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VOA Reporter Henok Semaegzer is Busted!

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HenokVOA journalist Henok Semaegzer recent approach to undermine the truth about the cancellation of the honoring ceremony to TPLF puppet Hailmariam Desalegne (HD) by Azusa Pacific University (APU) is very laughable. Because, his unjustified childish report on VOA in regards to this topic shows how much he is determined to craft outstanding lies to protect of the current TPLF regime in Ethiopia and at the same time shows how much he is undermining the intelligence of millions of Ethiopians and put a dust on our eyes.
This past Tuesday (08/12/14); Henok reported on VOA Amharic program that “APU was scheduled to honor Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegne while he was in the US, however the PM had to cancel the ceremony since he had immediatelyto go back to Ethiopia unlike what was reported two weeks ago by Abebe Gelaw.”However, unlike to Henok’s falsified debacle the truth is that APU had officially announced that the university dropped the honoring to HD after reviewing the vital human rights violation records about the Ethiopian regime. Plus, we heard the university spokes women of APU via ESAT that the university had reversed its original decision to HD because the honor is inappropriate and violates the university core values.

Seemingly, this is not the first attempt for Henok to come out nonsensically to defend the TPLF criminal gangs. Uttering half-truth with the intention of misleading the citizens has been Henok’s political tactic to cancel the apparent fact and its incompetency.For the last few years, he has been digging every possible hole and climbing every mountain to cover the crimes of TPLF and portray the current Ethiopia as the best paradise to pursue lifeby endorsing a false beauty of the current Ethiopia.Of course the majority Ethiopians have already identified the crooked character of Henok despite trying to sail under false colors, and portray himself as a reliable journalist.

For the last few years ina row on his VOA report; Henokhas either undermined or completely neglected enormous crimes against innocent Ethiopians by TPLF inside Ethiopia, including the Ethiopian Muslim legitimate religious demand and their unceasing rallies& unrest; the recent massacre, kidnapping, torture and imprison of the Oromo students and others. However, he has been embarrassingly failed to realize that the more he is dying to mislead his radio show listeners; the more he is exposing not only his apparent stomach headed behavior but also his own inexpert and incompetency journalistethics.

It’s not a bizarre to anyone that for the last few years TPLF has been intensively engaged in disorienting and crippling the fierce opposition from Diaspora Ethiopians, via its multimillion dollar investments that enabled it to bribe famed personalities, expand its propaganda out lets, and plant skilled infiltrators. At present, a few Diaspora Ethiopians are apparently blind folded by the carefully crafted deceptive undercover TPLF servants.So much so that they are incapacitated to differentiate the patriotic Ethiopians from the enemies within Diaspora.

As a result TPLF recently found out that there are a few stomach headed individuals whom are the best tool to cripple the support group struggle in Diaspora such as Henok Semaegzer from VOA, Negussie of Hager Fiker Radio (commonly known for Ye Hode Fiker Radio), Ben of Ethiopia First (commonly known for Belly First), Mirchaw Sinishaw of Ethiopawint Radio andmany others. These groups are very popular for their cult& lie manufacturers that only targets genuine oppositions.They work restlessly to bastardize the popular struggle and undermine the bravery actions of Ethiopians in particular DiasporaEthiopians. Apparently, all these above individuals and groups are agents of TPLF who are assigned to mystify the truth in order to cancel the true picture of TPLF.

Indeed, these TPLF paid undercover servants in Diaspora work day and night, constantly adopt and improve their strategies to cope up with the dynamics of domestic pressure as well as international politics. They carefully manipulate cultural and social values; diligently study the psychological and emotional states of Ethiopians to help them design a trap. They often uses clever tactics to pretend as if they oppose minor TPLF’s policy in order to keep Ethiopians in a state of constant confusion so that they could be tricked as needed.

Therefore, individuals like Henok didn’t have a shame to put such kind of report, but his relentless lie and fabrication does not have any impact to those who have tormented and terrorized by the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers.In fact, he has not showed ethical decisions in his reporting and his shows had a lots of judgmental errors. He is not a journalist well-worth of imitating and knows that there would be an unpopular opinion to hold in the public eye given the paranoia of the time period, especially on such major media like the VOA that has been serving over 40 years and that prides itself on its image, but he went ahead with the factious story.

