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It is a thank you to the TPLF/EPRDF (Mulata Gudata)

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By: Mulata Gudata
Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn and Chairperson of the AU Commission Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma leave the conference hall after the closing ceremony of the 20th Summit for the Africa Union in capital Addis AbabaApparently this heading sounds very much out of step with this famous name. But I really mean it and it is thank you to the TPLF/EPRDF for seemingly heeding our calls for improvement. We are good citizens who wish to love and appreciate the people in our government, it is only that they are too reluctant to give us any cause towards that. So whenever we get just a spark of anything to appreciate from them, no matter how little it could be, we should simply jump and grab it. As a gesture of sheer respect, I promise not to use the usual W***** word to refer to the ruling party, in this article.
Who ever read my previous article must remember how I was lamenting my frustration about the challenges I faced from the Ethiopian Telephone Service whenever I tried to call back home which effectively made me to forget any attempt towards that.  Yet, over the last weekend I talked to a friend in a different part of the world and remained with few credits on my call-card which gave me a reason to try back home.
Oh, my God! I could not describe my surprise when the call went thru at the first attempt with the speed of light leaving me wondering whether I called a different country or it was really ours. I could not wait to hear the voice on the other end for confirmation. Not only did my call for the first time ever went thru with that speed and without a hitch what so ever but also the clarity of the line left me wondering such was really possible with our country. I was so happy that all thru my conversation I remained wishing I could divert the line for a few seconds and reach to an authority in our government in order to say my gratitude to them for the impeccable service. At the same time I wished it would remain that way always and for all citizens. When they can make it so easy and so good it is hard for anyone to expect or understand why they choose for themselves the role of making it so hard and so bad by failing to provide the service as it should be.
Nobody from any other country on earth apart from ours would believe me that I am writing to say my thanks for succeeding in making a call. Simply because citizens all over the world are used to such quality services that they take it for granted and do not understand when we bemoan the trouble we face in making calls to law abiding citizens in our country. In fact telephone service provision is no business of the government in the civilized world of today including most of the African countries if not all, save for ours.  It is made so difficult in our case that we never miss the opportunity to say thank you to the people who owe it to us legally and morally whenever it is done as it should always be normally. So the people who rule our country at this time and age need to do all they can to catch up with the rest of the world in providing quality service to their citizens since there can be no acceptable excuse on earth for failure to do so.
As I decided to write this article I was also left worrying that Ethiopians would not believe me or understandably suspect me of being bribed by our government into writing it given how the TPLF/EPRDF is known for using people to say what they want either by way of blackmail or under duress. This is one of the myriads of disadvantages that come with such behaviour as it makes harder even for those who want to praise them when there is good reason. In light of this fact the need of making an effort to behave decently on their part goes without saying. Though the trouble remains, whenever you say anything about them as an advice or otherwise they like to tell you how the economy is developed as if it can be a substitute for anything and everything. If the economy is developed it is fine, but the need for human development can be second to none and it should first begin with the ones in government geared towards improving their attitude and behaviour if they are ever to hope for an iota of credibility for themselves and for those who wish to praise them.
Even those who believe me may reasonably say it is too early and too little to merit any praise as it is a response to the success of only one call. But to that I should say it is never too early to recognise and praise any job well done since it has the power of encouraging for more. When a word of thank you comes for them from a faceless citizen like me, coming as it does from one who belongs to the opposition camp, I am sure it sounds very good to them and they are more than expected to make a conscious effort to attract more of the same.
Mine is a single vote in reaction to a service well delivered which counts for nothing compared to the chorus of praise that awaits them from the entire citizens if they conduct themselves well with decorum now that the next general election is looming large around the corner. So my unsolicited advice to them is this: dear TPLF/EPRDF guys, you have been in power for solid 23 years which makes you one of the longest serving rulers if not the longest in Africa and that is the best privilege a country can offer any member of its citizens.
You have been there all those years claiming to have won elections which everybody your friends and foes, foreigners and citizens alike including yourself know full well that you rigged all the elections that had ever happened on your watch. Most importantly nobody on earth (with exception to your cabals) expects you to win the next election if we go by the fact on the ground where people are more than seen expressing how they are tired of your rule literally from all corners of the country.
Power is sweet and the longer you stay in it the sweeter it grows if not too sweet to let go of it. Human beings like power and the most decent ones go for it mobilizing all the resource and man power they can manage to have a decent shot at it but when they lose it they never kill for it. Killing is a crime by the law of the mortals and an unforgivable sin in front of God. Human life is precious and nothing is worth killing it for, more so when responding to law abiding citizens asking for what is rightfully theirs.
Never forget that being in government stands to heighten the threshold of your responsibility as groups or individuals far from lowering it. You need power which you can do without, the poor citizens need their life which is all they have on earth. We always had bad governments thru our history but people were relatively happier or at least had unreserved love for each other under the previous ones which is not the case today. Obviously dissatisfaction from the society stands at its peak against your rule partly due to the divisive nature of it and mostly due to the higher conscious level of the citizens compared to any time in our history making people to boldly lay claim to what is theirs by right.
When you are in charge of more conscious society, you need to be far more conscious yourself not to make the impossible attempt of reversing the clock of human progress. You need to be contemporary and act accordingly since we are no longer in medieval eras when leaders gave orders and cared less to heed the pleas of their subjects. Please be ready to relinquish power when people ask for it, for you to go down by surprising the whole world amid the chorus of accolade uplifting your image far from killing it as you leave us with a good reason to praise you as long as we live. Please do not ever plan to plunge the country into an unprecedented crisis in an attempt to hold on to power and embarrass yourself in the watching eyes of the world. So my last word for you is to accept the verdict of the people to retire with dignity when it comes to it.
”A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gal.”