Tigrai Online’s hatemonger Mikael Abai unmasked – By Abebe Gellaw

Many have wondered who the publisher behind the divisive and hatemongering website called Tigrai Online is. In fact, it is important for anyone who ventures into the publishing business to have an established identity so that people would be able to hold him or her accountable for what he or she does. So the question has been legitimate.
Tigrai onlineAddis Voice can now reveal that the supremacist hatemonger hiding behind computer screens and spreading the tyranny and venoms of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He is none other than Mikael Abai, a resident of Denver, Colorado. Mikael Abai is a devout foot soldier of the TPLF, the ethno-fascist tyrannical group that is robbing, abusing, killing, jailing and torturing Ethiopians.
Like Aiga Forum’s Isayas Abaye, the supremacist Mikael Abai has one narration. “Ethiopia is progressing under the TPLF. Democracy and freedom is abundant but those who complain are ungrateful to TPLF’s “martyrs” of liberation. There are no human rights violations, but only criminals and terrorists are jailed and punished. Corruption? What corruption? There is none! Some junior officials are the culprits, not the high priests of the TPLF. Anyone who writes and speaks out against the brutal tyranny of the TPLF must be out of his senses….
“Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Oakland Institute, the Committee to Protest Journalists, the U.S. State Department, Genocide Watch…are all liars and racists that cannot see the reality on the ground. Those journalists, activists and dissidents in jails or in exile are all terrorists and criminals. Ethiopian Muslims that demand respect for religious rights are extremists and fanatic followers of Osama Bin Laden. Everyone must keep quite.” Such are the naked lies and propaganda that the supremacist hatemongers at Aiga Forum and Tigrai Online are trying to feed their online customers daily.
The lead article Mikael Abai posted this week is titled: “The Danger of Multi-Party Democracy and Free Elections in Plural [sic] Societies.” The message is that Ethiopia is not ready for democracy yet. That is fair enough. The author is none other than the serial plagiarist Tesfaye Habisso, whose plagiarism was exposed as bad as TPLF’s 99.6 percent election fraud. Mikael’s Tigrai Online serves as a clearing house for TPLF’s lies and propaganda and bogus writers like Habisso. In fact, the writers that grace the pages of Tigrai Online rarely use their real names, save the Tesfaye Habisso and a few others. The majority don’t even have the confidence to stand up defend what they spublish in public.

Mikael and Isayas Abaye are currently preoccupied with three visible tasks. The first and the most important one is still selling the late dictator Meles Zenawi as the “great visionary” leader. His brutality and ruthless must have been his angelic qualities. The second task is campaigning against Congressman Christopher Chris. They are asking Tigrians to sign a ridiculous petition demanding the Honorable Congressman to stop the “anti-Ethiopian” bill that never exists.
“Honorable Congressman,” the petition says. “Democracy and human rights in Ethiopia, or anywhere else, can only be nurtured and strengthened through constructive dialogue between political parties, civil society and the participation of all citizens of the country. It cannot be imposed by violence and terrorism, nor [sic] by imposition from outside,” it says in a bid to deceptively teach the Congressman on issues he is very familiar with.
The third campaign is selling another hatemonger called Gebrekidan Desta, who is trying to distort history in a bid to justify the “superiority” and domination of the TPLF on the rest of Ethiopia.
We will have more to say on these TPLF’s purveyors of tyranny and criminality. Stay tuned!


  1. So what is the big issue here? Should hatemongering be considered as the sole property of aiga and Tigray online? Hell no! The author himself is part of it. Look at what he said “They are asking Tigrians to sign a ridiculous petition demanding the Honorable Congressman to stop….”. I have cross checked at what these sites and found nothing that says “tigrians”. The petition rather says Ethiopians. So my point is please Mr Abebe clean your mess first before you point your finger to others. Yaltetsafe anbabi yilutal endih new!

  2. Abebe Gelaw,
    Your voice is much needed. Especially on the cultish website called nazret.com who are stooges behind the screen.

  3. Reality is an animal no one can run from. It is there and only those who close their eyes to escape this can talk nonsense.
    Abebe as usual has his facts clear and accurate. To the agents of TPLF, anyone who breaths Ethiopian is an enemy. I wonder how long they think they can stay on this road!
    It is one thing to defend Tigrai Ethiopians and it is completely another to defend TPLF. They way they want to frame the people who speak against TPLF as speakers of anti-Tigrai is going to backfire on them. Yes TPLF agents would like all Ethiopians to rise against Tigrains but this will not happen. The issue here is: Is the work of TPLF making the Ethiopian people hate Tigrains? Yes it is. Then what shall we do to reverse this trend?
    As most of our relatives in Tograi are gullible to the preaching of TPLF, so will the rest of Ethiopians be to the preaching of those who are victims of TPLF – in fact themselves. The only correct way to address this issue is to rise all Ethiopians in unison against TPLF and its agents.
    Those who write in favor of TPLF are TPLF themselves, so they do not count. What the Ethiopian people want is for Tigrains to rise with the rest of their brothers and sisters against TPLF. That is the only way to save the Tigrains of tomorrow.

