TPLF the root cause of Poverty, Human Trafficking and National Indignity in the Horn of Africa.

By Orion Asmelash

November 18, 2013
This is a Call to all Ethiopians and Eritreans to unite and work together against Ethiopian and African Enemy , the TPLF Junta
 “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools” Martin Luther King Jr.
TPLFFor the past twenty years, the Horn of Africa is continuously bleeding because of TPLF. It is now time for Ethiopians and Eritreans to stand together in unison to get rid of the diabolic, barbaric and ethnocentric minority regime in Ethiopia. The horrible mistreatment, rapes and killings that we have witnessed in Saudi Arabia did not only affect the dignity of Ethiopians but the horn of Africa in general. When Ethiopia bleeds, Eritrea bleeds together. Moreover, the dignity of Ethiopia is the dignity of Africa.
In 1999, TPLF Leader Meles Zenawi addressing to his rubber-stamp parliament said”If we don’t like the color of their eyes, we have the right to chase them away”.
At that time many people thought that Meles Zenawi was referring only to Ethiopians of Eritrean Origin. However, as we will see the facts very shortly, the message was to Ethiopians in general. The current regime(TPLF) determines nationality not by origin, birth or naturalization but through a myopic lens of ethnicity and political affiliation. Thus, in the language of TPLF “not liking the color of your eyes” means you do not belong to them.
What makes the current situation even worse is not what happened outside but observing Ethiopians been beaten and bleeding in their own country because they protested what is happening in Saudi Arabia. We have seen regimes in the past killing innocent citizens but what we see today is quite shocking as it is attacking Ethiopian nationalism from its root. What is death than the deprivation of national dignity? It is sad to see that people are deprived their national dignity both inside and outside their country.
The regime’s reaction in giving a deaf ear to the dreadful, horrible and shocking beatings, rapes and killings of innocent Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia echoes the very same language of what was hidden inside TPLF’s heart from the get go . The message of TPLF to the thousands of crying people in Saudi Aarabia is clear “we can’t help you because we don’t like your eye color”. TPLF’s systematic attack on Ethiopian dignity and nationalism is not limited to those who are crying out in Saudi but also inside the country. There are plenty of people who were deported from their own land because of “their eye color”. Here are the few facts among many:
  • In March 2013, more than 5000 Amharas deported from Benishangul Gumuz region by the TPLF
  • In March 2012, an estimated 78,000 Ethiopians has been deported from their homes in the Southern Nations of Benji Maji zone.


A regime that practices deportation and killings at home is not expected to defend those who are tormented in a foreign country.
There is no crime or mistreatment comparable to deportation from your own country of origin but this wasn’t enough. TPLF Crimes surpasses deportation, it goes even further to the level of ethnic cleansing and genocide. TPLF is under sever scrutiny on the genocidal massacresagainst many of its peoples, including the Anuak, Ogadeni, Oromo, and Omo tribes. As some in the Genocide watch indicated, the facts gathered so far shows that TPLF have reached stage 7 genocidal massacre. Moreover, did we forget the 80,000 innocent soldiers who have lost their lives in Bademe? did they die for a good cause? what did they gain? whatreason is given to their families for the loss of their valuable life? and who is responsible for these 80,000 lives who have lost their lives for no eason other than prolonging the regime’s life ? there will come a time for TPLF leaders to answer all this but now enough is enough and we need to reclaim our dignity.
Ethiopians and Eritreans should stand together in this very sad moment of history and If we are united we will be strong. In unison we will liberate not only ourselves but the whole horn of Africa but if we are divided we will lose the battle and TPLF will continue to rule. Let us not forget TPLF wants us to stay divided but we are not each other’s enemy, if one of us cry we both share that and if one bleeds the other bleeds too. We are connected to each other and we have a lot more common values than differences , so let us keep pressing until we see peace, freedom, liberty and prosperity in the region.
If we together throw a stone on TPLF, we can reclaim the lost dignity very shortly but if we are divided TPLF’s brutality will intensify. TPLF cannot stand on its own, it is us who gave them the oxygen to breath.
This is an emergency call and we should respond without delay.
Hints of mobilization:
  • Demonstrate and campaign together
  • Organize a platform for Ethiopian and Eritrean political leaders to discuss issues together.
  • Medias such as ESAT, various radio stations and paltalk rooms should play an important role by bringing Ethiopian and Eritrean activists together
  • Use social networking sites such as facebook to create an atmosphere of togetherness
  • Organize huge musical concerts by inviting famous Ethiopian and Eritreans artists and use the funds collected for struggle against TPLF
” Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter”
Victory to the Masses!
Orion Asmelash can be reached at [email protected]


