Tribal politics rides so close to heart: By Mulata Gudata

By: Mulata Gudata

Multi ethnic Ethiopia
Multi ethnic Ethiopia

 Politics rises with time and dies with time. Politics has a ‘wind’ – the political wind which blows in different directions at different times. The wind and time of communism held sway across the better part of our glob for the better part of the 20th century before it run out of its wind when its time came to be no more.Unfortunately our country had to be part of that infamous wind for nearly two decades before it went down taking our country with it. Now it is the time and wind of ultra-fast information, globalisation, commercialisms and cooperation all of which do not do well in the confines of boundaries for they are meant to reach out far beyond any limit for the benefit of humanity.

In our context, unfortunately some of us are holding to the option of a fall-apart at the time when the world is coming together into a global village. Yet, as we go against the tide, we are not only in for a rough ride but also doomed to end up with a bleeding nose. We should always remember that our country is deliberately wide open to foreign hands and interests which is set to complicate our effort towards freedom even when we are united, forget all the dreams of going it alone. Unfortunately this is a fact that remains to confront us for a long time to come even after our freedom which all of us should appreciate and stand together with the sole purpose of overcoming it with collective effort. We face a collective challenge that begs for a collective effort to overcome, which in turn calls for tolerance for us to be able to join hands and stand together by minimising our differences.
We should not forget that the more time we allow such irresponsible sell-out of our national interest, by resisting the call to stand together in order to put an end to it in the shortest time possible, at its best the greater is the risk of it for us to remain on the sideline as mere dreamers which we should not allow by way of unwitting complacency, at its worst we go ahead in our divided way and play it out to our own peril. Our presence next to each other is not without any reason as we are meant to be a support for one another far from being the agent of obstruction to each other who harbour more will towards favouring foreign interests wittingly or unwittingly than standing with fellow citizens. Our remedy lies in accepting that gracefully and working towards harmonising our relationship as the civilised society that we are. Call me an alarmist, a pessimist or anything you like, I wish to urge all of us to embrace each other with tolerance with the sole aim of avoiding the internecine blood-bath and civil conflagration out of which none of us has any hope of emerging in one piece.
We are up against a government that has pegged its existence on playing us against each other so much so that they can stop at nothing to manage and execute our difference with the deadliest possible outcome against us. Our unity is the best weapon in our arsenal to counter all those plots and machinations, for they are in charge we are not. What we have in plenty is the strongest will of our people to go to any length to avoid tribal and sectarian clashes and their readiness to pay any sacrifice it takes to overcome the challenge we are facing. We should stand together in order to be able to play the determination of our people to our own advantage not divide, weaken and squander it only to fall and fall badly.
We do not need to look anywhere else to get our lesson against going it alone. Simply look at Syria where Assad is set to remain in power stronger than ever, in spite of all the crisis and hell on earth Syria had to go thru over the last three years, all that not out of Assad’s mass base or popularity but because of the divided and fragmented opposition that has remained in no attractive shape even for those who want to support and help them against Assad’s brutal minority government. What other source of a sobering lessen do we need apart from such copycat of ours. The only difference if any is that, theirs has been actively and tragically unfolding for as long as we have seen it so far with no end in sight while ours is waiting to begin.

