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TPLF – East African Version of ISIS! – Mastewal Belete

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Mastewal Belete (Addis Ababa, [email protected])
I sympathize with the so called ISIS when I try to compare them with TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front), because, apparently, what these ISIS men are doing is absolutely incomparable with that of the evil acts the TPLF men have been committing here in Ethiopia especially for the past 25 years. My point of comparison is, of course, cruelty and immorality.[Mind you, ISIS kills once, in whatever cruel manner; but TPLF kills more than twice, in a cruelest manner, cruelty which is the first of its kind that could be registered by the Guinness Book of Records. I will display some of them later.]
Both bandit groups, TPLF and ISIS, have formed governments with the blessing of the Leader of this world. The contemporary Leader of this world, especially Planet Earth, is someone I know well, in my readings, of course. If you like, you can also know him well unless you block your head not to entertain such ordinary but most important knowledge. This knowledge needs only open-mindedness and an insatiate interest of exploration into this bloody Universe as much as possible. If you are a “victim” of the so called mainstream media, plus, if you are a man of only the five stupefying senses, please do not read this piece.
Let me call this Leader of the world “Mr. X”, here after “he” and the concomitant pronouns when necessary.
Actually, he is represented by humans whose influence in this world is by now has reached its peak. In fact, he is not a man, his carnal manifestations could be animals or man like us though. He is naturally spirit and stands for Negative Energy which is always opposed to Positive Energy. He solicits people to be his slaves and through various initiations, he recruits especially influential people from all countries and all walks of life irrespective of which is what; he has followers and worshipers from every ethnic and every race – white, black, and yellow. He is gluttonous. He craves to rule the Universe.
He makes people reach the highest peak of richness; the highest tower of power, be it religious or political. For the time being, he seems to be invincible worldwide. Yes, he is acting as our lord.
He has strong arms. IMF, World Bank, NATO, UN, AGOA, NAFTA, EU, US, AU, etc. are all his instruments through which he can enslave the poor citizens of this planet. No one has the right to emancipate the nearly eight billion population of the globe. No one! What a pity?
He enables his humanoid children to invent extremely sophisticated weapons so that he can reduce the population by at least 80% and form his own government. That government is known us “The New World Order” (Novus Ordo Seclorum). He has numerous achievements hitherto.
He knows how to control the world; he has millions of magnetic baits to attract his prey. His children are so smart, erudite, secretive, and intelligent, who can scientifically maneuver humans as they wish. So far, FYI, they have managed to launch the third world war and are doing their best to implement their plan of the aforementioned new world order. They began the job long ago through the “selected race” of humanity. As I mentioned here above, his children are clever and mentally superb. They have changed the shape of this world in a dramatic fashion especially in the last 50 years or so; the building-size computer is, for example, transformed into a level of palm-top. You can refer documents to realize how far these children of the Beast have been successful in science and technology particularly in the past couple of decades; look, for instance, the achievements of CERN which is found in Europe and the underground cities that are said to be found in Australia. These people of our “Leader” are wise enough to make you stupid and control your mind (MC) so that you get blind and ignorant of their mischievous acts. You don’t know what they feed you; neither do you know what they make you drink.…
TPLF is one of their tools used to destroy an historic site, ETHIOPIA, in East Africa. From conception to birth, the hands of these crooked creatures were with TPLF. They are the major architect of this satanic cabal, TPLF. Perhaps, they may not know that we know of this insincere long term plan of theirs; perhaps they despise us saying, “Ethiopians are backward and poor and illiterate.” But we understand their international agenda; we know even beyond as what will happen to them and to us in the near future. It seems they are people of much intellect, but practically they are ignorant with some secular knowledge of modernity, of course. Let’s understand the difference between the Flesh and the Soul.
TPLF and ISIS are the same facets of a coin minted by our BIG BROTHER, also known as UNCLE SAM. What did the so called civilized people from Europe and America say after Rwandans “victoriously” concluded their killing spree? Yea, they said, “We knew the genocide before it was started.” Then, why should they allow the genocide to happen while they could avoid it? It is obvious. Their Master, the Great Leader of this world needed the libation of the blood of those poor Tutsis and the dirtying of the karma of those crazy Hutus; killing two birds with a bullet. Believe me, they will be repaid. “There is no free lunch.”
