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 TPLF cracks as ADMF guerrillas keep leafleting Addis Ababa- By Getahune Bekele

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The Horn Times Newsletter 28 December 2015
By Getahune Bekele/South Africa.

Patriot Getnet Anagaw
Patriot Getnet Anagaw

Instituting widespread censorship, banning political activities, arresting and torturing or even executing political opponents in police-state Ethiopia didn’t bring some sort of respite to the homicidally insane and suicidally gloomy Tigre Peoples Liberation Front/TPLF top dogs who are ruling the impoverished nation with brutal iron fist. Instead, some newly formed guerrilla groups, yet to become full-fledge guerrilla combatants are taking the struggle for freedom to the doorsteps of the extremely nervous ruling elite in Addis Ababa.
Cowed by the month long disproportionate use of force against the ongoing anti land grab protest in the country, Opponents are hitting back, using the feared ideological bomb of propaganda, leafleting cities and towns across Ethiopia. Observers said the recent mass distribution of colourful leaflets in Addis Ababa by Eritrea-based rebel group; Patriotic Ginbot-7/PG7 has brought an endowment of shame upon the Tigre Peoples Liberation Front/TPLF’s intelligence apparatus led by arch terror guru, the impenitent killer Getachew Assefa.
“Simply breathtaking and death defying. Those who carried out this mission are the real daredevils with invincible spirits. Amhara Democratic Movement Force/ADMF is a little known contemporary guerrilla force operating independently in northern Ethiopia, but penetrating and infiltrating the heavily guarded Addis Ababa and leafleting it? Well, that is heart-warming to us who are longing for regime change. I am impressed especially seeing some leaflets and posters placed near puppet PM Hailemariam Desalegn’s office in Aratkilo.” A retired journalist who cannot be named for security reasons told the Horn Times.
“All major taxi ranks, bus terminals and busy intersections were awash with posters, letters and colourful pamphlets on Friday morning. We are touched by the massages. ADMF patriots didn’t advocate genocidal raids against the genocidal TPLF supporters or propagate vicious ethnic strife like the ruling Tigre Peoples Liberation Front/TPLF often does. I performed a bit of content analysis and the carefully worded leaflets reflected the political maturity of the ADMF leadership. Their political objective is very popular. Kings to them.” The elderly journalist added.
Amhara Democratic Movement Force/ADMF was established in the agriculture and livestock rich northern Amhara province of Gonder, otherwise known as Africa’s forgotten Palestine. Over the course of 25 years, Gonder lost almost half of its fertile farmland to the sub-state Tigray Republic and more than one million ethnic Tigres were resettled on Gondere land, forcibly removing the Amharas from areas of surplus to areas of scarcity. The story of Gonder under TPLF rule has been the story of the biggest unreported genocide of our time, according to an ADMF senior commander.
Speaking to this writer from secret location in north Gonder, the ADMF field commander said the Amharas who survived the 25 years systematic genocide are currently living in overcrowded shanty towns as farm labourers, surrounded by the homes of very wealthy Tigray settler farmers.
amhara“Tigre settlers are openly calling themselves Israelites while the subdued Amharas are referred to as Palestinians. Tigre settlers are well protected by heavily armed militia and the central government provides new arrivals with generous bank loans, free lessons on cattle herding, bee keeping and oil seed farming. Then what is produced by cheap slave labour on occupied Amhara land makes its way to international market via Port Sudan to Israel, China and Turkey. If you want proof of what i have just told you, please travel to the former Amhara towns of Humera, Abderafi,  KefitaHumera, Dansha, Metema or Bereket and see how they became ethnically homogenous Tigre exclusive towns. The entire ethnic cleansed and annexed land is no longer called northern Gonder. It is now officially western Tigray.” The commander stated, warning that failure to urgently investigate such blatant peace time holocaust and ethnic cleansing would lead to revenge attacks and encourages desperate Amhara slaves to take the law into their own hand.
“The brutal Tigray sub-state’s bestial degradation of the forgotten ethnic Amharas cannot be allowed to continue.” The commander added calling for the immediate arrest of former Tigray sub-state president Abbay Woldu and current foreign minister of Ethiopia- proper, Tewdros Adhanom, for the century’s yet to be exposed or investigated genocide and illegal annexation of Amhara land. We withheld the name of the commander for security reasons.
Furthermore, patriot Getnet Anagaw, another fearless sunshine patriot in charge of ADMF’s public relations confirmed to the Horn Times the leafleting of Addis Ababa on charismas day, 25 December 2015.
“We did it under the cover of darkness almost undetected, thanks to gallant ADMF urban gourrilla unit members and the people of Addis Ababa. The unpopular totalitarian junta’s massive security cluster has been outwitted. As you know, 25 years of peaceful resistance to effect regime change didn’t bring forth the desired result. Ethiopia has become the world’s unofficial apartheid state while we keep talking peace with trigger-happy regime. Time to change strategy, of course.” patriot Getnet told the Horn Times by phone from the white hot desert of Eritrea.
However, he ruled out utilizing military actions such as bombing key regime installations, sabotage and targeted assassinations of top TPLF war criminals in Addis Ababa.
“For now our main focus is saving Gonder through a mix of Mobile warfare and guerrilla warfare strategies. The illegal occupation of our ancestral land in Gonder and Wello must end now. Otherwise, we will make the coast of occupation of North Gonder unbearable and rural Gonder totally ungovernable to sub-state Tigray Republic. We have also a massive responsibility of defending our people from the continued cross border raids of Mehadi Jihadists of North Sudan. And please pass my message to our people here at home and abroad that ADMF guerrilla fighters need their help, both morale and material. Where there is will, there is always a way.” The likable rebel leader, Patriot Getnet Anagaw concluded.
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