To overcome the trouble that drives us to the Middle East let’s listen to an Oromo elder

By:Mulata Gudata
This article is not so much about what I wrote as it is for the most part one comment I fished out from a number of comments left by readers of my previous article under the heading: We,Oromos should rule Ethiopia until we get tired of it in zeHabesha web page at where it was opened to forums.
EthiopiaWhen I gave the article to zehabesha editors I thought of asking them not to open it to forum for fear of it attracting controversy since I touched on many issues in it. But I forgot to ask them, however, in light of how the readers’ comments came to pass, I said to myself thank God I forgot. Because apart from the usual Woyane thugs running riot in the page incognito using different names that sounds very much like one of us (the opposition), as they use names of towns, known places and other similar dirty tricks to look genuine in their futile attempt to impersonate us, I have not seen any major and meaningful criticism of what I raised in the article. Rather I felt honoured to get among my readers a great Oromo elder whom I should salute since I read his comment with awe and great sense of admiration.
I decided to reproduce it here for the benefit of my readers having copied the comment from its original place with few parts edited out for the sake of moderation besides breaking it down to paragraphs to simplify the reading job. I retained some of the sharp words aimed at some of our leaders because when it comes from our fathers like this man,we should listen to each and every word of it whether we like it or not in order to avoid the repetition of the grave mistakes we made by marginalising our elders following Derg’s usurpation of power in our country.

We all remember how the elderly men and women of wisdom,who knew better than anyone of us could claim to know when it comes to handling complicated socio-political affairs like ours with the wealth of life long experience under their belt,were not onlybrushed aside, dismissed and ignored but also targeted, detained and humiliated. They were insulted as reactionary forces, useless fat feudal and good for nothing bourgeoisie that had to be raided and robbed, dispossessed and destroyed. And what followed that is not only fresh in our memory today but also we are grappling to set right all the wrongs it left us in for the curse that descended upon us from that early time in the reign of Derghas not yetlet up.
I cannot wait to let you hear real history from the horse’s own moth – a pure life experience far from hearsay or just mere quotations from a history book, that should sober us into our senses to seriously think and ponder on our approach to our politics and the future of our country. I promise to return at the end of it to have my say about some of the contents. Please ‘meet’ the great elder, here you go:
Ittu Aba Farda
November 9, 2013 – 9:19 pm(Edit)
I read this extended article twice and found many of the author’s comments plausible. From what I have read about the modern history of Ethiopia (at least since the 17th century) Oromo persons and personalities have played recognizable leadership roles. You will find Oromo heritage when you scratch the genealogy of the last 3 emperors. Emperor Menelik was from Ankober and his leading generals were Oromos. Those generals were respected and looked at with awe throughout their lives. Everyone knows his father. Emperor Haile Selassie was a great-grandson of a red-blooded Oromo, Guddisa. That was not a Viking name. Gobena, Balcha, HabteGiorgis and many others were the king makers of their days. Oromos such as AbebeAregay have fought bitterly against the Fascist Italy in the 1930?s. JagamaKello is a living piece of history. All these individuals were not Puerto Ricans.
A lot of Oromo individuals with freelance leadership roles have played good and bad parts. I can tell one who I know myself from the local Oromo clan who used to be feared and hated more than any other government officials in the district for his corrupted way of governance until he was sacked by the Haile Selassie government and transferred to another area. That is my memory from the 1950?s and early 60?s. And when Somalia became independent he went there and declared himself as someone who stood for the rights of my proud Oromo people. The Shermarke government did not take comfort in him after finding out he was a former district official. He then returned to Ethiopia and was pardoned by the HSI government. But I remember how my entire clan was very apprehensive about him when he was in power and showed up in our village. Now going back to this article,
I read through the article without any major disagreement until I got to this. “Very much unlike you, Derg never ever tried to set communities against each other to remain in power at any cost for they knew full well that the people would remain together even long after the Derge regime.” Really? Or are you serious? Mengistu had used every trick in his game book to stay in power. He shattered the fabric of the society, the foundation of every community by pitching one family against the next door family even one family member against another member of the same family. He let millions starve to death.
He sent tens (possibly hundreds) of thousands of the cream of the crop to their gallows usually employing the most horrible methods of punishments without an iota of due course in courts. He killed until the last hour before he let loose and run to safety. He left a demoralized people behind stricken with debilitating psychological wound. His rampage and killings helped open a vacuum for a small ragtag and bigoted TPLF’s and EPLF’s to march into the capital unopposed.

