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December 21, 2020

As announced previously, as the Ethiopian political landscape begins to evolve, starkly different political positions have also emerged among members of the former Board of Directors of Vision Ethiopia. Notably, certain members of the Board have taken political positions that are diametrically opposed to, and poised to utterly compromise, the independence and non­partisan principles of the organization. These positions include:

  1. Denial of the widely reported, and still continuing, genocidal violence against Amharas, Orthodox Christians and other minority groups in the Oromia, Metekel and other regions of the country
  2. Refusal to denounce the criminal actions of the TPLF or to support the ongoing campaign by the Government of Ethiopia to enforce law and order in the Tigray region.

A case in point is the attempt by the renegade group to block, using procedural maneuvers as a pretext, the release of a statementon the treasonous crimes of the TPLF against the Northern  Command of the Ethiopian Defense Forces. We had previously invited our supporters to read the Press Release and make their own judgements.

As a result, it became increasingly difficult to advance the missions of VE as an independent and non-partisan civic association of Ethiopian scholars and professionals.

Therefore, we have reconstituted Vision Ethiopia and its Board with the sole objective of providing a forum for the exchange of views and opinions on current events in Ethiopia and to offer alternative options to policymakers without being fettered by the undue influences of political parties and government.

To that effect, we, are pleased to update our supporters and followers on the the full complement of the Board of Directors of Vision Ethiopia whose primary objective is to advance the same objective as the original Vision Ethiopia:

  1. Dr. Berhanu Alemayehu
  2. Ato Berhanu Zergaw
  3. Dr. Data Barata
  4. Dr. Demissie Alemayehu
  5. Dr. Getachew Begashaw, President
  6. Ato Getachew Beyene
  7. Ato Hone Mandefro
  8. Dr. Semahegn Gashu
  9. Dr. Senait Dereje
  10. Ato Yilma Zerihun
  11. Ms. Zewdnesh Taye


It is to be recalled that since its formation over five years ago, Vision Ethiopia has registered immense accomplishments that included timely conferences and communiqués pertaining to emerging events in Ethiopia. Continuing the fine tradition, we are pleased to announce the 10th VE Conference on the timely theme: “Post-TPLF Ethiopia: The Path Forward,” scheduled for January 9 and 16, 2021”. Details of the program are forthcoming and summarized in the attached flyer.


Getachew Begashaw, Ph.D.
President, Vision Ethiopia
On behalf of the Board of Directors of Vision Ethiopia
PS: Further information regarding the reconstitution of the new Board of Directors may be found at:


An independent, nonpartisan 501 (c) (3), nonprofit organization incorporated in Washington, D.C.

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