  4. At least Aiga Forum and Tigrai Online post some trustworthy articles and publications. However, the majority of the so called “opposition websites” post inflamatory articles that has no base and truthfulness. I can say ” they are not worth of my time” even looking at them. God bless Ethiopia!

    • Mr. Dawit, you call aiga form and tigrai online trustworthy? They are the duplication of ETV. You say God bless Ethiopia, while you tell us the trustworthiness of tigrai online. You see they don’t go along. It is contradictory. For you guys (tplfites) it is Tigrai that is Ethiopia. For us Tigrai is a part of Ethiopia. You see while you tplfs are on power, all other bihers are not allowed to live or to trade anywhere else in Ethiopia, but only in there so called killil. You tplf guys are allowed to take any land in Ethiopia by displacing any biher. Can we call this feudalism? To hell with your biher bihereseb!

  5. What are you trying to convey, ABC? What else could those poisonous TPLF cadres (not all Tigres) could refer to themselves to sell out their flavored poison other than referring themselves as Ethiopians (Yes they are Ethiopians in deed but they don’t represent Ethiopia and no one has given the such delegation to represent the Ethiopian People other than their gun, which is quickly running short of ammunition!!!!)
    You cannot fool anyone but try to live in denial and delusion. You will pay heavily the price for all your wrong doings –it is just a matter of time. In order to salvage your self and your likes, get away from your decaying mentality of ethnocentrism and savagery.

  6. Dear Abebe Gelaw,
    I have to be honest with you; the problem we have is a general. The problem is not only Tigraionline. Weather you agree with me or not, you are a part and a parcel of the hate politics; you are a hatemonger too. I know you think you are perfect and you only demonize others. This is a big problem we have among ourselves. I am not pro Tigraionline, I am permanently banned from the website for three years now because I speak truth and truth is not acceptable among Ethiopians. I do not hide behind PC; this is my real name. I fear no one on earth and under the sun.
    There is nothing that can scare me except God; I must tell you people like you and Tigraionline are on the same boat. You are not any better brother. Demonizing others, robbing the dignity of others cannot make you hero or a good leader. I have to tell you are immature; you can not build or lead 94 million people in this way. You must ideology or principle of moral obligation to respect others instead of campaigning with sheer defaming, demonizing, character assassinationg people. Brother Abebe you must understand other people also have feeling like you. Why you expect everyone to be like you? you must focus on the on the problems on people character assassination. I am fouling all your campaign brother Abebe Gelaw. You must understand you making it hard for yourself. Those people have supporters like you. You can struggle for good by demonizing, abusing, defaming, character assassinating people. How are you going to bring people together as politician to solve Ethiopian problem? Are you claiming you are better than Tigraionline? no, you are the same. Both of you are not grown up. Abebe you better leave politics for other people.
    I am against EPRDF but I do not want my country to be ruled by any bill or law from the white house. If you are lobbying for Smith to make law for Ethiopia? Then you are a modern banda , modern Gugus Haileslassie. I would not allow United state to make law for my country.

    • Mr Hailemicheal, what always makes me mad is when Woyanes and their supporters pretend to be religious by calling almighty God now and again whilst they are honouring the butcher Meles Zenawi. I am ashamed of those Pentecostals and orthodox followers who praises criminal Meles. You said Ethiopians donot need a new bill or law adopted from US senator. When your government is receiving aid on regular basis it doesn’t bother you of losing national pride but when day light robbers and human right abusers are becoming under international scrutiny it would be taken by woyanes as invasion of national integrity. Abebe is not the kind of person you described. For us he is our hero who has eliminated the grand monster with out firing a bullet,more over he is a true ethiopian advocating any motions for justice and human rights in the current apartheid ruled Ethiopia. You people are toxic and exceptionally greedy. I wish to see the demise of TPLF and the reaction of the people of Ethiopia towards emerging cities,dams,factories and infrastructures of Tigray built by the wealth of the poor people of Ethiopia.

  7. ABC:- To answer your question “So what is the big issue here?” The big issue is that the person in question, Mikael Abai is a hired hit man (so to speak) of the dectatorial Woyane group in Ethiopia. I have not seen anything constructive for Ethiopia and Ethiopians as a hole come out of his articles. His articles are rather narrowly focused on the fictitious achievments of the Woyane group. Pay attention I said the “Woyane Group”. I did not say TPLF or government because what we have in power in Ethiopia right now is not a party or government, it is rather a collection of people that have common interest. Which is to stick to power as long as they can by any means possible and Mikael is one their hired spokesman. As we know Woyane has no power outside Ethiopia and most of their “supporters” are bought by money. That is why they are alway hiding their identity.

    • @YMB: although I doubt the claim of ‘a hired hit man’, I generally agree to most of what you said. I regularly visit many Ethiopian websites, including tigraionline. Like you said, their posts are too ethnic. People at tigraionline dont even consider there are tigreans who oppose to the ruling party.they even consider them as banda. Having said this, I dont see Mr Abebe is any different. As a political elite he must have focused on the broader Ethiopian issue than the usual personal attack and character assassination. So my point is It is not exaguration to say that Mr Abebe is part of the hate politics.

