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Tigreans in the Leadership of Amahara National Democratic Movement (ANDM)

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hilawi yosef

by Muse Abebe

One of the strategies devised by TPLF to colonise Ethiopia is forming satellite parties that represent major ethnic groups.

One of the satellite parties created by TPLF is the Amhara National Democratic Front (ANDM). Although the party is supposed to represent the Amhara people in the EPRDF coalition, most of the leadership are either Tigreans or their ethnic background is unknown.

Tracing the ethnic background of political leaders is not an important issue in democratic societies. Nevertheless, because the system structured by TPLF is entirely based on ethnicity, it is imperative to clarify the ethnical background of leaders in ANDM. Mainly, the ethnic background of former and current leaders of ANDM such as Tamirat Layne, Adddisu Leggesse and Tefera Walwa is far from clear. Most importantly, prominent figures with in the Amhara National Democratic Front ( ANDM) have Tigrean background. They are installed by TPLF to weaken the history and culture of the Amhara people. Some of the Tigres in ANDM include.

1. Kassa Tiklebirhan, speaker of the House of Federation-Tigre
2. Kebede chane, Minister of Trade-Tigre
3. Tadesse Kassa (a.k.a Tinkishu), president of Tiret and Ras Dashen Brewery
4. Genet Gebreegziabher, excutive committee member of ANDM and EPRDF
5. Meles Tilahun, Council Member of ANDM
6. Helawi Yosef , Ethiopia’s ambassador to Israel

How do we expect such personalities serve the interest of the Amhara people?