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Visitors Fascinated by Unique Features of Ethiopian Epiphany

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Visitors Fascinated by Unique Features of Ethiopian EpiphanyVisitors from around the world who attended this year’s Timket festival have fascinated by the unique features of the Ethiopian Epiphany.

Timket, Ethiopia’s Feast of the Epiphany, is one of the most sacred and holiest holidays in Ethiopian Orthodox church outdoor celebrations, rich in many Christian traditions that also date back centuries.

This year, as usual, it was celebrated in an exciting style with three days of the festival, beginning on the eve of Timket, commonly known as Kettera, with awe-inspiring processions.

Visitors drawn from various parts of the world including the USA, Spain, Thailand, and Indonesia among others have attended the annual festival Timket that colorfully celebrated at Jan-Meda, in the capital Addis Ababa with millions of congregations.

An American visitor, Chris Nicholson said there are many things to visit in Ethiopia and this is a place where many people are wishing to visit.

“There are so many things to see here. The biggest thing is getting Ethiopia known to the world. I have been to Ethiopia and move all over the country and I am so lucky. The culture and things to see are really beautiful. It is such a rich country for tourism which must be known. People don’t know well,” he added.

He suggested to other visitors to research and realizes what a beautiful place around Ethiopia and in its unique celebrations.

A Spanish visitor Lidya Bosch, who visited Ethiopia for the first time, said amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Timket celebration is safe.

“I find that all people concentrate and it is a nice place as all people singing together, which is nice. I will say that it is a good experience to see as a tourist because you can introduce Ethiopia,” she said.

A British tourist, Nigel Sweet who came to Ethiopia early in December with his wife and son said Ethiopian Epiphany is so unique.

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He promised to share pictures and videos with his colleagues and friends to deal out the unique feature of the Ethiopian Epiphany so as to pay a visit to the distinct aspect of the country.

He recommended that the government need to improve infrastructure in tourist attraction sites across the country while Ethiopian Airlines is the best carrier on the continent.

David Allison who is also a British citizen on his part said Ethiopian Epiphany is a superb celebration and it is the place that creates a good opportunity to come and worship together.

Explaining the uniqueness of the holiday, David said “I think Ethiopia can do a good job in promoting such cultural and religious events.”

Visitors from Indonesia and Thailand Denis Suryan and Somchai Mathong respectively delighted to attend such a big event in Ethiopia and to be part of the holiday.1611152299 682 Visitors Fascinated by Unique Features of Ethiopian Epiphany


The two visitors have also planned to visit the historical town of Lalibela, where the rock-hewn churches found some 645 kilometers north of Addis Ababa.

The Ethiopian Epiphany is one of the emblematic religious and cultural festivals unique to Ethiopia, whose viability is ensured through continuous practice and the pivotal contribution of the Orthodox clergy.

The Ethiopian Epiphany celebration was registered by UNESCO as Intangible World Heritage last year.

(Source: ENA)