We were divide and remained that way for over two decades, made ready to go for each others’throat with the slightest stroke of a ‘button’ but thanks to our peoples’ wisdom and ability to see thru all those sinister motives and motivations, they have managed to remain together peacefully by avoiding the worst that they were being prodded and prompted to make happen to each other. All we need is build on the example of our Muslim and Christian community, who have successfully avoided igniting sectarian conflict they were openly pushed into making it happen as a result of dirty tricks such as burning churches and throwing the Holy Koran into pit latrines.
On the side of politics, thank God our political wind reached its zenith along tribal line in early 1990s and turned around full circle before we went down the catastrophic path our approach could have espoused. Again thank God we had time to reflect long enough now that we should know what to aim for and how to get there. On one hand the role of time cannot be easily discounted from among many factors that lead to the political wind of the Oromo people in lager part to clearly show the inclination of taking a slightly different direction away from ultra-tribal towards the moderate one. On the other hand, time has also played a great role in making the rest of Ethiopians to be willing to accept what they would not at all be willing to consider in normal circumstances.
With time we have all mellowed out to be able to meet each other at the middle ground. And this fact leaves our political ground very fertile for cultivating a true democracy that should base itself on the platform of thoroughly reformed outstanding socio-political issues. Yet, the last two decades we have been on holiday reflecting meant that the Woyanes have had their exclusive time at the national cake working very hard at compromising our national interest enriching a small clique of like-minded men and women – which is also fair enough when we gave them the chance. But the sad part of it would be if we allow them needlessly any more time as we dither and drag our feet.
In moderating the Oromo politics the group lead by General Kamal Galchu became the first to break the ‘taboo’ by offering to work with other Ethiopians within the Ethiopian unity. As we all witnessed, it was seen greeted with a high level of welcome by our people serving as a good indicator of the fact that our people need and approve any effort made towards resolving our differences amicably. And then came the very founders of the OLF now ODF though this group is yet to reveal its proffered modus operandi of coalition or alliance inevitably expected of the nature of political approach they have opted for.
The inherent mistake in the approach to Oromo politics from the very inception meant the failure we have seen so far and staying along the same course would mean another grave mistake. By moving to rectify that the ODF group has taken a commendably bold move that has to be not only welcomed by all Ethiopians but also encouraged and supported. Obviously the Woyanes not only want us stay divided but also tirelessly work hard at any given opportunity to ensure our division for they owe their existence to our divided and weakened sorry situation. If we keep walking along the path they want us, we are not at all walking well. The message here is short and clear: simply say no to the ‘recommendation’ of dictators by doing the opposite of what they want us to do – join hands and stand together with tolerance and unconditional focus on our common interest. Nothing is common to any society than the quest for freedom, equality, security, peace and stability as well as the unyielding and unrelenting endeavour to overcome poverty.
Just look away and around our political landscape, to our brothers and sisters from Gambela who are somehow better placed to wiggle out of the union by easily avoiding the inevitable pain and turmoil if our country were to go bust, with the benefit of their location on the extreme peripheries and the relative safety of the other side of their geographic location. They are clearly coming out saying we should stick together and work towards a democratic and new Ethiopia in which we all are free, equal and happy.
Multiple bonds such as blood ties, our diverse and intricate social mix, our physical look-alike, natural geography, historic background no matter from which perspective we look at it, our ‘addiction’ to Enjera, our major three faiths: Christianity, Islam and traditional beliefs as well as our economic needs and interests tie us together and they are not easy bonds for us to playfully break free and let go. What we need is not many boundaries between us but boundless love and affection for each other in which we see one another as an indispensible piece and an important part of the larger picture.
As usual, before the finishing line, I want to ask all Ethiopians one crucial question: who among us does not wish for our social woes to go away just over night for us to be able to wake up the next morning to find our self in the love and affection that prevailed our land before the tribal hell started seeping its toxic breeze in our direction since early 1990s? The answer is obvious: we all wish it happens today not even the next day.
Then I say we can make it happen, here is how: before anything we should appreciate the fact that the moment all our leaders (at least a significant group for there are simply too many to expect all to agree which may sound a bit naive) mange to reach an acceptable deal on the modus vivendi and step onto the platform to announce it, our tribal sentiment automatically begins not to cool down but just freezes. Our people have incredible innate potential for forgiveness and reconciliation and that is one of many things that make us proud of our self. We have hope only in the fact that forgiveness and national reconciliation are the way of putting to rest conflicts like ours that spans a long period of time and involves a wide range of crimes committed against the nation and its innocent citizens.
Yet, before we reach there or to help our self reach there, here is one simple thing we all can start doing just now: refuse to see or say anything negative (politically) about any other group or community that has the potential of tingling our already charged tribal sentiment, and start ‘singing’ everything good about one another to set our self into the mood of that genuine love and friendliness we crave. It is a natural social law that we cannot expect others to love us as we talk ill of them for tribal politics rides so close to heart and remains too important to let down by failing to reciprocate any presumed attack.
