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Wake up People of Ethiopia!!! (Biruk Nigatu)

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By Biruk Nigatu
TPLF (one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopians) deluded itself into thinking that it builds a system that would serve its interest of Apartheid. It controls economic, security, military, and political power in our Ethiopia openly and in disguise for now. Really, Really!!! Haven’t you heard that brave Ethiopians put to shame Italian colonialists from achieving their goal? The system has been built only to be shutdown and dismantle with all self-serving institutions and apparatuses. People Power!!! Ethiopians tend to be patient on acting against those who are one of us, however, this TPLF, one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopians, is coming against being human and being Ethiopian.
This one percent of 6.1 percent individuals in TPLF is sons and daughters of traders of our independence. Their predecessors collaborated with Italian colonialists and now the progenies deluded themselves into thinking and acting for now on their ambition. Ethiopians patience has been tested for more than 20 years and now has come that true Ethiopians raised their collective voice saying that we are ready to shutdown a TPLF system and dismantling their institutions and all apparatuses, which serve the deluded ambition of one percent of 6.1 percent of TPLF individuals (hyenas waiting prey to fill their pit of hell).
Therefore, I encourage all Ethiopians regardless of your ethnic identity to speak up the truth and speak up in place of those who have been silenced by state sponsored terrorists (TPLF, one percent of 6.1 percent of Ethiopians). I encourage all Ethiopians to step up their fight against state sponsored terrorists (TPLF) in all areas of a system that it builds, be it in economic, security, military, and political sectors because life without freedom is not life worth living.
We have to rise up and declare that freedom to speak, write, and express our thought however we choose is our God’s given right. Freedom is one of the attributes for being human; we are not meant to control to each other but to help each other to unveil our God given potential, which uplift God and fellow human being as well. God told to Adam and Eve, in effect, to control every thing on earth except each other. Thus, we are meant to control (or we are created to control) things and situations not each other.
TPLF however is violating our being human by controlling, arresting, torturing, terrorizing, and killing people of every ethnic group in Ethiopia except Tigre (but all Tigre isn’t to blame; we are all Ethiopians except those corrupted individuals in TPLF). Wake up people of Ethiopia !!! TPLF have not listened over and over again for more than 20 years those who pushed for change with diplomacy and roundtable discussion as modern human beings do; in so doing, TPLF pushed all opposition groups into Iron and blood because TPLF is filled with obsolete, stone age, and narrow minded individuals. Hence, we, Ethiopians, wherever we are should rise up against TPLF’s apartheid system. The veil is torn down and the glove is off.