  1. How low can you come than this when you Eritreans and Ethiopians. Isn’t that what woyanes have done to dismantle Ethiopia? Eritreans and Tigreans, shabias and woyanes sounds familiar to dismantle Ethiopia. Not only that you said the horn of Africa, sounds familiar too because the so-called Eritreans with shabia’s sentiment love to claim the horn of Africa to dismiss the name Ethiopia. So Ato Orion go bed with them in peace.
    Gudu Kassa

  2. Very wushet; Ethiopia was already made the poorest of the poorest by amhara rulers. Is it TPLF who made more than 2 million Wolleyes dies by mass starvation that shocked the entire humanity? excuse me was it TPLF the cause for it? About 1.5 million Tigreans perished by human made famine that shocked the entire humanity? was it TPLF? Come on please, you tell you lies to somebody else. We know Ethiopia and we grew up starving not having one day mail, no school, not clinic, … you are 100% liers. Wushetam, you will not help Ethiopia by lying. It is true there are big mistakes done by TPLF. But to tell me TPLF is the cause of poverty is just stupididity. There is no famine that kills in millions during TPLF. You had 1 university in 100 years? you got now 33 universities in only 22 years? if TPLF was to rule Ethiopia for 100 years, may be Ethiopian can become super power country. You damn ass hole, do not write wushet; Please. You can not improve things by lying.
    My question is why TPLF supposed to fix your 100 years mess up of the entire country until children from Europe give their lunch. Even the bad treatment Ethiopians are facing is now the image you have created long. I have been across countries, people telling me I am from Ethiopia and they say people starving there and dying? Ebakachu twene twene, if you want to change the country for better, tell the truth, and do not lie; wushetam.
    If you can be positive and focus on the problems we need to improve , I can join you but if you come with lies and crap stories of yours? then go to tell hell. I hate wushetam people. TPLF is doing very good regardless shortcomings here and there which human. You will not make Ethiopia prosperous lying. I have to live all my life in war and famine, sdet because of you. Damn ass hole. You tell me TPLF is the source of poverty? This must be a joke. You can ask the entire human being when Ethiopia poor? if you do not know the history of your country? how old are you? you must be 16 years old? Anyways, whether you like it or not, if you are like this, it is apparent TPLF is going to stay long because you do not have what it takes to remove TPLF apart from lying. Shame on you. Instead of focusing on real problems, he is telling us hate wushet, wushetam.

  3. The Habesha, you are really reckless and useless you post this Shabia propaganda who is trying to fish from a murky. I hardly believe this is Ethiopian to be honest. The Habesha , are you G7? I am wondering why you post stupid articles? Do you think you are going to build Ethiopia like this? I am hating now Zehabesha, you posted Eritrean prostitutes article last time? now you go again posting another Eritrean article? what is your aim? were you not condemning TPLF for allying with Shabia ? then why are you now in bed with Shabia? When you do it , it is okay? but when others do it , it is not okay? People really you need to grow up than wasting your lives promoting hatred, backwardness and strife. Learn from where you live at least. Stop promoting hatred, wushet. You can not build a house by posting lies, hatred,… propaganda. There is no country that being built by wushet . Have you ever heard any country that has become prosperous by wushet and hatred? The Habesha, you are playing negative role. We can work together to make our country habitable for all and we must stop wushet. Do you think Shabia will love you it hates woyanes ? You people must be ignorant and aimless. Anyway, what you do is a blessing for TPLF. Even if I oppose TPLF, I would never think of working with people like the Habesha ; your agenda is destroy the country. You are not playing positive role. You playing negative role now. Shame on you. You post an article that says TPLF is the cause of poverty in Ethiopia? how come? was it TPLF which subject Ethiopians to the LIVE AID do they know it is xmass. Shame on you Habeshoch, wustet kalhone ewnet atkum. This is why our compatriots are suffering across the globe. You may think Ethiopians mistreated I Saudi Arabia, but I tell everywhere Ethiopians stigmatized across the globe being called poor people by everyone . TPLF must be blamed for its own mistakes and but not for somebody else. You held the country hostage for 100 years and even denied us our language and culture and even you denied us development , school , hospitals, clinics, all human development for 100 years? now you post an article teaching that TPLF is the source poverty? who is going to believe you? bewushet ager aygenebam. Yetm ayadersachum. This is backwardness. This is the reasons even TPLF stayed long. It will stay long because you people are only driven by ethnic hatred and you wish is only to bring back the old system. I better die than to live in the old Ethiopia. We do not want the old apartheid that made us a laughing stock of humanity. Shame on you guys.