Mengistu used every racist in his arsenal to plant the seeds of hatred in the country. I am not kidding you. Just ask some of these so-called ‘nationalist’ leaders, they will not be shy to tell you that they are the makes of the Senay Likes, BaaroTumsas, Jaras, and unheard of heroes they are nowadays busy reverse engineering. But be careful when you ask them questions about their Derg past. They get animated and bloodshot eyes in an instant. I have pulled such investigative questions on one or two of them before. I tell you it was not a conversation we concluded with a business note.
When I demonstrated in the streets of the Middle East in the 1960’s calling for the rights of my very proud Oromo people, I am a living witness to tell you that there were Amharas, Tigrayans, Eritreans, Hararis and others with me shouting slogans from the top of their lungs.
Many of them confronted the ruthless Mengistu regime for those rights and were sent to their deaths still shouting for rights of the people including my Oromo people. I will never walk on their sacred blood to denounce their entire nationality for what happened before their time. That is not my Oromo value. What I know now is that my Oromo people are conducting their own business in their language. Their children are taught in schools in their mother tongue. They do not need an interpreter when they need to go to courts. You don’t find a district governor in the Oromia region where my kin and kit live with a name AbebeShenkute.
They are all Oromos. But you better not say anything critical, no matter how mild it is about them. You will be toast in an instant. That raises questions of human and democratic rights devoid of any national characteristics. That is where I agree with you with your call to all groups in the opposition to come together in a viable united front to struggle peacefully for better governance. Lets all hope that day will come soon. Insha Allah!!!
First on Derg issues, I still choose to stand by my words as I also agree with this hero of mine for our difference only lies in technical concepts which I have to explain a little more. I completely agree with all the points raised in this comment about Derg but what makes the Woyanes worse than Derg when it comes to setting communities against each other is the fact that under Woyane government communities as a group are deliberately given incentives to that effectin terms of land and exclusive territorial control whereby in some places we even find a town divided between two communities in which case one community is given one side of a street complete with its police force while a different community controls the other side of the street.
The best example is Moyale town just on the Kenyan border as it is divide between Borana community on one side and the Garee community on the other, as well as  the conflict over ownership right of Hawassa city to mention just few. And this approach made the whole groups of communities to look at each other as enemies making the conflict that intermittently erupted out deadly and large scale compared to what was happening under Derg in which case we never had such open conflict between communities as groups encouraged by the government of the day. Under Derg dictatorship happened like anywhere in the world but under Woyanes, it has a slightly unique character unseen before due to its reckless tribal nature.
Apart from that we should hold Dergentirely responsible for what brought our country to where it stands today. The Derg regime had not only killed the brilliant young generation who stood up to question the regime but also the moral of the entire society by disorienting citizens as individuals were conditioned to celebrate handouts without questioning the source and the purpose of it all leaving crafty sophists to infest our social and political platforms marginalizing men and women of virtue.
Without any question the Derg government will go down in history as one of the most brutal dictators mankind has ever seen while obviously the Woyanes will also join Derg in their ownunique class for their ultra-tribal ideology that borders on racism, their treasonably unpatriotic sell-out of national interests and the kleptocracy of their rule, just to mention few.
With regards to the role of the Oromo people in our history I have nothing to say as our father has said it all with his own life experience since what we just read here touches upon times as far back as 1950s which leaves me to guess the age of this great elder to be in 70s and above. I wish I know this man as I only read his comments like anybody else but based on the facts he had put in front of us, I have this to say to my fellow Oromos:
When we know all this facts as told by one of ours, how can we justify our endeavor to whitewash our self from all our past wrongs as we know for sure that at least one Oromo person has taken active part in it? How wise is it for us to willfully surrender all the great things done by Oromo heroes and heroines in making our country what it was and what it is, as mentioned by our great father, when we could remain part and parcel of it all and work towards fixing the down side of it to be able to move on feeling proud?
One thing that stood out to strike me when I read our father’s comment is the phrase: “That is not my Oromo value,” For me this phrase speaks a volume.  As a society there are abstract possessions that we have which are simply invaluable and invisible, on which we cannot put any value that can satisfy us if we were to exchange for it. These are values God has given us in which we are made complete whole humans such that taking away any part of that amounts to disfigurement and mutilation of our physical body so much so that we all have to stand up in horror to defend it whenever it is threatened. Such values are so indispensable that one cannot afford to walk away from them and remain feeling the whole human being.
For me the Oromo peoples’ natural hospitability, friendliness and well meaning attitude which enables us to adopt somebody into our family as  ‘Gudfacha’, the word directly borrowed into Amharic, are what makes us complete humans which we should defend at any cost. Yes, we may say our hospitability has been abused and served to marginalize us and our cultural values but that does not justify any attempt to throw in the towel and give up on it. We should be able to guard it jealously by not only asking but also forcing others to respect it as we live with them. What we have is a typical value system which all mankind wishes to have as self image and project one’s self in it but few have it as innate and integral part of their nature which we do. We should be proud of that and make all the effort it takes to uphold it not abandonit only to degrade our self in the process.
What has happened in the past has happened at the time and age far beyond all of us here today, the best thing we should do is accept it all as collective guilt in which our ancestors have taken part literally from all sides of the divide and be able to say: as a society we don’t have problems living together that cannot be solved unless we run away from each other.  We have been together so close for so long no matter how we came to be. Removing the flaws associated with our unity and moving forward is the only sane and blessed thing to do.
For this we have Nelson Mandela’s South Africa to emulate and our next door neighbor Somali’s situation to avoid. Neither we can hide from history nor can we undo it. All we can do is stop living in the past and be willing to move forward making the best of what we have on the ground. In a nut shell, the solution to our social woes lies in a national reconciliation that can address both past and present grievances.United we stand divided we fall and we have fallen enough over the last two decades, time is now for us to change that course by being able to come together with tolerance and the desire to fix our socio-political issues amicably.
If the plight of our brothers and sisters in the barbaric Desert Kingdom does not move us what will ever move and prompt us into showing the will to come together and chart a way forward geared towards bringing to an end the suffering of our people and building the country that treats us all as equals under the supreme rule of the law? How long should the misery and humiliation of our people go on in the Middle East and back at home before we get moved and say enough is enough?
Folks, there is no time to waste, we got to do something sooner than later in order for us to march forward and bring a fundamental change to our country to enable our people to live like human beings with dignity in their country far from roaming a barren land only to be welcomed by humiliation, barbaric abuse and indignity never witnessed in our history.
The irony of it all is that the Saudis are welcomed to partake in our fertile land while our sisters and brothers are shipped into theirbarren land where only heartless demons should dowel not human beings.We have everything it takes to support our citizens on our soil but the mindless gang that leads our country enjoys seeing us the way we are seen in the Middle East today
It borders on treason and amounts to deliberate negligence and dereliction of our national obligation,in the face of this tragedy that shocked Ethiopians to the core all over the world, when we resist the call to galvanise our self into action by standing together when we know for sure that our unity is the best weapon in our arsenal that can help us to change the situation in our country without any delay to enable our sisters and brothers to live in their own home land with their heads held up, not down.
May God give us the heart, the light and the courage, Amen!!!


