Tyrannical TPLF rule and The pain of Ethiopians

by Nathnael Abate
Cruel and oppressive government of Ethiopia continuously is deteriorating lives of its citizens from day to a day. Since the ruthless Tigrian Liberation Front (TPLF) held power in 1991 all Ethiopians regardless of their background faced tortures, arrests, killings, loss of their homes and lands… etc hardships. Hundred thousand’s left the country, many thousands were arrested and killed. The country has become a battle ground of pain and sufferings for its citizens under the suppressive immoral dictatorial ruling system. In addition to the above indicated problems, inadequatepublic services, wide spread unemployment, uneven distribution of resources and high level of corruption are unbearable conditions of the country. This condition has made a huge economic gap between citizens and it resulted in a severe absolute poverty. The corrupted and loyal slaves of TPLF officials have become multi-Millionaires while the rest of society are not able to fulfill their basic needs. From those poor and inefficient people’s hand the money and resources were stolen by Woyanies and their inhuman servants.
Due to increased and unbearable poverty in rural areas of the country high numbers of people are migrating to the bigger cities and towns. For instance recently released information indicates that there are over 100,000 street children in Adiss ababa excluding adult beggars and homeless. So we can see that the number could rise over a million when all the regional bigger cities and towns street children, adult beggars and homeless added up.
When I change my opinion from socio economic situation to socio- political condition, Ethiopia is facing now most shameful and horrible political condition in all of its history. In Ethiopian history no government or regime had committed such a countless crimes against its own people. The continued massacre, torture, arrest and persecutions of civilians by TPLF regime has become daily horrors which Ethiopians are facing on their daily life. Numerous crimes were continuously committed by TPLF against the people of Ethiopia. Some of the main crimes are:-

1. It is to be recalled that the Genocide of Sidamas in May 24, 2002. On that day only over 200 innocent civilians were shot and died plus 300 were severely wounded. Later on it was reported that death toll had risen.
2. The Genocide of Anuaks (Gambella) on December 24, 2003. Over 400 innocent Anuaks were slaughtered and following that many Anuak families were scattered, left their homes and those who had chance had fled to other countries to save their lives. In March 2, 2013 six civilians were killed including an American citizen OMOT OJOULU ODOL. There were more genocide in Gambella region and still going on.
3. Genocide of Ogaden region, the regime carrying out extra judicial killings and gang rapes; falsely arresting and torturing innocent civilians; looting and destroying villages and crops in a systematic attempt to terrify the people. There were many reports from 2007, 2009, 2012 and 2013 revealing that continuous massacre is taking place in the region.
4. The Genocide of Amahara people could be observed from two different points. The first phase is long term and well planned attack to reduce the future number of Amhara by sterilizing women in Amhara region and who are Amharas. A woman who injected or taken the infertility injection are not able to produce offspring. According to research done by Amhara youth solidarity movement, women from Amhara region told that, ‘’they haven’t seen children or a child in the village for years’’ .As it is clear to understand, intentional and planned genocide is implemented through giving anti-birth drugs. The second phase of genocide against Amharas, is Ethnic cleansing of Amharas from land of Ethiopia and considering Amharas as an alien or second citizen to the land of Ethiopia in addition to torturing, arresting and killing the Amharas.
5. Genocide of Oromo people, When first TPLF came to the power, the Oromo Liberation front was one of the collaborators of woyanes who worked together to over throw the Derg regime. OLF left Woyane due to internal disagreement and power sharing reasons in 1992. After the Oromo liberation front left coalition , TPLF started Killing, arresting and torturing enormous numbers of Oromos. Since then the Oromos were been falsely arrested and tortured , killed and accused of being in contact with the Liberation front but most of them were innocent civilians. Those who had a chance to escape persecution and massacre were scattered all over the world leaving their families and homes to save their lives.
6. Not only the genocide, but also in the interest of TPLF leaders over 123000 Ethiopian militaries were died during Ethio-Eritrean war. The soldiers lost their lives for no national interest and nothing was resulted from the war except pain and sorrow for the families of died soldiers and the economic loss of the country.
7. Post-election massacre of 2005 (the Ethiopian police massacre):- As we all can recall, in 1997 E.C TPLF police forces massacred innocent Ethiopias during anti-government non-violent protest in Adis Ababa . Over 197 people were killed including 40 teenagers, 763 people were badly injured and over 20,000 people were arrested.
8. The Recent involvement of the Ethiopian regime in internal affairs of Somalia’s (Al-Shabab) caused death of many innocent Soldiers but it’s not made public and no compensations were paid for the families of dead soldiers. The involvement of TPLF in Somali affairs is not the interest of the nation of Ethiopia but it’s the interest of the TPLF regime for their own benefits.
9. Another unbelievable cruelty of TPLF is displacement of citizens from their lands and homes. The displacement and villagization program in Gambella and south Omo valley has displaced native people from their lands. The regime is depriving small-scale farmers, pastoralists and indigenous people of arable farmland, access to water points, grazing land, fishing and hunting grounds. It has also has been moving people off the land into government villages to allow investors to take over the land. Wealthy nations and multinational corporations are taking over lands that are home to hundreds of thousands of ethnically, linguistically, geographically and culturally distinct pastoralists and indigenous communities. Most of their livelihood depends on the natural resource that found on the areas where they inhabited. When the land is confiscated and the indigenous community resettled in new area, there is no water and food or there is no enough grazing land for their cattle. The government’s widespread abuses of local people and its forceful eviction to implement its policies forcefully is endangered the life of communities who are dwelling in the area. Associated to this indigenous people eviction, the ethnic cleansing of Amharas from Benchi maji Zone and Benshangul Gumouz regions is an intentional crime of woyane against the People of Ethiopia. Creating chaos and fabricated hatred propaganda among the people has become daily agenda of Ethiopian government to divide the country by ethnic and tribes. All the above mentioned crimes, massacres and ethnic dividing propagandas were never happened before in history of Ethiopia.
Endless cry, continuous sadness and sorrow in the land of Ethiopia. Millions left their homes, hundred thousands were killed, No freedom, No security, No justice and Ethiopians lost their identity and dignity under TPLF rule. No words to explain our pains!!!!!


