We say No to Saudi Arabia and Woyane Slavery !!!

By Tedla Asfaw
Say No to Saudi
I followed BBN Radio of November 27 in Amharic. The young Professor Alemayehu Fantahune made a very interesting remark on the end of his interview regarding the Muslim Leaders” Hidar ” 23 verdict which is to come in less than a week.
Professor Alemayehu brought briefly the deportation of Ethiopians from Saudi and he claimed the majority were Ethiopian Muslims. He went on further and said they were victimized by the Saudi’s action and he hoped the Ethiopian regime might not victimized the Muslims for the second time by sending the Muslim leaders to jail on ” Hidar ” 23.
The Professor did not say a word on the atrocity Ethiopians suffered under the Saudi security and the young thugs who raped, beat, kill and loot our people both Muslims and Christians.
The Professor suggested to let Woyane “free” the Muslim leaders otherwise the regime will lose the soon coming “election”. The good Professor should know very well that there has never been free and fair election in Ethiopia.
It is ironic  the professor connected the suffering of our people in Saudi with the religious freedom struggle home. The two are not connected at all. The Professor is trying his best to connect but failed miserably.
The professor is playing the religion card but what has been going on for the last 3 weeks in Saudi Arabia is not about religion it is about anti Ethiopia/Habesha  campaign in Saudi Arabia which is very racist and anti Islamic.
The two years old struggle in Ethiopia by Ethiopian Muslims is about freedom of religion. By connecting the Saudi anti Ethiopia terror with the Ethiopian Muslims struggle the good professor sounded more like a Saudi and Woyane apologizer.
I want to remind the Professor that the last two weeks Diaspora Ethiopians successful rally all over the world was against the Saudi Fascist regime crime not against Islam. Ethiopians regardless of ethnicity and religion stood as Ethiopian for Ethiopians dignity. We were true to our ancestors declaration, “Haymnote Yegel Hager Yegra Newee”, Religion is a private affair while Ethiopia is Our common home !!!
Ethiopians will stand united to defeat the Woyane and Saudi Mafia by condemning all who are working very hard to keep the Saudi and Woyaneanti Ethiopia alliance  by begging Justice from Woyane for unjustly jailed Muslim leaders. They hoped such action will bring the Ethiopian Muslims to the Saudi and Woyane camp so that the looting and slavery of Ethiopians will continue.
We will not go to the failed attempt of Muslims Vs others Woyane played early on and which the Professor endorsed it as one of the success with “Federalism” in Ethiopia. Ethiopians know very well Woyane and its foreign backers like Saudi can only loot our country by dividing us in ethnicity and religion. We say no more to Slavery !!!!


  1. quiet frankly I don’t want to appear defending the Saudis action but for the record that the Saudi government has given all the illegal immigrants seven months to workout their residential paperwork and those who fore-sow the problem coming notably the Yemenis, left the country by the millions long before they were dragged in the streets of Saudi Arabia. Given the high rate of unemployment within the Saudi youth, it was legitimate for Saudi Arabia to deport those illegal immigrants who did not meet the deadline. What I don’t agree is the idea of seeking the local civilians to round up the poor immigrants which increased their suffering. What is troubling is this writer’s attempt to connect the roundup to anti Ethiopian campaign by the Saudis. Ethiopians are the only people who are being deported. The Yemenis are the closest cousins of the Saudi and if the they are not spared out of this predicament, how could the Ethiopians be exception in this case? Telda Asfaw is an extrimist who has no solution to any thing that’s going on in Ethiopia. There is no freedom in Ethiopia, we all know this but blaming the “woyane” for all the ills the country is going through is simply outrageous.

  2. Seems, the author is paid by SAUDI or Egypt.
    The author is totally confused and mixing two totally different things to suit his propaganda, Saudia Arabia is an Islamist extremist country with no civility whatsoever, on the other hand Ethiopias is a proud Christian country with very moderate civilized society.
    The author also seem confused and tend to blaming Ethiopias government for Saudis ignorance and inhuman in civility, which is totally absurd and stupid. The truth is, you can not blame any Ethiopians regardless.
    NOTICE : we Ethiopians will contenue build the mega hydro dam project on Nile regardless of Saudis or Egypts blackmailing attack.

  3. Dear Rule of Law,
    You started out with true story and twisted it in the end so bad so that you can attack the individual who wrote it. No one is challenging Saudi Arabia of its right to deport or eject those who have no paper. We agree on that. Although you mentioned your disagreement on the vigilante attack you failed to mention a lot of Ethiopians with permit to were spat at, kicked in the head and there paper torn to pieces when they show to the Saudi thugs.
    Now, you want to exepmpt Weyane from this crime. How could you mr Rule of law? is it not under Weyane’s nose that this people were trafficked out of Ethiopia, what do you think the embassy in Saudi does, normal consular work ?nop. They solicit trafficking, they want bribe for what is their job, they know a lot of those seeking help are uneducated ppl so the embassy treat them like dirt and exploit them to the hilt. Another question for you? who do you think run the numerous agencies ( legal trafficking posts, I call them). All of them are connected to the government.
    Which government in the world have you seen sending up to 200,000 a year uneducated young women to work abroad ( work v slavery) and once dumped there, do you think Weyane care where they go, their employment right, and security? nop. Pls do not be blinded by ethnicity or your support for the regime. This is a national humiliation, whatever class or creed we are. Our people are being sold in the 21 century as slaves and Weyane is solely responsible for this tragedy!!!!

  4. we are saying many things because we are completely odd what is happening .
    a lot of the victims came to look for a job by selling what their parents had or borrowed ,.these are the situation which is harder to go back some are prefer to die than going back empty hand .we talk here cheap talk but for those who are suffering it is a decision of death than living because they taught they can escape the hunger of them self and familes by working in SAUDI.

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