Truthfully, Henok’s major assignment was given by his shadow TPLF bosses (Bereket Simon) is not only distorting the truth but also targeting prominent Ethiopian activities like Abebe Gelaw and trashed their reputation and legacy. He constantly underestimates the intelligence of Ethiopians. His ultimate intention is to divert our attention from the current situation of Ethiopia. Apparently, heseemstoo obsessed with Abebe Gelaw and that is why he has been persistently becoming Abebe Phobic and has been targeting Abebe for a while. We never forget that Henok under reported Abebe’sface to face condemnation of the late Meles Zenawi in front of the international community at Global Agriculture and Food Security Symposium in DC. He also tried to disdain the assassination attempt plot by a memberof TPLF tug towards Abebe Gelaw that was foiled by FBI in order to mislead his listeners.

Actually, one thing that most freedom lover Ethiopians have learned from Henok’s baloney continuous constant report on VOA that the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers and their disciples including stomach headed servants like Henok do not like such kind of sensitive and exposing information. They always make the same type of empty loud noise to devalue the information. However, regardless of their senseless echo we Ethiopians will continue to stand firm and expose those kinds of unscrupulous traitors.

BTW, Abebe Gelaw is an individual like any one of us who is concerned about his country and the welfare of his people. Of course, he invests his time and energy more than most of us to expose the savage TPLF gangs and their ruthless action against the devastated Ethiopians. So that is not surprising to see that he is constantly targeted by a TPLF mobsters and minions. Without a doubt Abebe Gelaw is a nightmare for barbarian TPLF members as same as Andaragachew Tsige, so that they would falsify any information and criminalizes and demonize him. However nothing change the truth as the savage TPLF would be challenged not only by a few brave individuals like Abebe Gelaw but also by millions of Ethiopians who wish our country to be free from those irrational beasts.

Of course, TPLF warlord tribal gangs are making Hollywood kind of fictitious drama and spreading fabricated rumors via their stomach headed servants like Henok of VOA in order to threaten and target strong vibrant heroes like Abebe Gelaw however no one would buy their childish fiasco except a few gullible Ethiopians who have no clue about the ABC of current Ethiopia. However, instead of spending million dollars to accuse individuals and criminalizing those who dare to oppose their detested tribal dogma, the TPLF warlord tribal gangs should learn how to act like a rational human being and instead of using the gun; they should try to use their brain and make sense out of their action.

Regardless of TPLF servants like Henok endless echo to portray TPLF gangs as a saint; there is no way that Ethiopia is going to the right direction as long as power is controlled by a few ethnocentric and rigid groups. Anyway stomach headed servants of TPLF like Henok should understand that lying to score political goal doesn’t help instead exacerbate the condition and expose their propaganda. And most of all a thousand lies cannot formulate one truth. As a principle to be a journalist for VOA one should have ethics, virtue, moral and sense of responsibility. I don’t understand how individual like Henok are trying to deliver trusted information while they have been unfaithful for petite information.

Finally, Henok’s and other TPLF servants usual mumbo-jumbo doesn’t make any difference but expose their callout and savage character andat the same time it strengthens the victims’ camp. Regardless of their endless twisted rhetoric as well as their naïve approach to defend the naked crimes of TPLF ethno apartheid gangs; Ethiopians has repeatedly shown their detestation toward the TPLF Ethno-fascists and of course reject their tribally dogma unanimously; however, the narrow TPLF survived with intimidation and terror, which would not continue forever.

Nevertheless, Henok’s unfounded and preposterous claim, there are so many Ethiopians who shares Abebe Gelaw’s view and who are willing to fight against the TPLF ethno-apartheid rulers along with the collaboration of Ethiopians in Ethiopia.And, Henok and other stomach headed TPLF servants should understand the simple logic that irrespective of his endless loud noise to cover the crimes of TPLF and to divert the attention; the only way Ethiopia would be in the right track is when the tribal TPLF mobs are defeated and replaced with democratic and tolerant government. However, the more conscious and defiant opposition is saying: fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Nothing intimidates the real son and daughter of Ethiopia, the struggle will continue until justice, democracy and freedom prevail.