The nature of the tribal trouble we are trapped in is such that a villain to one camp is a hero in the other. When a Dachasa is vilified the Lelisas, the Gurmesas, the Jamals and the Kamals of our land are all ears. In the same breath, when a Demelash is demonised the Debebes, the Demekes and the Asefas of our land are all ears. Folks, times have changed a lot. We got to be mindful of issues related to our opposite camps. We should not miss the crucial point that the individuals with the ability to help us reach out to each other and move forward are the same ones who can be the rallying point towards fuelling our conflict when we gravely fail to know how to carefully handle and work with them, literally from all camps.
Unfortunately we have been seen killing each other and uprooting communities merely because of the madness that dowels in tribalism. Compared to all that, sometimes off-the-cuff remarks of a sensitive nature should be seen as meaning nothing until such time when we will be able to claim to have resolved our differences. By this I do not mean that we should encourage them until such time but I challenge all of us to focus our time and energy on the fire and stop chasing the smoke for we stand a grave danger, in the process, of missing out on what can be a vital asset.
We need to acknowledge the fact that the younger generations, particularly those who are below 30 years of age, grew under the atmosphere that only groomed them to think and act in the interest of their tribe far removed from the sense of the larger national pride. This being the case, it would be unfair if we rush to condemn them when we see them excelling in the field they are taught to think and act well. As a remedy to this, all we need is a better understanding and a good grasp of the reality of our situation to be able to make conscious efforts towards tolerance even when we know their ideals and aspirations starkly contradicts with our expectations. For condemnation and denigration are not the solutions but the resolution of the issues that keep the tribal sentiment alive, fuelled and burning.
We should always remember that the individuals who stand out leading our tribal camps are the same ones who will help to unify us and play a key role in the rise of our nation once again when our socio-political issues are resolved and the dust settled. We need to focus on treating the underlying disease not the symptom by trying to reach out to each other with tolerance in order to minimise the risk of running out of steam even before we get off the ground and reach anywhere.
But thank God we are at liberty to bash and vilify all the villains of our land the likes of Sibhat Negas, Bereket Simons, Siyum Mesfins, Demeke Mekonnens, Girma Birus and so on because these have left their tribes to obey the urge of their big bellies by being in the infamous government we have today and once they are there they belong to all of us and to no tribe. Even though they claim to represent the tribe in whose name they have gone into ‘market’ they have no ground of legitimacy what so ever to their claim since they are unelected representatives who are known to the world for stealing votes. So we should recognise them for what they truly represent -themselves and their big bellies – and keep giving them their dues by telling them and the wider world that they are criminals who should belong behind bars secure with a big locker far from public office.
In the recent past, I had the chance to listen to Mengistu’s interview on ESAT radio program which left me with a feeling of déjà vu all along. Here was the usual Mengistu, true to character and unrepentant as hell 22 solid years after he let loose and took cover in Zimbabwe, with no qualms in his attempt to denigrate Mandela’s achievement as unfair compromise. For our former dictator one is not a winner unless one does the complete-kill and takes it all to make peace. Unfortunately some Ethiopians still remain cheated about the motives of this man. Mengistu had more love for power than the country for which he exploited our national sentiment. This is a pure and simple fact. This is a man who started out with a killing spree and remained in power beating war drums for 17 solid years with no will for ending the war. I am ashamed to hear him still proudly clutching to the term, ‘abiot’. Once a monster always a monster!
We opposed, condemned, demonised and fought Mengistu Hilemariam and the government he led whenever we got the opportunity until the last minute. Nothing makes the ones in our government of today any different as long as they keep on lording on us with the shameful and ugly government that does not have the gut to be moved into standing up for the protection of its citizens when they are abused and brutalised in a foreign land. Ours is a government distinguished for its corrupt ways, marginalisation of the majority, deprivation of freedom of expression, abuse of human right, treasonable compromise of national interest and uprooting of poor citizens to make way for foreign interests for which we are not expected to extol and praise any member of the gang that is using it as a vehicle for greed satisfaction and self aggrandisement as if there is no tomorrow.
A less informed friend of mine could not believe me about the 100,000 tone coffee I quoted in my previous article until I showed him a YouTube video as evidence. But thank God we are beyond any reasonable doubt that no coin of it and other loots went to the benefit of the Trigryan poor mass, in whose name the TPLF went into business, as it did into the overseas dubious accounts of the gang that holds our country hostage which should partly serve as evidence when we loudly warn against extreme tribalism as no benefit to our ordinary people. Finally, I want to end this long article with some quotations and a sentence of mine that follows:
When people are divided, the only solution is agreement.
John Hume
The power of dictatorships comes from the willing obedience of the people they govern, if the people can develop techniques of withholding their consent, a regime will crumble,” Dr Gene Sharp, the author of From Dictatorship to Democracy, once said.
So, I should say, the onus remains on our leaders and intellectuals to come up with the techniques with tolerance and agreement!


