TPLF planted a seed of hate on me

By Surafel (Mamushe)
Yes……as a proud Ethiopian young man, I never thought for a second that I am crying a story over heard from the news outlets. In our culture, we, men, are usually hiding our heartfelt emotions inside on our heart, however, the despicable and indefensible crime committed against our people by the very small click of TPLF angered me more than ever before in my entire lifetime. Cultural implications and impacts are a pinpoint of societal behavioral reflections. We, Ethiopians, are well known for our cultural values; nevertheless, what’s happening in Ethiopia right now is far from our cultural norms. The devilish TPLF security agents compromise the decency of our cultural values.
Recently, when I noticed what’s happening in a TPLF torture camp against one of the central committee members of UDJ (Andenet), my anger reached on a climax. Beyond my extreme anger, my tears fall on my face like a rain.
Graziani and the TPLFHere the shocking story… always I do, I logged in on my face-book page to check the daily newsfeed. As soon as I scrolled down on my page, one of the news links surprisingly caught my attention. Eagerly, I clicked on the link and listening the interview conducted by Ethiopian Satellite Television a.k.a ESAT with the victim and highest-ranking member of UDJ (Andent), Ato Abebe Akalue. As Ato Abebe narrating the untold and shameful act of TPLF agents against him, I couldn’t believe what I have just heard from him. Since torture and heinous crime against our people is a normal routine in a TPLF torture camp, it doesn’t surprise me at all. However; what shocked me the most is the sexual harassment against Ato Abebe by the TPLF security agents. Forget about as a very conservative nation such as Ethiopians, I never saw anywhere in the world that security agents sexually harassed someone because he has different political views than the government.
Right after listen this horrific interview, I turned the audio off and sighed deeply. And then, I was numbed for a while, and confused, sad, mad and finally I felt those TPLF agents and their masters are planted a seed of hate on me. Yes a seed of hate that can cultivate revenge in my heart. Whether you are a supporter or against the TPLF lead government, in this specific case, the RED line was passed. They broke the core value of our cultural identity. We all know that sexually harassing a father and married man is an absolute taboo and insane.
I was one of the people who strongly believed that the only avenue to rid off any dictatorial regime is only through peaceful struggle, however, after this inhuman and monstrous act of TPLF, I convinced myself that peaceful struggle against these evils are a nightmare. As a result, now on, I am onboard for using anything to take back our country from TPLF and replanting the seed of peace, respect and unity among our great people.
Not a political, a moral question for Ethio-Tigrians in Diaspora.
To all Diaspora Tigria origin brothers and sisters….for how long and what cost, you will say “enough is enough” to this small group of merciless TPLF?
My and your forefathers were fought and died together as one nation to protect our country from domestic and foreign enemies. Their ultimate precondition to defend the country and its people from domestic and foreign enemy was simply “right or wrong” not demographical or geographical resemblance. I am not trying to challenge your right to affiliate with any political groups but I am challenging your reasoning to support the TPLF.
Today, for the sake of argument, I will set aside the political argument against you (Diaspora Ethio-Tigrians) but I will present to you a moral argument. I bet you all have heard what the TPLF security agents did against the ranking member of UDJ, an opposition political party. Recently, the TPLF Security agents abducted the victim from the street and took him some unknown place. Right after they got him in this unknown torture camp, they forced the kind of alcohol down into his throat and water boarding him consistently. Because this was not enough for the TPLF ruthless agents, they are sexually “molested” him. How this happened in Ethiopia?
My brother and sisters; what is the moral equivalency for this unusual and immoral satanic behavior of TPLF? This is beyond anybody’s imagination. I don’t know which world the Diaspora Tigrians lives in, but most of Ethiopians are outraged and angered by the sodomization of our God fearing people. Whether or not you are a TPLF sympathizer, this act of evil violates the universal code of conduct and our moral values.
Finally, I am very disappointed that I didn’t see any statement and hear any condemnation from the Diaspora Tigrians against this TPLF shameful act. It’s best for the good of the country to come together as one nation and people and say enough for these TPLF parasites spew hate and division among our people. Otherwise, I can assure you that our country will be the land of vengeance, retaliations and avenging.


