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Viva the triumphant demo in Washington DC

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By Robele Ababya

ESAT Special Program Ethiopians Demonstration in DC Aug 04, 2014I watched the amazing demo with one of those rare moments of extraordinary elation that words cannot explain. The demo in tile by heroic Ethiopians enlightened my soul, lifted my moral beyond measure and enhanced my spirit to a new height so that I shall never relent in the fight for the freedom of individuals and the independence of their country, Ethiopia, in a political environment eternally characterized by genuine democracy, unity with equality, prosperity, tolerance, and social justice – all under the supreme rule of law.

The mammoth demo: – proved the old adage that unity is might; proved that peaceful demonstration is a significant input to an all-inclusive struggle for freedom; sent a shockwave of fear down the spine of the thuggish leaders of the brutal regime engaged in cold-blooded murder of innocent demonstrators denying basic freedom of expression thereby violating its own constitution.

Historical bond between Christians and Muslims validated its strength by the warm embraces and kissing between the leaders and followers of the faiths. This marvelous pledge of unity brought tears of delight to my eyes as I am sure it did to millions of fellow Ethiopians that watched the demo. The barrier of apartheid and religios differences tha the divisive policy of the TPLF/EPRDF satanic government sought to exploit in order to stay in power is shattered. Halleluiah!

The demo brought out the indisputable wisdom that the struggle at home is ultimately the determinant factor for victory over tyranny and that the input of the Diaspora to the process of that victory is indispensable. It proved that civil disobedience and all-inclusive struggle complement each other given the stance of the repressive regime holding monopoly over all pillars of democracy – and shutting the political space for constructive dialogue.

The legacy of openly and publicly declaring the oppositions as enemies by the late tyrant Zenawi is actively being upheld and promoted by his successor serving the TPLF warlords under duress. His government is on a crackdown spree on peaceful protestors including journalists, bloggers, and demonstrators to the extent of killing some and incarcerating others without trial. Therefore the red balloons released at the demo on 5/12/14 in Washington indeed rightly symbolized the lives irretrievably lost and precious blood shed by fellow citizens in pursuit of good governance.

Yes, we must never forget our martyrs and political prisoners at every opportunity such as the one presented by the grand demonstration in Washington DC – the capital city of the brave and free people of the United States of America as well as the citadel of democracy protected by its laws and the might of military and security organs.

Now that fellow Ethiopians have savored the inspiring taste of unity in diversity, they must pursue with redoubled effort their struggle for freedom and independence; fight for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners. To that end all revolutionaries should act relentlessly and selflessly heeding the old adage capsuled in the phrase “beat the iron while it is hot”.

To big Western powers national interests come first in their international relations. Likewise do the emerging non-Western powers including China and India. So, we Ethiopians have only God and ourselves to assert our freedom and independence in the unjust, corrupt, and immoral world in which we live.

In connection with the above I would like to stress that relationship between Ethiopia and Egypt is of paramount importance, more so now that, as a result of worsening Palestinian-Israeli relations, Egypt is emerging as a strong partner fostering the interests of Western powers, Israel, and the Arab world, which is in geopolitical political turmoil.

Without further ado, I shall only point out that Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora will find it essential to collaborate in watching Egypt taking advantage of its emerging status as a regional power and beyond that will enable it to subvert vital interests of our beloved country Ethiopia. There is a rich source of knowledge and expertise in the Diaspora in the quintessential issue of relations between Ethiopia and Egypt from which political opposition and civic societies at home can benefit.

In closing, I congratulate from the bottom of my heart the patriotic organizers and participants of the outstanding demonstration in Washington DC!


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