  1. I read the article to end with interest and I take off my hat for your perspective of unifying the divided. I have read many bloggers commentaries that are echoing the voice of unity and maintaining the rift among us, but no one of them to lay the foundation of how to resolve it. We are in need of a strong indomitable person [like Madiba] or group or organization walking the talk of unifying the divided. I am sure there are many who are determined to give their life for freedom and equality in Ethiopia, but I couldn’t come into terms why they are reluctant to take the lead.

  2. “Mulata”
    Can you give back your pen name to the Oromo people where it belongs. You have had a free ride in pretending to be an Oromo to insult Oromos in the name of politics. I am not quite sure whether you got a prize in the Habesha camp for demonizing Oromo organizations that have been the vanguard and shining rods of the oromo renaissance. You may not realize it as an Habesha but we are clear and sure of our target. Pretence is sickness to the core for it will eat you day and night.

    • I don’t care whether this man is an Oromo or an Ethiopian or a Martian. I have read all his articles, he writes in the interest of Oromons and in the interest of the whole Ethiopians. So I say thank you and keep informing our people, don’t listen to the negative voice who have nothing to offer but hate and only hate.
      Jiraadhu beeka kiya irraa hinhaffin barreessi

  3. From a long article which preaches why we wouldn’t need arms to praising Kemal Geltu’s strategy of becoming a trojan horse for the Berhanu-Andargachew hoax, cyber-based war: your rode the roller coaster sewuyew!
    You acted like a moron now!

    • If we insist on fighting anything and everything that moves on planet Earth that is not only childish it is also madness. We have to listen to people like Gudata to make peace and reach agreement with others to fight the dictators. That is the spirit and the message of this article. Any one who opposes messages like this are really supposed to examine their psyche, it is not a healthy idea they are trying to put across.

  4. Obbo Mulata:
    I hear you and hear you out loud. Please do not pay attention to these desperate mud-slingers such the one above. The modus operandi of such hate mongers has been ‘insult and attack first even before listening’. I was maligned and interrupted so many times before when I try to speak my mind. I have been called any ‘lacky’ and ‘pretending’ names you can imagine. Some of them even tried to drag my family into their slinging rituals. They told others that I did not force my daughter to go out completely veiled(hijab) because I don’t believe in such hypocritical way of worshipping Allah. That was years ago. Both my children have gone through college and are now successful managers at multi-national corporations. And they are excellent citizens. And I am also a proud grandfather now. Going back to these loser hate mongers, they think my harmonious, peaceful and in the meantime very proud Oromo people have been living aloof in the Horn of Africa with nothing to do with our brothers and sisters of the Amhara, Tigray, Afars, Somalis and many other ethnic groups. They do not want to acknowledge that my Barentuma great cousins had paid the ultimate price in the Battles of Adwa, Maichew and during the resistance wars in the 1930’s. And they wished General Baratieri was the winner on that fateful day in 1896. They think he would have given them the permission to go ‘free’. They justify their assumption by the way Graziani created an Oromo autonomy in Jimma, Wolega, Illu Abaa Boraa and Hararghe in 1936. I left this to honest historians for verifications. They argue that Oromos did not have anything to do with the Battle of Adwa when Russian on-site witnesses and historians have written how important our great cousins of the Barento Oromo cavalry participation was and how they dealt telling blows to the over-confident and well armed General Dabormida’s brigade. I bet you he might have been bragging to his superiors just the previous day how he was going to put each bullet into the heads of ten ‘niggers’. My Barentuma great cousins were incensed by the fact that Baratieri and his soldiers have moved into their friends’ neighborhood on their Tigrayan friends’ side of the street uninvited and by force. Pompous Dabormida died squealing like a wild boar with my Barentuma cousins lance deep in his chest. And also in the 1936, Prince Amedeo of Savoy-Aosta promised freedom fighter Geresu(Garaso) Dukhi an Oromo autonomous territory as part of the Italian Empire. He pledged to him that the coffers of the mighty Italy would be available to him. But that stubbornly patriotic Oromo was said to sneer at the messenger and spat on the ground in disgust. And when another fascist soldier of an Albanian origin and another one from Libya urged my father and his Itu clan to go out and slaughter their Christian neighbors they told those fascist soldiers that killing innocent people is not an Oromo value. You see Graziani was the first governor of the Hararghe region and he intentionally planted his Muslim Albanian, Libyan and Somali(Dubaati they were called then) soldiers in areas where the majority of the population were Oromos like my Itu clan. This is a story I heard my own father telling his childhood Amhara friend during one of their late afternoon chats at our house. Such affidavits make me proud for being a child of such compassionate and patriotic people. You see ….that blood, that human blood you still see flowing in Adwa since 1896, has a thick trace of my great Barentuma cousins along with our brave brothers from Gonder, Menz, Gojjam and Tigray. That was thick blood of brotherhood!!! That was a pledge to live together and die together with a seal of priceless human blood. I can’t even start to imagine that those gallant patriots shed their blood in vain. These narrow hate mongers think those Oromos were misguided and swindled by a ‘colonizer’ Menelik. By doing so, they are insulting my Barentuma Oromos. They are so gripped with such blind hatred toward others they will say anything with no regards to the consequences of their reckless actions. Because they have their eyes fixated on the ‘prize’ that one of these days they will be able to carve out a territory they will claim their own ‘fiefdom’. Over my very proud and harmonious Oromo dead bodies!!!!!