  1. Unless you are writing this simply for propaganda purpose to monger hatred and division among ethipians this article does not make sense at all.
    Do not forget this is the first time we Ethiopians enjoyed peace in Ethiopia without major civil war and we Ethiopians promise of hope. for first time in our Ethiopians history we Ethiopians have the freedom to govern our own territory and affairs through federal system, this is the first time we Ethiopians see meaningful economic progress, this is the first time hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians going back to Ethiopia to visit or to live.

    • You are a brain less beast , Kelemu. You just simplied this anger as a propaganda. The writer is right that you and us are not cut from the same tree. You are animals. No fear of God, no moral value, just say some rubbish cadre talk where ever you get a chance. You, idiot, just think for once second what pains you are causing to our people.

    • To :Kelemu Mekuria”
      If that is the case as you said. That if TPLF/EPRDF is peacful, and democratic then why are you livng abroad? Of course TPLF is planting hate against each other, That is, Amhara against Tigreans; Amhara against Oromos; Christians aganst Muslems; Unitl now thanks GOD that it didn’t bear fruit, but eventually it will and that is really bad for Ethiopia and especially for Tigreans. Wakeup and smell the coffee….Denail will not help our country, Ethiopia. We Ethiopian should fight infearness, injustice, for rule of law. This is the only way we all can survive.

    • are you kidding yourself? which Ethiopians are you talking about ? you must be either an outright woyane or a fool living in a fantasy land. Ethiopians have never before been brutalized like they are now. you try to disguise yourself writing under seemingly amhara name , but it does not take a genius to figure out that you are a racist woyane sympathizer. put your self in ato ababe’s shoes for few minutes and try to see how it is like to be gang raped and beaten up. please do not let your ethnicity shroud your sense of wrong and right. wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late.

  2. If the story of what happened to a member of the opposition really happened and the victim comes out himself to tell his ordeal, then the regime should be grilled about this hideous crime by the donor countries. But in the meantime, we should not haste to ‘bite iron’ and resort to violent means to fight the wrong. We should learn from recent experience in the continent and also from our own. We have lost hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, in destructive civil wars that lasted more than 30 years. Hundreds of thousands of the young, the cream of the crop had lost their lives during those violent years. Enough with that!!! No more violence. If not thwarted, the next such violence can be even more devastating. What I prescribe for that country is industrialization on steroids. When peasantry is wiped out and replaced by skilled machine operators, then the game will change. Women will be more empowered only through industrialization and that will slam the brakes on this out-of-control population explosion. They are now used as trophies and personal properties back home. In the meantime, I hope this victim will come out himself and tell the world what happened to him. And no more violence!!!!

  3. The question should be revolving around the fact that , is this something that being done with the knowledge of the higher security apparatus or this is the work of some rogue agents within the security appartus .
    Although I detest this kind of behaviour I also caution from being reactionary . this is what they want us to be anyways . they don’t wan’t to act and think rationally as well . when some things happen we tend to shout ,curse and make promises that will never come true . A true struggle should not be borne out of emotions but from calculated ,calm mind with good long term startegy . I see so many emotions , cursing and promises in the last few days . I am sure most of are short lived if they are not thought over and planned . I think it is time for the diaspora politicians to come up with well thought struggle plans which doesn’t ebb with the times .
    Peace to Ethiopia

  4. They have been doing that to each other when they were in the bush,it is inhuman and unheard of to most Ethiopians.But homosexuality is not new to TPLF.

  5. Satanic /sodomite woyane are know kidnapping people from the streets and raping them at will. they will rape everyone of you on street corners.
    I believe there are Andinet Chapters in the USA and Europe. It is our duty to bring this sort of treatment of people to the attention of the international community.
    It is unheared of to commit sexual assault and rape on any one for being member of an opposition party.
    The satanic woyane gujile is hitting the height of barbarism.

  6. Mr. writer, it is your responsibility to earn your freedom by your self. Do not beg tigrayans or any body to free you. tigrayans choose woyane over GOD long time ago and they do not have ear for you now. woyane is their god at the movement what ever the abomination its members do. The tigray people thinks the action is necessary for them to rule Ethiopia esp. Amara. The tigray people are ejnoying donated and plundered resources. why you think they help you, fool? sodome is becoming normal nowadays. Any way you have to know that woyane is a tigrayans god and melese is his angel. Freedom do not come free. And you can not get freedom by begging the people who getting pleasure by oppressing and rapping your ass. You have to join your likes and fight to the death. recenty one Andinet member said that he is ready to go to jail or get tortured. in other words he is preparing his ass for rape; but did not say he is ready to die. Unless the oppressed people have balls to stand up and fight until they take the last breath on this earth, they will not earn freedom.