  1. The gun men of Tigre people liberation front love violence and murder. it is second nature to TPLF to kill and torture anybody who happen to disagree with them. they took power by violence and murder and talking about democracy with these brute fascists is a waste of time.
    Follow G7 and take practical action to shorten the suffering of the ethiopian people.

    I just came back from Ethiopia last Saturday, oh my god ! I can not believe how fast Ethiopia is changing positively. High ways,New airport,big buildings, new constructions every where. New hydro dams every where, new bridges every where. Business is booming, everybody is busy doing something,.
    International companies opening every where. Every business and restaurants and hotels packed to brim.

    • Addis legese, you must be a woyane cadre, or a woyane/tplf supporter who lives for scrap of food or temporary gain from tplf. you are not fooling no one, the addis ababa you mention to be booming is the same addis ababa we all know and from, so spare us your ugly propaganda.

      • @ Banda you should not force people to share your opnion by telling”you must be Tplf ” even if Addis is one of them you must be so smart for good confrotation with facts based on truth otherwise is shouting for nothing with Big respect !

    • There is alot of building in addis abeba which is bulding by regime families is not by Ethiopian peoples and construction is not sign of economic devpt .if this building contirubite economic development we are not supposed to be dying in the ocean and more than a million peoples begger in streat of Addis Abeba.
      ADDIS LEGESE..if you out from addis abeba and visit life of peoples everyday detoriarating EVEN THEY CAN’T AFFORD TO EAT ONE TIME A DAY.
      Construction in Addis booming built by chinese even they bringing their employee from china. Ethiopian gove doesn’t care about citizen……also if you ask the owner all building I am telling you 90%of them from tplf group…the other ethnics wealthy peoples now thrown in gaill by the name the tax cheating.

    It does not matter how hard EPRDF try to correct and fix Amhara’s 100+ years of ignoble mess, fixing Amhara mess won’t be easy task, it may take decades if not centures. As we all knows for the past 100+ years the Amhara dominated governments had destroyed Ethiopias socioeconomic fabrics far beyond imagination.

  4. Mr. Legese
    TPLF must have paid your air tickets and room and board so, you come could come and misinform. We all know for facts whayis going own in Addis so spare your self from bullshitYou are a super liar

  5. Woolega, Stop your bullshit. We know you are not Oromo. You are TPLF cadre trying to create division on this discussion…Leba

  6. @Adis legese,
    I was in Ethiopia two years ago the changed I had witnessed was impressive and I am hoping the progress will CONTENUE that way Ethiopians will have better life.

  7. @ Mr/Ms. Wolega,
    Not all Amharas were responsible for the falling of Ethiopia, we SEMEN AMARAS (gonder and Gojam) have nothing to do Showa amara crimes, so please do not generalize all Amaras in one category, we do not even share same history with debub amara.
    @Adis Legse,
    I heard similar story from friend of mine came back from Addis Abebe and Gonder, he told me almost same thing you have said, me and my wife and our daughter will be leaving in December to Ethipiopia for three month visite and to buy retirement home if possible, I know a lot of people been doing it but it is helpful to hear it from your comment too , Thank You ! May God Bless You

    • We sent a lot of peoples to back home after retiring in the USA but after 6months we see them on the street of USA . I asked them why they came back to here all they telling us tired of becoming second citizen . EPRDF sent many many air tickets for tplf agent last May and June May be Addis Legese is one of them. I assure peoples Gonder supporting tplf unless they are blind. Ethiopia now very comfortable for tigrean families and their puppet . If you retire and has house please don’t sell it I assure you you will be back.

  8. @ye gonder geggna,
    you woyane rat, you failed once again to pretend to be amhara. we know the
    woyane gujile, your message is clear, and your identity is clear

  9. i agree with addis you guys belive or not ethiopia is growing fast the business in addis is booming but this does mean there is no poor people in ethiopia still thousands of poeple flea fr om the country singapor malasia china .philiphnes etc are richest country if you compare them with ethiopia but still millions of there citizen are poor and forced to migrate another country there 45 million people in america who is not able get there daily food .there is no a complete utopia country in the world

  10. @Ye Gonder gegna,
    You Gonderes were proven to be dishonest and enemies of Ethiopia.
    Had not You Gonderes opened the door and assisted woyane to enter into addis abebe and Ethiopia would not be here today, that is why woyane paid you by promoting an Gondere (tamerat lyne) as prime minster.
    Your days were numbers with your masters (woyane).

  11. We the civilized Ethiopians should assist these uncivilized Gambellas not to kill each other. Just like uncivilized South Sudan the uncivilized Gambellas will eradicate each other unless we civilize them and help them.

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