  1. 1. once again thank you very much
    2. It is good to know and let them know we know who is who from the content of their comments no matter what trick they try to use. I recommend the admin to reject any comment that condemns or put responssible any particular ethnic group to our present or past prroblems.
    3. I believe our problems are widened, complicated and sustained because our poleticians and elits who control every medrek are complatelly out of reach for the ealderly. Their phylosophy of life and defining problems, understanding their history is entirelly foreign based. It is high time to give ears to elderly citizens before we lose the chance. They are the organic factors that can help us connect the past with the future. Most of us who spent our youth in diaspora need to have considerable time spent with elderly people and let them speak the truth nothing but the truth. What I observed is some of the elderly who got the medrek speaks only the part that makes the organisers happy and right. But for sure the elders have seen a lot of good and bads.

  2. Dear writer:
    I tell you again and again. Be your self and write an article of what ever in your mind. You can not cheat any body except yourselves. You are not muleta gudeta, you are not oromo. Be your self and write your mind.
    Ever in history of ethiopia we never shared heros. Your hero Minilk, Haileslelse, Tewdros etc are our killers. The hero of tigre such as Ayalom araya, Yohannes IV etc has never been heros of amrha. The oromo names you have been calling are just servants of neftegna system. The oromos see Gobena, and others as servant and geltu to amhra rulling class . they are not different from servant of womyane such as Abba dula gemeda and kuma Demikesa. To day we are obserrving that G-7 , an infant organization is trying to play the card TPLF has played over oromian through kemal gelchu. Please dont wast your time. be your self and do a constructive dialogue with genioun and stratgic thinking

    • Caaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaa,
      If that is your name, my 65 years old mom who protested in the street of Addis over 40 years ago against the King is more analytical than you. You may have a western degree, but I found her to be wiser than you are who are trying to elongate the suffering of our people in the hands of tplf war lords. When she protested, the King was using a water hose to break the demonstration. Now, our Oromo and our other brothers are in jail, some of them severely tortured and some are killed. These days, you can not even protest on the street of our cities in Ethiopia for our dear fellow Ethiopians who are beaten, raped, and killed on the street of Saudi Arabia without being beaten and humiliated. All I am saying to you is, this civil right violations issues and injustices got progressively worse. Seeing all this, my mom is turning to her Bible for comfort these days. Since she is an Oromo by birth ( but a proud Ethiopian ), I always asked her why she fail to join the Oromo movement, you know the liberation front. Her answer blew me away. She said,’ you have two liberation fronts who won their so called freedom ( she meant tplf and EPLF ), non of them gave freedom for their people. I do not expect the third one to give freedom to my people”. Indeed! she is wise! Their is you answer. Sir, allign yourself with organizations who want to treat you as equal partner. DO NOT BE INSTRUMENT TO POSTPONE OUR FREEDOM. Let us save and keep our Ethiopia for the next generation.