  7. Mr. Kelemu makria,
    I do not blame EPRDF for Menilik’s,Haileselassie and mengestu’s shameful genocidal history, it is these Amhara dominated governments who destroyed Ethiopia, by targeting and killing oromos,Tigrean and Eritreans.

  8. To Kelemu Mekuria and others like you: What was committed on this individual is the representation of extreme hate against Ethiopians and specially against non TPLFites by Tigrian Security forces with planning and execution of the plan by top TPLF gangs, period. Will this group of killers (i,e corrupt and hate preacher woyanes) pay the price for this and all other atrocities they committing against the major ethnic groups in Ethiopia? YES offcourse, There shouldn’t be doubt about that. You should rather be worried about how the other innocent followers of this gang of minority group will scape the uprising by the oppressed majority.

  9. deport tigre males to Sanfransico, and the rest of us – the diasporas – will go back home … it is a win win……

  10. We are talking talking to much..This is the time for action..We know TPLF is leba organization. The time for debate is over. Now is the time for action.

  11. Kelemu, what goes around, comes around. You are an idiot moron. When are you going to listen the Ethiopian people? I don’t blame you because you are woyane made robot. These cruelty is going to end one day whether you like it or not. Don’t underestimate people. Learn from Gaddafi and other dictators.

    For the last 20 years we had written such lies and self deceptive propaganda, the truth is we can not defeat EPRDF through lies and endless propaganda, if we ought to defeat woyane we must speak the truth with honesty and reasonable logic to win the ears and hearts of the mass, if not then we should prepared to be ruled by EPRDF for very very very long time.

  13. Second time around is always better.
    I am departing to Ethiopia for my vacation, does anybody know the latest place to stay about ? three years ago I stayed at the new Sharaton, but I wanted to be some where different this time since I am travelling with my new wife. Last time I was in addis it was beautiful place, went back to Ethiopia after 24 years living in America, this time it will be different since I am also planning secure/buying vacation home in addis, please be kind need your input.
    Thank You!

  14. Dear fellow Ethiopians. TPLF has committed thousands of crimes against the people for decades. Let us not spend a second of our time debating with blind TPLF forces. I recommend action: Ethiopians all over are now organized in small groups with one and aim, to liberate the country from TPLF occupation. TPLF does not equal the people of Tigray. People of Tigray are used as a tool by TPLF. An inclusive action of targeted economic and self defense measures are starting to be taken. Furthermore, in every small US state ….we are in close contact with key US congressmen and lobby firms that are currently serving tplf thugs. TPLF will collapse within weeks the moment the US freezes it’s aid money. We doing have to fire a single bullet to bring down Tplf because it’s an org which is cannot stand on its own without the aid money. Currently, it’s an open secret there is a dangerous division within both the army and security services……..the action taken by the thugs is a reflection of the infighting within the security services. Few days ago…a top Tplf security official was killed in Tigray and more than 200 judges in Tigray has put forth their resignation….. Things are moving fast…let us keep an eye on the key Tplf thugs who are in the process of trying to leave Ethiopia with millions of dollars together with their family. Key top tplf thugs..,,have been seen sending their families off to the west on many Ethiopian airlines flights… The countdown has started and every tplf criminal who is left will face justice in the courts soon!

  15. Selam Surafel (Mamushe)
    First and for most, when I heard about Ato Abebe Akalue’s brutal and inhumane treatments by EPRDF policy, my heart was broken and I just could not believe how far they have gone.
    At the same time, you should not targeting Tigrean, in this case it makes you that you are part of EPRDF’s policy implementation. EPRDF is a collection of Tigrean, Orom, Amhara, Wellega etc. Should I say that the current PM Hailemariam is from that area and blame them, NO WAY. IT IS THE SYSTEM THAT WE HAVE TO OPPOSTE ALL TOGETHER.

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