    • Ittu Aba farad
      I request you to write a book. Somebody like you is a living piece of history that connects the present with the past. From what I see here you have all that it takes to write a book. Please consider that.

      • Obboo Jotee:
        Thanks for reading my comments and understanding my opinion. That is our genuine and centuries old Oromo value. We share values with many other ethnic groups back home. We have democratic instincts blended with the desire to live with others in harmonious livelihood. History is on our side in testifying on our behalf that we are selfless and sharing people and in meantime fearless when our pride is touched, Pride took Garaaso, Jagamaa, Abebe and thousands others to the bushes in the 1930’s. All these historical figures didn’t have to take up arms against the Fascist Italy then when they could simply accept the luxurious treatment they were guaranteed by Amadeo. But they spat on his offer and took to the mountains. When I say this I am talking from historical facts and I am pullulated with pride. I feel their pride. Such are the people who these so called ‘liberation fronts’ of my own Oromo people call ‘neo-Gobenas’ and ‘lackeys’. Such rude and unwarranted name bashing just boil my blood. I am planning to put together a book both in a thesis format and novel. My trade is mechanical engineering and masters in business management but I have been reading books of history for a while now. It will take me some time to put them all in a book. But I will do just that. Bigots are bigots and they all come in different colors and from any ethnic group. They are menace to any society and should be fought and exposed. I am in my seventies now wading in the sunset phase of my life. I will leave such documents for our future generations. When Allah calls me home I will die still extending my hands of harmony and brotherhood/sisterhood to my brothers and sisters from the Amhara, Tigray, Afar, Somali and many other ethnic groups back home!!! Insha Allah!!!!

  5. i have been hateful b/c of some peoples action attitude thanks Mulata you have been influenced me for good. thanks once again!!

  6. If you are real Mulata why you do not post your picture with your article. The Oromo knows so many Oromo’s name in different Habasha web cites including Aiga forum .you simply cheating your self. we know you are settler.

    • do u mean his picture will let u know if he s oromo or not?? We all look the same and we have common interest. please wake up guys!!! lets make our people live happily and with love, get over the tribalism installed on u by TPLF, OLF or other

    • Summii, why do you need his picture? What’s the purpose? Do you think that all Oromos think the same and someone you think that thinks different is not Oromo? Also what Oromo looks like and by looking her/his pictures that you can easily identify? Or are you the one that doesn’t want to see change and want the status quo. And also to disintegrate the country and want to be another Isayas that take Eritrea to one of the most advanced and developed country? I think you will not be successful. I believe people think rational and realized what is the best in 21st century. You better look around what’s going unless one of the blood sucker, who wants to hold on until death, like Melse, Mengistu and alike.
      Don’t waste your time.

  7. This guy is an imposter, he is not an Oromo person although in his earlier artticles he claimed to be from the Borana gossaa (clan ) of Oromo Nation! a very simple evidence that he is not a Borana, let alone an Oromo, is that a Borana or any Oromo will not misspell his name! This guy spells his name :Mulata Gudata” this silly mistake could be made only by an Abyssina! A bonified Oromo never misspells his Oromo name! the Proper spelling would have been “Gudattaa Muldhataa…….Listen pal, you do need to obfuscate your name to write an article to convince Oromos to consider Ethiopian unity! you could have posted the same article with your real name and could have made your point! Now, this looks bad and you only contributed to the mistrust Oromos have any thing Habasha!

    • Burqaa
      Please stop bothering about my tribe , try to focus on the substance of what I write not on inconsequential petty issues as names and tribe. If a non-Ethiopian comes up with what is good for Oromos and for Ethiopians as a whole we should go for it. Please look at what most of the readers comment above. I know they are all Oromos for sure as I am. Yaada laaftu akannaa dagachuu qabnaa beekadhu. If not will remain on the side line simply lamenting with no effect.
      None of us benefits from going to destroy our country, like Somalia. Please always have that in mind. see you with my next article.