    • @Caalaa
      The fact of the matter is that all OLF’s had accepted the deal Kama Galchu stands for. I read it posted on the official OLF website, in which they have claimed to have convinced the Abashas to accept Oromo rights. In fact they bragged about it as a victory, it is only the power struggle that made all the rest to jump out and start happy finger pointing, which is shameful. Ask others who noticed it if you did not your self.
      Please lets stop pouring corocodile tears in the name of the Oromo mass when all that is sought by few people like you, Summii Diina,Guyaasaa and the likesis power power, and only power.!!!

  3. It is such true and genuine history we need to listen. Not stories or legends hateful and unreasonable ones. Thank you for your thoughtful and considerable notes or drafts which are fantastic and also lovely ones. God bless you and your soul..thank you for also recalled me to not to respond to those devils….and I will comment on only what I see from my angle by being responsible and positive. thank you once again…

  4. This impostor’s got some basic problem which needs to be diagnosed. What do you want from us , Sir ? Go to Amhara camp and preach your garbage.

  5. Thank you Mulata for your contribution in building a better Ethiopia for all of us. I followed all your articles in this website. Let me tell my own belief (by the way i am Amhara but most of my families are married to Oromos). I used to work in one of the government agencies when eprdf took power and there was this British consultant in our organization who was a die hard supporter of woyane and we (myself and a friend of mine – who is from one of the minorities ethnic groups) always had dialog about Ethiopian politics with this Ferenj and he always used to say (especially for me b/c of my Amhara origin) you hate eprdf b/c Amharas are not controlling. In fact, one day he told me that currently power is shared uniformly and asked me what the ethnic group of the PM (he was referring Tamrat Layne) is, which i told him that i don’t know what Tamrat Layne’s ethnic group is. I told him further that one thing i believe is if we want to assign people based on ethnic group then the highest position must be given to an Oromo man who represent the majority and I really meant it. I said this b/c i knew that most of the politicians in Amhara region were not amharas and some of them were even Eritrean (you can site Bereket Simion and Helawi Yoseph). So this is the reality. Weyanes came and preached about ethnic equality and do the reverse. They did that only to divide us and not to solve our problems. I am happy that you raised the great man of our time (nelson Mandella) in your article. People why do you think Mandella become famous. It’s b/c he pardoned his masters (who made him slave in his own land). One thing we all can agree is that even if there was some kind of oppression on the different ethnic groups, but none of them can compare to what South Africans witnessed. Let me tell you a real story. I had a chance to be a friend with a South African black man and he told me how bad was Aparthied in South Africa. Black people used to live in their own location (by the way you can see that in South Africa even now) and work in white areas during the day. But at 4:00 in the day police blows a whistle to tell the blacks to leave the white towns in 30 minutes. Anyone found after 4:30 would be taken to jail and God knows what will happen to him after that. This what Mandella did. He said let’s forget all these and let’s move forward together. I am sure Ethiopians are politically maturity now and respect one another. So, we also need to forget the past and move together to build the great Ethiopia that we all will love.
    Once again thank you for taking this initiative to do your part to convince the leftist.
    God Bless You.
    Zeleke Belew

  6. i read ur wonderful articles with great enthusiasm and admiration about ur logical analysis and arguments and i said thanks to God and thought that still we do have real educated citizens who can look beyond their myophic self interest. our elites have been advocating hate among the inocent public who have no major problem to live together even in our rainy days like the current atrocities in Saudi. if we let the 90% mass to administer themselves and their country excluding the elite they would have managed/lead much better than what the so called elite have been doing. anyway the question of separation for the oromos could amounts to an insult. as u said u have been the pillar of the country and u r not a tiny part by any standard. keep it up. God bless u. God bless Ethiopia.

  7. If we consider those names mentioned really represent Oromo interest in past eras,we have more of them today than before and no need of opposing woyyanee junta. The Gobanaa, Abbebebe Aragay, qunse ( habtegiordis), Balcha and Jagamaa kelloo of past are the present day of Kumaa, Minase (Abbaa dulaa), Alemayoo, Baccaa , Nagasoo and the fake presedent. All of them are messenger of their respect lords not representative of oromo and their interest. All of those groups are collectively called Gobanas named after the person betray his people and side with Menlik. Your elder is one of the lower level Gobanas at H/Sellasie era.