    • gezaee you really need help you are all over the place. you are just a die hard weyane who go out preaching hatred among our people so that weyane can destroy us one by one. mark my word a time is at hand where Ethiopians will stand together as one and go after this shabia made banda, tplf regime and make our country a better place for every one including tigray, the largest banda producing region in the world.

    • G. Hailmichel
      We all know that you working for TPLF. and getting your paycheck from waynea embassy.Let just remind u some facts..Ever sinceTPLF took over it has been hell for the population.Tplf is the source of poverty hate division. It is a matter of time before you and ur like will be punished. You and your people have been cancer. Ethiopia has been better off before tplf came out fron the jungle. I dont blame you mayable you and your family are getting a fat check everymonth for putting propagana.

  4. T.P.L.F sold our country …doesn’t care much about their people as much as they like selling and trading the Ethiopian people as well as the Land…..Our Fathers fought for Ethiopia all over the country….The TPLF their Brain made in China , assembled in Saudi….all they know is beat u up…u cant fix any thing that is made in China or assembled in Saudi unless it is destroyed …no peace

  5. እናንተ ወያኔዎች ምንድን ነው እንደዚህ የሚያስለቅሳችሁ ደግሞ የዘ-ሓበሻ ድህረገጽን ኢትቪ እና እሪፖርተር ማድረግ አማራችሁ አወ ሃገር ቤት ያሉትን ጋዜጠኞች አስራችሁ ጨርሳችሆዋል አሁን ደግሞ ውጭ ያሉትን ለመሳደብ እና እናንተ የሚመቻችሁን ነገር ብቻ እንዲያስተናግዱ ትፈልጋላችሁ ዶማዎች ። ሻብያን ማን እዚህ አደረሰው ያ ደንቆሮ መሪያችሁ አይደልም? አሁን ሻብያ እንደ ልዩ ማስፈራሪያ ተደርጎ የሚቆጠረው ሊላ ውሸት ስላለቀባችሁ ነው። በጣም የሚገርመው ኢርትራያኖች ከወያኔዎች የበለጠ ለኢትዮጵያ አንድነት እንደተዋደቁ በታሪክ የታወቅ ነው። እናንተ ምንጊዜም ከዳተኞች እና ከሃዲዎች ናችሁ ይሄን ነው የሚለው ታሪካችሁ። ባንዳ የባንዳ ዘር ሁሉ ሰውየው እንደማንኛውም ሰው ዘ-ሓበሻን የመጠቀም መብት አለው ። የፈለገውን ነገር መጻፍ ይችላል እሱ ከናንተ የበለጠ ኢትዮጵያዊነት ይሰማዋል እናንተ ደማችሁ ውስጥ የተቀላቀለ ሁልጊዜ እንደ አሲድ ሲያቃጥላችሁ የሚኖር የበታችነት ስሜታችሁ ከግራም ከቀኝ እንዳታስተውሉ አይነ ስውር አድርጎችሆል የበታችነት ስሜት የሚያሰቃየው ጭንቅላት መልካም ነገር ሊያሰብ አይችልም። ደካሞች ለዛሬ በቻ ኖዋሪዎች ናችሁ ሊላው ቀርቶ ያ ጣውታችሁ ካለፈ በሆዋላ እንኮዋን የብሃሬ ለውጥ አድርጋችሁ ወደ ብሄራዊነት መመለስ ያማትችሉ ደካሞች ናችሁ።

  6. Guys: unite, love each other ; if unite, love each other ; leave alone woyane, you can command the world; however if you continue in your hatred propaganda, it is most likely woyane will continue to reign until Jesus comes. If you love Ethiopia, you oughta start loving every single Ethiopian including TPLF, OLF, ONLF,… anything short is will not help Ethiopia or any Ethiopian. OLF are our people. TPLF are our people. ONLF are our people. If we want a better Ethiopia; we must love everyone who live in that country including OLF,ONLF, TPLF,… the best way to do that is to educate people love, unity and justice, fairness, equality. Anything short of that is just waste of time and life. You will not get anywhere. And you will not win woyane. Woyane has at least every ethnic amalgam in its system. Diaspora politics is polarized as either amhara or oromo or Gurage, … there is no any all inclusive organisation? let us Woyane disappears into thin air suddenly? who is going to control Ethiopia? OLF? ONLF? G7? ESAT? EPRDF? EPPF/? TPDM? who? even if we think of in armed struggle, the Tigreans are more organized than any one. I do not believe in Gun, or rebellion but TPDM is the most organized rebel in East Africa currently. That means if people have to rely on guns, the Tigreans will still have the guns and they know how to fight.
    However, neither TPDM nor G7 or EPPF are needed in this age; all we need is peace and love. That can be realized peacefully by opposing peacefully. G7 is dead and dead and dead. No agenda, war agenda is yetntawi yegariyosh astesasb.
    I agree with the comment that says TPLF does not care about the people. It is true TPLF is corrupted and wanted to sell everything in Ethiopia. But that can be stopped if unite and love each other. We can revoke bad policies immediately if we are united with love. Anything short of that allows TPLF to go on selling everything without check. Is G7 going to stop or change any policies? we have to wait another 20 years war to get freedom from G7? Oh my God, that is hell. We want freedom in one day, not in 30 years war.