    • By the way who voted for you that you become Oromo representative? He can write his name the way he likes, you can’t impose the you want to write. Who are yui after all? Are you the one who preaches hate to benefit from it like your mentor Melse and Isayas? Good luck you are wasting your time.

  8. Summii Diina,
    I thought, difference between us are language. Do we have different physical appearance or color?

  9. Ittu Abba farda look at the map in ,Ethnic segregation and fascism of TPLF” there is a map drawn by the author.on ECADAF you will see how this italian were more clever and more realistic than menelik,haile selasse and menguistu.Longtime before 1991 they draw an ethnic division map which could satisfy the majority,this map is respecting the different nations in actual kilil ethiopia.Only difference from the ethiopian map of 2013you find that ertra is missing and ogaden somalis are united with somalia .
    It has taken 60 years of wars ,destruction and blood to understand what the italians understood and settled in 1936.
    So Ittu not only the italians were fascist,haile selasse,menelik were fascist.Menguistu were different.

  10. Obboo koya:
    I hope and pray that you are not saying that Fascist Italy was a cleverly organized regime and it was by far the most fair system desirable for my beloved Oromo people. But I would like to caution you when using the term ‘fascist’ to define others like the present and past rulers of Ethiopia. I highly suggest to you to delve into the shelves of any public library nearest you and borrow books written by historians and people of law about fascism. Mengistu was a terrible killer but he would rather be called a brutal dictator. Haile Selassie might not have done the right things in terms of the equality of ethnic groups and land tenure, It is quiet fitting to call him an archaic feudal emperor. TPLF also can not be a fascist setting but it is also a regime led by a group of dictators. I don’t have enough space here to explain what ‘fascism’ means or who the real ‘fascist’ is. I have noticed on this and other websites the two most misused terms in the political discourse. They are ‘fascist’ and ‘genocide’. I can assure you in my convictions I believe that dictatorial governance does exist and numbered killings have been committed by the current regime back home. I again hope and pray that one day those in the current regime who ordered the slaughter of over 200 innocent demonstrators in 2005 and who scorched villages of our dear brothers and sisters in the Ogaden will face justice. The mothers, kin and kits of those brutally gunned down peaceful demonstrators at some point in the future will receive justice. Their blood has been crying to the Almighty for years now. Those killers are brutal murderers but that will not make them fascists. I hope you will take my suggestion to heart and do just that. Insha Allah!!!

  11. A rejoinder to Ato Mulata:
    It is not only the name that is phony Ato Mulata, your political analysis about the Oromo Nation’s predicament in the Empire is also the issue. As some one who has been in the trenches of Oromo/Ethiopian politics, I find it disturbing when people like you indulge in priscribing a panacea for what is ailling the Empire! It is not that simple pal, in the dreamy world you inhabit, we can all sing a Kumbaya and love each other! The reading of the Empire’s histroy indicates other wise! The Oromo nation has ben betrayed so many times by the Abyssinians and any overture by the Oromo nation to keep the Empire as it is presently aranged is a fool’s errand!
    For us, we will continue to struggle, people like you can continue to write articles that doe not have any relevance to our quest for independence or to our pursuit to have a democtratic representation in a re-arrange Empire will never cease!

  12. Dear Muleta Gudeta,
    thanks for your ideas.I have no words to express my feelings.I have read some of your previous articles and i found all are relaevant. I want to suggest one thing. It is good if you collect all your articles and prepare it in a book format in local Languages( Afaan Oromo and Amaharic ) so that many Ethiopian can read and make a paradigm shit in political ideological thinking – for the reconcilation for a united and democratic nation where all ethinic groups enjoy living together in harmony.thanks a lot.

  13. who is this Muleta? Hahahaha… so funny! Neftegna in beg lemd. Orom has to drop his/her own to work with neftegna while neftegna exhumed vampire Menelik and worship him. How can Oromo worship this devil?! Komatan komata kalalut gebto yefetafital alelum endie? Ato Muleta you are one of neftegna serpents so stop fooling us and uncover your musk. After this no one trust neftegnas!!!!!!

  14. Howdy! This article could not bbe written much better!
    Looking at this articoe reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He alays kept talking about this. I am going to forward thiis article to him.
    Fairly certain he’ll have a great read. Thanks for sharing!
    Feel free to visit mmy homepage … tutorials (Eden)

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