  8. This seems that twentyfirst Aba bahre (the writer) invented himself so that he can envent yet another unity making histry. we say no to such mish mash
    If, we oromos want to lead ethiopia it will be not because of the teret teret you mentioned in your article, instead it will be on bases of true histry before and after the creation of modern ethiopia. so try to be yourself than fake identity to sobotage politics.

  9. Obbo Mulata:
    Thank you for noticing my comment. I tried to toss in my five cents worth comment in the dialogue with unabated hope that some day, sooner than later, mutual understanding and respect for each other will prevail. One of the most distracting and harmful phenomenon standing on the way of a united front is this culture of name calling and groundless accusation that have bedeviled us all during the last 40-50 years. Some of us have adopted such impudent way as a manifestation of being civilized or ‘highly’ educated. We choose to talk at random when we are supposed to listen. Just look at one of the commentators above. I don’t want to make him/her feel dignified by addressing him/her by name. This person seems to agree with me that the national question back home has been amicably answered when sounding worried by the efforts of certain opposition groups. ‘They are trying to take back our national victories’ we are being told. You see them now? These are miscreant elements who are exploiting the lack of human and democratic rights needed for modern ways of life. They are gripped with deep-seated hatred towards other ethnic groups who have nothing to do with the current lack of good governance. They summarily call an ethnic group neftegnas when they know very well that the system that sustained such elements is long gone since 1975. To them my very proud Oromo people have nothing to do with the Amharas, Somalis, Afars or with anyone else for that matter in the Horn of Africa. So what do these outright racist elements want? They daydream about carving out a territory to call it their fiefdom not caring what such behavior entails. Luckily, they are ideologically proven bankrupt. Once in a while they send one or two individuals to kill innocent civilians and tell us all ‘telling blows’ stories in their ‘manufactured’ military communiqués. If you try to add up all the military hardware they claim captured from the TPLF regime regime(not counting the hardware they captured from the Derg army), it will fill up the entire state of Minnesota and some. And that ‘Very Big Gun’ they have been telling me and other Oromos like me? What happened to it? ‘Very Big Gun’ like that can not just sit idle for such a long time ‘for the dew will rust them’. They insult freedom loving heroes such us Jagama Kello who was feared by the Italian fascist soldiers when we will know them as those who suddenly abandoned more than 10,000 Oromo youths in the middle of nowhere to the mercy of another bigoted group led by the late PM. They ran right back to the warm snug of their missionary sponsors. They attack literally everyone in their sights. Tactic and strategy? Forget about it!!! If these ‘know-it-alls’ are the only ones left in the universe, they will still be looking for someone or something to call names. If they can’t find someone, they will pick a fight with their own shadows!!! They call our innocent Amhara brothers and sisters ‘Neftegnas’ in derogatory terms and tones. If I as a black man who goes rampaging into uncontrollable rage when called the derogatory ‘N’ word by a Caucasian, it would make it just as wrong to call another white man the ‘H’ word. These are scabs that sprouted in our own very fertile political landscape. They are so underbred that they have been dissed and snubbed by more and more people of our community. They have been relegated to the confines of isolated talk-shops and speakeasies. They will remain so for indefinite future. Insha Allah!!!!

