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Wendy Sherman’s forked tongue response is to cover up for the Administration policy not misrepresentation

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May 8, 2015

by Teshome Debalke
Wendy Sherman’s Response to The Washington Post Editorial regarding the May 1 editorial “Make-believe on Ethiopia” isn’t misrepresentation of her statement but the policy of the Obama Administration.
The poor woman is going deeper and deeper in the sink trying to get out of the hole she put herself in. What is even funny is she is more concerned what the Washington post Editorial said than what thousands of political prisoners telling the world; the TPLF regime is as dangerous as the terrorist she claim it is fighting as a ‘valuable partner’.
It isn’t ‘peacekeeping’ as she said but war-keeping to be ‘valuable partner’ in order to get weapon to prolong its rule. It is not ‘pursuing peace in South Sudan’ but conflict to make the gullible westerners feel good spending more money.
Ethiopia isn’t among the world’s fastest-growing economies as she said but, TPLF is the fastest growing corporation robbing Ethiopians. The country has made significant progress toward Millennium Development Goals because TPLF position itself to channel the funds through its corrupt corporations.
Yes, ‘stability, security and economic development are sustainable only with the development of democratic values’ as she said. And no, ‘Ethiopia has a long road to full democracy’ regardless of you said it ‘publicly there’ ‘or privately here. She has a few steps to full democracy when the Administration takes the road blocks to rid the TPLF regime. After all, if the fastest growing economy regime can’t be able to find people that can count votes appropriately its democracy growing is as fluke as its growing economy. What is not growing is the regime and its teachers that kept it in the same grade for over two decades to grow anything especially democracy.
President Obama suggestion to your comments’ aspirational value and the same hope he have been preaching endlessly on ‘the upcoming election would be a step forward’ have always been empty hope and remain hope only good until the end of his administration. Hope wouldn’t help you escape your responsibility of propping up a dictator with blood on its hands.
She goes on all over the map holding on the Hope Policy of the Administration and insinuating people are imagining they have no voice as the unidentified civil society’s esteemed leaders told her. She said;
“What I said ‘later in the trip’, “Ethiopia is a young country in terms of democracy and over time we hope the political system matures in a way that provides real choices for the people.” I highlighted that more journalists are in jail in Ethiopia than anywhere else in Africa. Civil society leaders told me, “They are about solving problems and being advocates for people who don’t believe they have a voice.”
Unfortunately no one knows which civil society leaders she talked to nor could she tell the difference between civic society and cadres dressed as one. But, what is more telling in her statement the revelation Obama took his time in his busy schedule to help her get out of the mess she got herself in not because out of concern she said the wrong things but Washington Post Editorial exposed the the incoherent policy.
The president recommendation according to her is tell them “my comments were aspirational in hopes that the upcoming election would be a step forward”. It is like a broken record we heard before repeating the same thing he says on everything from climate change to crimes of dictators; a step forward…concerned…look forward… progress…
My people, I am afraid we are not only sold empty hope but we are up against not only Woyane, ISIS, the Arab dictators, the corrupt land raiders, the double dealers but the leaders of the free world too.
In her conclusion, she said it is neither her fault nor the Administration policy but the Washington Post Editorial mischaracterization of… she is not sure of what. She said;
“It is unfortunate the editorial mischaracterized my remarks and, more important, underestimated the fullness of our bilateral relationship. The U.S. government closely monitors the human rights situation and works with Ethiopia to foster a true democracy as part of our valued relationship”.
The United States of America, the home of the free and brave valued its relationship with the smalltime corrupt ethnic tyranny in fostering a true democracy in Ethiopia?
Please…please tell me it is not real… I am hallucinating in my dreams.
Ethiopians should be prepared to make the Obama Administration solely responsible for what happens to Ethiopians under this regime from hereon and notify all responsible parties including the Media.
Petitioning the Federal courts is the first thing to do to make the Administration accountable.