YEMTA,TERU SEW TERU NEW!!

  5. This is the most fun thing. WOW, KOLO Eykortem an eyaskortem. VERY fun and hilarious of the time.

  6. Ordofa Hordof, we know this days TPLF tries hard to get unity people against innocent Oromo. you killed students and you are broad day murderer. We know you will separate from us not Oromo. We are the center of Ethiopia, where do we separate? but you TPLF will join your dictator cousin who made Oromia without port. You sold Asseba to robe Oromia. We will show you the door soon.

  7. Dear readers,
    I strongly believe the person who comments by the name of Ordofaa Hordofaa is Wayyane agent. I say this because almost all his comments do not have substance and deliberately takes topics out of context to portrays Oromos negatively. If you want to judge for yourself please refer to his comments over other topics and you would see that all of them are sarcastic to Oromo. In other words, he’s kind of like teases Oromos.
    This is a common characteristics of wayane agents in cyberspace. Readers please be aware of this.
    Thank you

  8. Ordofaa Hordofaa – You are a fool with no eyes to see. Narrow minded blinds like you only see no further than their nose. Your dream of having an independent nation of Oromia just a dream. Artist Tilahun lived as an Ethiopian and will always be remembered as such. I also find the pieces of information regarding Tilahun very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Tilahun was a character in a particular space in time that universalized human
    lived experience. He sang about his love, people and his country. You cannot put
    Tilahun in one ethnic pigeon hole. He is more than that.
    Tilahun got in trouble not for eating kolo but eating kolo in that environment. It was a
    simple breach of etiquette.

  10. Silly Ordo, I can see your mischievous smile and I am not falling for it. Of course Tilahun is Oromo. Did you just discover that? But I don’t understand why he sang E-T-Yo-Pia. I am not saying he is Ethiopian because you strictly forbid any from using that term. The problem is Tilahun considered himself Ethiopian. It must be a mistake on his part. Since you forbid even him I don’t know how we are going to resolve this. Should we perhaps set up a committee with you as chair or Abaa Qoroo? On a serious note, I agree with you on the fact of his elegance beating any on the market. I see baby Ordo does have a taste for fashion. No need to ask why or how; short answer is because he is Oromia’s own son – just like Tilahun. Let me toast you with Kotumee Wajeen Galaa Kotumee, Ney Esti Abran Enhid Ney Esti.

  11. Alem, Tesfa, daom, Getu, Kibrom and Tatariw Ayele :
    If you don’t bar yourself from slinging racial slurs at me, I may be forced to see my Oromo attorney. You are using the ‘N’ word to assassinate my reputable character. All I am trying to do has been to just educate you with the true history of my beloved Oromia. What has been written and chronicled as a so-called ‘Ethiopian History’ was and is just heaps of fake claims. My objective is to teach you about the true Oromia from two perspectives – 1) Oromia of history and 2) Oromia of faith. I think I have done an excellent job in doing so. In stead of making fools of yourself you should thank me. But if you keep insulting me, I will take my case to the civil courts in the new Independent Nation of Oromia
    You see there is a lot you were not truthfully told by your so-called historians. For example, do you know that our own son Emperor Iyasu was democratically elected to the throne? Yes, Iyasu was democratically elected by our glorious Gada system but Haile Selassie conspired with the then Sultan Hussein Kamel of Egypt who wanted to avenge his country’s defeat at the hands of my Yeju and Raya Oromos at Gura and Gundat in 1875 and 1876. Italy participated in the conspiracy also to avenge its defeat at the battle of Adwa at the hands of my Gallant Oromo fighters who were brilliantly commanded by none other than the Great Wollo Oromo leader and renowned military strategist Mohammed Ali who was the father of Iyasu. You see the picture now? But Iyasu did not relinquish his democratically given position that easily. He and his father were very close capturing Finfine, Haile Selassie and his group but they were saved by specially trained Egyptian soldiers who were sent there by train via Djibouti. Italy also brought its fighter planes from Somalia and bombed Iyasu’s forces at Awash and Asabot. They also bombed the outskirts of Jimma to frighten King Abba Jifaar after they found out that this King was preparing a cavalry force to help Iyasu. You never heard about this factual story either. All this will be mentioned in detail in my upcoming book. The victors managed to capture Eyasu after he was betrayed by his Tigrayan friend and they did not show any mercy to that democratically elected Emperor. They just took him out and summarily executed him by a firing squad somewhere in the Nile gorge. And they did not tell anyone where he was buried. That is until now. Finally, my very capable Oromo forensic pathologists have discovered the spot he was buried and that will be made official when Oromia goes independent in just a few weeks. It will also be mentioned in detail in my book. You see there is a lot of actual history you were not told about. You will thank me for writing such a valuable and tell-all book which will re-write the history of all of us. You should take all this as being educated by your very cultivated Oromo who has no intentions of hatred toward anyone anywhere. I am just giving you the heads-up about the impending Independence of Oromia in just few weeks. I was told that the document of independence has already been signed by majority members of the ruling party including leading figures of TPLF. Now all of you repeat after me! Oromia is coming!!! Three times!!! Is it not sweet music to your ears?

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