  10. “”””””Mulata”””””” and “”””””Ittu Abba Farda”””””” are entitled to their opinion. I believe that no one including myself has any issue with what they have to say. But they cannot use Oromo pseudo names to hide themselves behind. If they believe in what they say, there is no need to hide behind pseudo names. No Oromo name is opaque and strong enough to hide your true intentions. Their thoughts and writings unveil their true identities and intentions including whose interest they are attempting to represent here. It is all out there for everybody to see it in no unmistakable clarity.
    It does not matter what name you use, truly or falsely. What matters is the truth and what you think. We live in a very sophisticated world. It is getting harder and harder to hide yourself, your true self and your true intentions. The fact that “””””Mulata”””” and “””””Ittu Abba Farda””””” are trying to hide behind Oromo names is a testimony to how unsophisticated these two dudes are. It makes you wonder no matter how sophisticated this world has gotten, there live on her yet quite a few unsophisticated dudes. The moment you attack and denigrate the true Oromo heroes such as the entire leadership of the Oromo struggle for freedom, justice, equality and democracy including the martyred or alive OLF leaders, and praise the enemies and traitors of the Oromo people such as Gobanaa Daacee, Habte Giyoorgis Dinagdee and other galtuus, who you are would not be a mystery to anyone. Once you make those kinds of shameless statements, no amount of pseudo Oromo names can shield your true identity.
    Allow me to take the liberty to extend my sincere invitation to the ””””Mulata””””‘s and the “”””””Ittu Abba Farda””””””‘s to go to Oromiyaa and talk to as many Oromos as possible or, if possible, to the entire Oromo people. I guarantee you, you will find literally NO ONE whose praises Gobanaa Daacee, Habte Giyoorgis Dinagdee and other traitors. Mark my words – No one. On the other hand, the entire Oromo people admire and adore all the leaders of the Oromo struggle for freedom, dignity, equality, justice and democracy. This is an indisputable fact and the “””‘Mulata””””””‘s and the “””””Ittu Abba Farda”””””‘s have no choice but to accept and live with this stark reality. We Oromos are moving forward and our best days are ahead of us. The ””””Mulata””””””s, the “””””Ittu Abba Farda””””””‘s, and other negative forces cannot take us backward.
    We Oromos recognize that we have come a long way. We also understand quite well that the road ahead is long and arduous. We will keep our just struggle for freedom, dignity, equality, justice and democracy with even more resolve and perseverance. We will never entreat a permission, a license or a green light from anyone in order to struggle to regain our freedom on our land, Oromia. We need no seal of approval from any one to continue fighting for our freedom. We have never needed one before nor will we need one in the future. We will never apologize to anyone for being who we are first, namely, for being Oromos first. We will not solicit our God given inalienable rights from any one. We will regain what is ours no matter how long it takes and how bitter and hard the struggle gets.

    • Jamal
      It is sad that you readily dismiss these two real Oromo guys who are concerned about the negative and catastrophic impact our approach could needlessly have on our people and our country. It simply scares me to even to imagine a liberated Oromia under the leadership of the people like you who are boldly standing against the logical arguments laid down in the points raised by these two guys.
      As an Oromo person I dont need the freedom that will be lead by people like you for I can see that you sound educated but your approach is quite scaring and unpromising for Oromo people. You know we need freedom for the benefit of our larger community not for just having Kings that are not willing even to think of the pain of the people leave alone consider it.
      If it is the need for callous Kings who are not any where near being governed by reason, we are better off under the current ones. You sound completely unpromising what so ever. Nama angoo barbaduttu bayate qabssoo gara wolalchisse, kanaffu hala birraan yallun nuraa egama, maqqaa umata keenyan nagaduun hinga’a.

      • Obbo Jamal:
        I have been watching the seemingly civil discourse you tried to conduct with these two bigots. It did not take them too long to call you names. Now you know what I had to deal with such ‘know-it-all’ individuals. They call everyone who disagrees with them the same name they throw at you. In one encounter with someone who knows my family back home, they told him that I am a disguised neftegna. They told him to stay away from me. He knows my father and mother. I can name t least 12 generations on my mother’s Ittu Warra Babbu side and more than 12 generations on my father’s Ittu Warra Alga(Algee`) side. He laughed it off and ridiculed them. They have told me before not once but on several occasions that I should not befriend an Amhara, Tigrayan or anyone except what they call of cushitic blood because they would not be in my best interest. When they see me listening to Oromiffa songs by Hamelmal Abate, they told me she is a neo-neftegna and a daughter of a well known neftegna. Now you can’t even listen to Ali Birra any more. They told me he has submitted to the Woyanes and is a modern day Gobena, Mind you this man who is one of the most venerable artists of our time adored and revered by people of many ethnic groups here in the Diaspora and at home. And once before I mentioned about a new artist I found on youtube – Jaamboo Jootee. Oh boy!!! Did I provoke them!!! They told me his songs are excellent example of the Amhara domination because the melody of his songs are not genuine Oromiffa. You see it yourself here. They insult former Oromo freedom fighters like Jagama and Abebe Aregay. That is why I said these narrow minded bigots pick fight with anyone that crawls on this good earth including their own shadows. One qualification in which they excel is this art of name calling. I am not surprised. They were called Somali Abos, ENLF, OILF and many others I forgot. One of them below is telling us all that he and his mighty army are on the ‘final walk to freedom on that stretch on our long journey to freedom’. Praise Allah this is made and meant only for consumption when they rally at their ‘closed-to-all’ speakeasies.
        When I demanded an explanation about the killings of innocent civilians in Hararghe in the early 90’s, they first denied that it was their fighters who did it. Then they tried to justify it because those victims brought their sad fate on themselves. They are gripped with such deep-seated hatred toward other ethnic groups and if they have the chance they will descend upon innocent people all over again. That is why I believe they should be alienated and confined to their ever-narrowing talk-shops, Asmara retirement homes and missionary canteens. Allah has blessed me with a long life in my late 70’s and grandchildren. During this short sunset of my life, I want to say something that I believe will make our legendary harmonious life even stronger. That small village where I spent my early childhood was a community teeming with multi nationals when I left more than 65 years ago. Now thanks to the protégés of these bigots that small village has turned into a one-ethnic community. That saddens me and above all angers me. These narrow bigots are people devoid of any human compassion. That is why they were dropped like a hot potato by my own very compassionate Oromos.