The US knows what TPLF is doing in Ethiopia as she perfectly knows what ISIS is doing internationally. The breeding place of all evil acts is the Capitol or a place that the Capitol knows and funds as major sponsor. They have to appease their Master. Their Master to get appeased, he has to drink the blood of the innocent, gnaw the bone of the ill-fated, and spill the tear of millions. That is it. Simple equation: in order to reduce the population of the world, different techniques must be devised and implemented.
The ISIS’ responsibility is to destroy the status quo in the Middle East and beyond. The Syrian rebel factions are there to go ahead with the Russian and American interests and eradicate Syria along with her historic people and civilization. That is also the interest of the Big Brother(s). Boko Haram and the Tuaregs destroy the status quo in West and Central Africa. The FARC destroys the status quo in Latin America. The Taliban destroys the status quo in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The drug cartels destroy the mind of millions of people worldwide. The Hollywood inspired –woods like Nollywood, Bollywood, etc. demolish the moral and religious fabrics of the young generation everywhere on the planet. The music industries along with the alcoholic beverage industries deaden the brain of the youth anywhere so that they never demand their human and citizenship rights from puppet rulers. The poor quality of education especially in countries like US – controlled Ethiopia kill the current and future generations. Vandalism here, nihilism there. Hedonism there, another bad –ism here. Homosexuality here, lesbianism there. Atheism over there, Skepticism overe here. All sorts of satanic fruits are sowed worldwide by our Leader to sterilize the generations of every nation and make the tree of life completely barren.
The US sponsored ethnocentric conflicts here and there maim the cultural ties of people who used to live in love and peace. The US sponsored lab inventions of various illnesses such as HIV and AIDS and other countless viral and bacterial diseases are cleverly minimizing the population of the world. The seismic and climatic interventions of the US are doing their best in destabilizing the natural course of earthquakes and rains. The heartless tiger, the CIA, along with its sister intelligence “companies” all over the world, is let free to eradicate any living thing or non-living thing so long as it presumes the existence of that THING is a menace to the interest of our Leader, HE Mr. X.
Currently, the whip of our Leader, Honorable Mr. X, has chosen to severely scourge the Amharas in Ethiopia through his agent, the TPLF. The world knows that this Negative Energy, whose global representatives are by now politically and economically more active than ever, is using ISIS and similar satanic occults to terrorize the residents of this otherwise beautiful planet. The Amaharas of Ethiopia are hence the innocent targets of this arch enemy of the planet especially since the past 42 years.
You may ask why it is happening. In the first place, we should understand the fact that our Leader is fond of practicing evil deeds; he is evil and none other than evilness makes him happy. Besides, there are some secondary causes that could be attributed to him for the staunch interest he has on our elimination as a nation and as a people. Nevertheless, I do not want to go deeper into these geopolitical and religious aspects of our country to explain the secondary reasons that have been contributing a lot for the destruction of this beautiful country. As a matter of fact, you all may know that he is always disturbed in real religion and real pride of one’s nation. As a general truth, authentic religious connection with the Almighty GOD and the national pride one has to his nation could play a major role in attracting the wrath of Mr. X, our Honorable Leader, He is jealous. He is the greatest enemy of you and I….
TPLF is the most beloved child of this Leader of the world. As this world leader cannot survive without drinking blood, almost on daily basis, TPLF as well cannot stay even for an hour without drinking human blood. This is the stark reality. The CNN or the BBC never tells you this fact, because they are his fans and his sympathizers and his creations as well. Especially as of the last 10 months, hundreds of Amharas and Oromos are being massacred, thousands are imprisoned, tens of thousands are being internally displaced and evicted from their real estate and/or residential areas by TPLF in Oromo and Amhara regions, namely, Gondar and Gojam. This massacre is directly sponsored by our Leader. Truth be told, TPLF doesn’t even speak any word, offensive or pleasing, without his Father’s blessing. They are identical twins in terms of cruelty and sadistic nature. The Big Brother, Uncle Sam, is always there to give TPLF any help it desires. The fact that it is a representative of only 6% out of the total population of nearly 100 million people in the country has never made it refrain from doing anything it liked. Thanks to the blessing and the overall support of the Big Bro., leave alone acting, TPLFites have never hesitated to speak their mind in a vulgar manner. In Amharic we have a saying which goes like this in literal translation:- “A sheep who over-depends on her master leaves her tail out of the house at night.” I do believe that our Leader, Mr. X enjoys these words of his servant in East Africa, Ethiopia:-
Let’s see these samples which can be seen as the “golden words of the millennium” which are spoken by TPLFites, and, mind you, if anyone in any other nation spoke such ‘satanic verses’, Big Brothers would take them to The Hague.