  7. Hailemicheal, you are hailediabilos. Are you disputing that tplf is not the source of misery in the African horn and Ethiopia? You might deny it, but even western diplomats know it. They egnore it because they want their interest served. Who can serve western interest than you bandas? You brag about 33 universities so often, but you do not tell us what those universities produce. Most of the graduates work on coble stone. Is not that true? Those Amharas you are despising created a lot of institutions that you are using today. You are a hate monger, just like your dead champion wants you to be. As a proud Ethiopian, I found our Eritrean brothers more genuine partner than you. On the street of Germany, their were protesting with Ethiopians for our suffering brothers in Saudi Arabia while your government tried to play game on human suffering.

  8. The government should not have allowed the immigrants to leave the coutry without any security given from the Saudi Government. That is one of the major root cause of this problem. Second, the resources that are supposed to create employment for poor people in the country has been directed towards other things that are not immediate use for commoners. The resources allocations do not grant any equitable income for every citizen. We know what have been removed from the south and sent to Tigray. Including agricultural machineries.
    Most important projects are built and planned for Tigray region. Be it creating small busineses or lending institutions. Leading thinkers and nationalists in the country who might had solutions for the current situations have been killed or impirsoned. Incomes from different organizations and companies are directed towards accomplishing what Marxsit Leninst of Tigray intended to accomplish not to give enough servieces to ameloriate the pains of the poor people.
    I just want to ask people to really think, if is logically as well as morally corrent to amass billions of dollars by a single family members. Eight to ten billions for
    a young family in the country is rediculous. Megistu did the same thing but he bought so much from Russia and paid 11 billion dollars while the people in Wallo and Tigray died in mass. Now the people from all the corners of the coutry were forced to get some kinds of employment in Arabia and the idea was fully endoresed by the government. I tell you that was a very grievous mistake for state led by TPLF.
    The countryside is ravished by middle men who promised El Deradoes to poor young peasant families who thought their mothers and daughters will bring home
    sacks of golden shipments, But is not true at all, The middle men sold our citizens to slavery, discremiantion, rape, abuse and killing, There will be worse to come. I prefer my citizens 17 or 18 years old girls to die honorably without foods in the bellies in the mother country to being raped and killed mercilessly in alien nation. I am sorry the Suadis are not good enough for their own citizens let alone Ethiopians. I knew this for years and I pray to Allah to dismantle that House of Abdul Aziz from the face of Suadi Arabia and free it ciizens. My goodness people from one family who are less than 15,000 in number are messing the people of the world including Arabs. Their petro dollars are buying them any thing and I think they had bought powerful men in the world with their deep pokets and that is true for some people in Ethiopia.
    I recommend to the Ethiopian individuals this is an opportunity to really advise our people to stop flocking to the Middle East. It is better to die poor than dying dehumanized in another country. Enough is enough we are all ashemed of our country. The billions stolen from the government by individuals would have helped millions including the poorst of the poors in Tigray province. I mean it.
    I pray for the people of Saudi Arabia to be a democratic nation which will respect right of its citizens and including others. I hate their slave owner mentalities.It is shocking to see and hear that in 21st century. Who cares for an Ethiopian slave if he dies of survives. Where is the Qoranic morlality Saudis? It says in Islamic code “Protect the poor and the weak.”
    I ask all concerned humaniterian organizations and African nations and others to look into this matter immediately. Killing is not a solution to illigal immigration.

  9. Orion…You are Eritrean don’t talk about Ethio please. Stay out of our business. You left 20 years ago and no one forced you…You think we are stupid to listen to you Arab wanna be ass. Go F yourself. Long live Ethio….Ze-habesha please make sure no Shabia aloud in Ethio discussion. Nobody north of Mereb allowed in our politics.

  10. Orion..Your Italian master is calling you. Please report right away after the Arab is done with you. I guess repeated colonization makes you slavish/ashker….How many times did we save you ppl. Your grandpa came to my village to study because you were not allowed to go passed 4th grade in Anseba. Now you disrespecting your teacher….Diros bihon Tefetrwoachu nhew.

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