  11. Nefte !!!
    Nefetegna !!means patriots ,freedom fighters , Nationalist etw

    , isn’t
    bad word buddy.
    if u go to North Shewa people calling each other like this way that means “we’re brave nation.

  12. Jamal,
    Thank you for raising your concerns regarding my comment. Your fear of living in a free Oromia is not completely unfounded. People who have become comfortable living under repression and slavery have a fear from freedom. You are not the first to raise this scepter of fear from freedom and I assure you, you won’t be the last. Your fear from freedom reminds one what happened when the Southern slaves were let go free as free men by President Abraham Lincoln in the 19th century. Quite a free of the Southern slaves refused to leave the plantations because that was the only world they knew. They were used to be born on the plantation, live on the plantation and die on the plantation. There was no world known to them outside the plantation. They were so comfortable with the slavery that they would fight anyone including some of their own who would try to free them from the comfort of slavery.
    One of the major obstacles of the emancipation struggle was convincing some of the slaves themselves that they could be free men as any body else. Some of the slaves did not know what was meant by freedom and what was meant to be free men. The number of slaves who chose to remain on the plantation for fear of freedom was not insignificant. They chose their slave masters over their own freedom.
    This happened to some of our fellow Africans as well during the liberation struggles from colonial rules. Some of our fellow Africans not only opted but also actively fought to stay under their colonial masters than be free and live free in a free land. They trusted their colonial masters more than they trusted their own fellow Africans and freedom fighters.
    The reason I tried to put Jamal’s fear from freedom in historical perspectives is to remind Jamal that you are not alone in this and your fear is not completely unfounded and unprecedented. I would like to assure Jamal also that when we get to the final stretch of our struggle for freedom, dignity, equality, justice and democracy and when we make that final walk to freedom on that final stretch on our long journey to freedom, your fear won’t be there anymore. We will hold your hand and help you take your final steps to freedom with your head held up.
    We Oromos understand very well that part of our struggle for freedom is allaying the concerns and fears of the weak among us and make them make that final journey to freedom. As we are getting closer and closer to the final stretch, we expect more and more of the likes of Jamal who come out and raise the scepter of fear from freedom. The closer you get to the final stretch of the long journey to freedom, those who have been sitting on the fence all along and those who have been skeptical of the success of the struggle for freedom start to come out and sound the alarm of a baseless and unfounded danger the freedom poses to them and the others. Nobody’s freedom is a threat to anyone. We should not fear freedom and the freedom of the others but instead we all have to join in and celebrate freedom. As humans we are free when we all are free or to put it differently, nobody is free until we all are free. The freedom of the Oromo people will be the anchor of freedom for all the peoples in the Horn of Africa and beyond. I would like to call upon all freedom loving people to join the Oromo people and stand together as we make this final journey to our freedom.

    • I wish you were not in this dialogue…you have no solution but screaming, as well you are not a human…it is you and individuals like you make our country backward…but I promise you you wont get anything and I will fight you until your stupid thought disappear and you will not even have a memory when you die you sick idiot…

    • endante aynet wusha malek mecheres alebet ke computer whala honeh wend timesilaleh bagegnih shintihin neber yemasilekikih….andte dedeb…lemanignawim yagenagnen…

    • @Guyyaasaa
      I dont go wasting that much energy here but I simply raise for you these questions:
      !)How do you expect to achieve the freedom you call for when we are more divided than ever before and the division is set to get worse than better?
      2) If it is as easy as you say and we are really united, why has it taken us this long to achieve it?
      3) For this long struggle where is a piece of territory under our control?
      4) How do you think you can achieve such a grand mission as dismantling Ethiopia when you have no a base in an immediate neighbor leave alone a one in Ethiopia?
      5) When all the countries around us do not support the dismantling of Ethiopia in the current global atmospher to which ours is more susceptible given its demographic and social complication, how realistic is your dream?
      Finally, personally I come from a poor family which is one of the poorest on earth, and all they need is not a king that comes to power in their name after their life is destroyed but all they need is life in freedom with their right respected as human beings.
      To achieve that we do not need to send our country into an abyss from where no one will ever hope to return. As Gudata has laid down in his articles both in the first one and in the second one which I have read repeatedly and found plausible and achievable, we can easily fix our system and restore diginity to our people. For that the poor people do not need to destroy the little life they barely manage.
      All it takes is all of us standing together with all stakeholders in our country and bring change that enables all of us to live as equals and be able to fight the common enemy which is poverty.
      I promise you, people like you are standing a grave danger of remaining alone in the cold, it is better you reconsider your stand and join the main stream where people from all over our country are going.