The Party Program of TPLF – “Amhara is the enemy of Tigay and Tigrians.”
Meles Zenawi (the most pampered son of the Big Brothers) – “ I am proud of being born from your loins [to Tigrians]”, “ I would like to see all Amharas become beggars.” etc.
Siye Abraha – (former Chief of Staff) – “We have over-trodden the Amhara like a cigarette butt.”
Samora Yenus (the fake General of TPLF and the Head of the Army; he is said to be the stupidest of all TPLFites)) – “We have buried the Amhara and the Orthodox Church.”
Sibhat Nega (the kingmaker of TPLF) _ “We have dismantled the Amhara and their religion, the E.O.C)
Gebrekidan Desta (an arrogantly idiot TPLFite who claims to be historian) – “ The Amharas are chauvinists.”
Getachew Reda (the current Minister deta’t for State Communication or whatever they call it ) – “It is due to the failure of our party, TPLF, to stock the fire between the Oromo and the Amhara that the peaceful relationship and the concerted rebellion is flourishing; this shocking phenomenon shows that we didn’t do our homework (of making them fight with each other so that we stay in power forever, he means, in plain language.) .
Debretsion G/S (“We have an army that can destroy Africa leave alone 30 million Amharas.”)
Such satanic words of TPLF are infinite and this is well known by their masters too.
Very few of TPLF’s evil actions: (TPLF is fond of fire, I hope its horoscope is “Fire”.)
It set on fire purposely to burn so many forests in Ethiopia so that this country would change into desert when their time of leaving comes; it is inevitable too.
It usually sets fire on prisons whenever it needs to kill inmates. This is a new invention of this crooked junta. I have never heard of such cruelty hitherto; neither the ISIS now nor the Nazis and the Fascists before did such atrocity on citizens of this world, to whatever degree they might have been tyrant and ruthless. This group, TPLF first besieges the prison with snipers, then sends the arsonists, then the fire blows and the houses flare. Next, as natural and instinct it is to escape a danger; the targeted inmates try to run helter skelter to save their lives. This is very natural. Rather, if anyone doesn’t try to do this, s/he is not normal and should be institutionalized if by chance escaped the accident. But TPLF has made this tradition of stocking fire on purpose to kill in both ways extra-judicially. [I hope this means of untold human atrocity should be emulated and be served in the US and Europe too. It is a new invention of human suffering.]
It is currently engaged in mass killing in the Amhara region. Though the so called mainstream media is busy of reporting trifling news stuffs such as Clinton and Trump, which don’t have any sign of bloodshed, the Amhara people are being massacred for the simple reason that they demanded TPLF their human rights. And surprisingly, the so called International Community is observing in silence this tragedy as if it is blameless in world history to be unfolding in the near future. All will be responsible to what is happening now in Ethiopia, because most of the nations, especially the developed ones, are playing a role in supporting these children of Satan, the TPLFites.
I shall conclude in this manner: – My piece of writing may not be entertained on many of the sites I send to due to a number of reasons. But this doesn’t mean the truth remains hidden and all of us should bear in mind that the ones who have a role in dismantling ETHIOPIA and killing the INNOCENT citizens of this country will soon be retributed according to the severity of the impact they impose upon her. We are equally important to the GOD the Big Brothers scoff at. Our blood is not green or blue; it is red as theirs. After all, we are also His creatures with the same anatomical and behavioral traits. We have the same DNA and RNA formulae as human. Our body parts can fit theirs in time of necessity. Even though they look at us with contempt, we too have the same right of living in this world provided we respect the rights of others. All what they claim to have is acquired through time and with an exertion of unreserved effort, not inherited through blood. If they come to their senses, they would realize that they are wrong in many aspects. Nevertheless and eventually, both TPLF and their masters will leave this bloody planet in one way or another, and that time of tribulation is coming soon.
2 Corinthians 4:8-10 ESV / 231 helpful votes
We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair; persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed; always carrying in the body the death of Jesus, so that the life of Jesus may also be manifested in our bodies.
The following signs are the signs of our Big Brothers who are mistreating the majority and pandering their loved ones such as the TPLF all over the world.
Albert Einstein once said: “Two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity.”
NB. I used some internet sources to get the signs.