We are many in one!!

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By Eduardo Bayrono
We are many in one!!
That is right !! Who are graced with God-fearing manner, abiding by beautiful tradition, speaking different languages, and carrying on in everyday life with unique way of living, Ethiopia is highly blessed with colorful people from the beginning of time.
And most definitely, the time is approaching, whereby the resource of Ethiopia will be shared among all her children equally.
Now while I speak, I can clearly imagine, the Ethiopia who will be led by wise and enlighten leaders with fresh idea, who are willing to address everyone’s need accordingly, coming along beyond the hill.
Forget T.P.L.F. It has no moral or capacity to be labeled under the name of “Central government” T.P.L.F is a corrupted system which is led by crooks, thugs and expired individuals, who are not even fit enough to be a part of 21st century,
We are many in one!! Ethiopia will raise once more !!