  13. “Mulata” and “Ittu Aba Farda” is the same person with different nick names. He/she is a frozen Neftegna who is trying to use the same old tactic as their forefathers. If you claim that you are an Oromo, then you are not different from the previous “Gobanas” and current OPDOs. What make you different from the current OPDO is that you want to serve the previous Abyssinian rulers. Briefly, you cannot fool Oromos we the same old maneuver.
    @Jamal: please keep writing in English. You are messing up our Qubee. Your Qubee is horrible. If you want to write in Afaan Oromo, please learn how to write in Qubee.

    • enae lanchi yemilew bemejemeria poletica kemawirat bednib erasishin mermri yemitekim neger wust gebitesh atichemaleki…lelaw…asfelagi kehone sewinetishin eskititeyi dires mekontetina megerfe tichialesh minalbat sew kehonish new gin set wusha nesh niftam…

    • @Ajaa’iba
      I refer you to what I wrote in response to one of your ilk.
      But I say, whether I write qubee correctly or not is besides the point for it is not the real substance as long as we can understand the message. I can either learn to improve it or use English as we do here and now.
      The main point should be on, why are we trying to push our people along the catastrophic path when we can fix our system easily by matching forward with all stakeholders? I say thanks to Gudata again I still read the two articles he wrote on how Oromo issues should be addressed including even how we can go to take power in our country if really power is a solution to our social problems which I believe it is not.
      Because the moment we have people like you who stand against reasons in power I fear our trouble will be triple fold. Any way we all are entitled to our dream, for reality will sort it out all with time. The good news is that people are coming together by ignoring side voices like yours, for our people have realised that such voices simply serve to distract us from doing the right thing and prolong the misery of our people.

      • Obbo Jamal:
        If you try to cleanse this person of his ill ways, I don’t think you have any success with it. He thinks You, Obbo Mulata and I are the same person. This does not just amuse us but it also angers Allah. He will answer to the Almighty sooner or later. You see, these bigoted narrow ethno-centrists are so marinated with a concoction of hatred toward other ethnic groups, they will not hesitate to do harm to so innocent people. They were lambasting with their hateful slogans ‘Death to Neftegnas’ throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. And then they ended up killing innocent farmers including infants and elderly people. If they have the chance to do it again, next time you and I will be included in their ‘kill’ shopping list. We will be way up on their list. These are lager lout elements desperate and will do/say anything to be noticed. If you hear one of them hurling the word ‘neftegna’ as insult/attack on others, assume he has the blood of those innocent farmers on his/her hand and must be deemed a murderer. Period.

  14. @Chala and the likes, I am always surprised by your stubborn behaviour. Who gave you the right to say someone is not oromo and another one is. Like jemal said you want every oromo to think like you and be a robot who doesn’t want to change his attitude. Your thinking that all oromos think like you is false. Do you remember what Mesles said in the 2005 election? After having seen that big demonstration he said “with this big support we don’t need to steal the election”. What he didn’t know is the human being when given a chance to analyse the reality and freedom he does something different from what others perceive him. So in oromia as well, when olf sympathasers are around what do you think the people want to say. Also when they are brainwashed like you what do you want them to say. Otherwise, do you think the great oromo people would take it 40 years to fight to get freedom while the minorities took power in just 15 years. No one wants to be led by people like you that tells them you’re not oromo if they think differently. Come of out of your dreams and change your way of thinking. Unless you’re are a young boy, you weren’t thinking like this before woyanes took power. So, go back in time and think critically and ask yourself this question “is it the right move to make this paradigm shift of thinking”.
    Anyway, I think we all had enough to hear about oppression and other stuff. It’s time to come together, forget our past and join hands. Let’s build a country that honors every body’s right.

  15. @Ittu Aba Farda;
    If indeed you are in your 70’s as you claim, most likely you are one of those who were licking the shoes of the then Emperor. No question that you are one of blood sucker Neftegnas or their servants. You will die with your Neftegna sentiment. I’m really happy that your are getting old and your days are numbered. I belong to the Qubee generation (in my mid 20’s) and have long way to keep fighting against the old Neftegnas like you and the current neo-neftegnas who toppled you.
    I hope you have a life insurance to cover for your funeral. No matter how long it takes, we will keep struggling until we achieve our ultimate goal, Independent Oromia. We will send you a spirit mail in hell (no question your past atrocities to oppressed people will put you in hell). Allahu Akuber!

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