  8. The Habesha, your comment field is not editable. I did some spelling mistakes but can not get edited. Please make your comment editable by comment field area. You can do this:
    Go view –> source–> get the source code of any website and cut paste it to your website from there and then your website will be editable,

  9. Thank you so much Abe. You are the true voice for the voiceless people of Ethiopian. Let these hatemongers find no hiding place. Grateful to you for dismantling that tyrant. Keep the candles alight.

  10. Abebe Gelaw does not like other people to have different beliefs, views, philosophy or ideology than him. He wants everyone to listen to him? All the 94 million Ethiopian people must become only Abebe Gelaw? Mr. Abebe is saying why Tigraionline say like this? why Habisso say like this? These people can not use their brain? They must use Mr. Abebe’s brain? Democracy means = Mr. Abebe Gelaw only? Instead of using reasons to win the heart and the minds of people? Mr. Abebe uses intimidation, defamation, character assassination tactic which I believe will not get him anywhere.
    People you can not solve problem by hatred or by force or by being racist. No one is entitled to be racist or ethnicist? no one is entitled to rob people dignity or right. Even criminals have rights. Mr. Abebe you will never make me your fan by being a character assassinator or a defamor or a blasphemer. Abebe Gelaw + Michael Abai both dictators in their capacity. I hope you will assume leadership more than you have. Life could be worse.

    • real revolition is coming from inside you people from outside try to bring change and none of you are agreed to one topic every one seems to know better than the other creating problems with no solution ,monologue instead of dialogue and with the language”English” instead of “Amharic.oromo,Tigrigna or etc…” have a mercy ! and Ethiopia will get cure by her childrens who are always there in good or bad times and by the power of the almighty .time will show tha truth will overstand all lies and we will see a lot of faces getting green red or yellow !

  11. Gezaee, What are you talking about? Are you trying to compare a freedom fighter with a mouth piece of fascist Weyenes? Abebe Gellaw is the voice of the oppressed people of Ethiopia. He has already won our hearts and minds. Dil Le Ehiopia. Bravo Abe the brave heart.

  12. Dear Abebe,
    I agree with the idea of Gezaee.everybody has entitled with his own opinion that is the way of democracy work.please respect others opinion too.

  13. Gezaee.
    It is funny to read how hard Gezaee is trying to sell his unsellable point here.Abebe is in a different league as opposed to you and your new friend Dawit of awramba times.I met Abebe in Norway in may last year and I have the utmost respect for his humility and thoutfulness for everyone regardless of etmicity,but he is merciless against TPLF.Woyanes come in diffrent colour like Gezaee and we have to watch out.

  14. To ABC, Dawit, and Gezaee,
    There are some points that everyone can see and agree with (or agree to disagree)
    1. What Tigrai online and aigaforum are doing is attempting to brainwash their readers by engaging in false propaganda. In today’s Ethiopia one ethnic group is trying to be in control of every thing from politics and business to religion.
    2. TPLF is trying to use its power to treat Tigraians differently than everybody else. You can have high government positions, trading privileges, tax-free privileges, and intimidating privileges on everybody else.
    3. Ethiopians agree when the people of Tigrai said that they were oppressed by the Derg, but they never expected that a more cruel derg will come back to haunt them in the name of TPLF. You became very greedy and you don’t want to share anything, and this eventually bring your fall.
    4. You think that you can fool people and tell us whatever you wish and we will believe you, what you don’t understand is we are living the life everyday, people are discriminated against, the country is being looted, and you are taking an advantage of your positions to loot everything of value.
    5. Agents (cadres) inside the country and outside the country are labeling people when they oppose tyranny of the TPLF and ethnic discrimination on every Ethiopian except Tigrians.
    6. Europeans say “What makes me mad is not the fact that you are trying to deceive me, but the idea you have in your mind that I will believe YOU’ Why are you trying to lie to us when we know the facts and live the life everyday?
    7. Why do you lie on your asylum applications as if you have a threat on your life and come back and try to convince us that everything is alright? If it is why don’t you go back and enjoy it there (I am sure if not for your mission you might enjoy there more than here)
    When people oppose you, try to reason with them and don’t say that this is hatred. How can you believe that what TPLF is doing is right? Don’t you have conscious? Do you think you can fool people forever? Why don’t you learn the act of governing for 22 years? Why should Ethiopian politics be the winner takes it all and the only way you can have justice is by defeating your oppressor? You know, you can’t kill a cat by closing all windows and doors, because when it doesn’t have a choice, it will jump to attack you, this is what you are doing, and I don’t think the end will be as beautiful as you wished it, it can get ugly, VERY UGLY!!

  15. Gezaee,
    There is something boiling in me as I see the photo of the TPLF guy who is behind the so-called Tigrai online. I am not opposed to his web site, but I am opposed to his view of what Ethiopia really is. Meles Zenawi had classified the Ethiopian women inot two groups: those who produce the “golden race” as separate from the rest of Ethiopian women. The media outlets who disseminate these kinds of hate propaganda cannot be spared of the same attitude. Hate is not the monopoly of TPLF and the Tigreans who support them alone. The rest of the Ethiopian people should not have paid for the hate propaganda that the TPLF spread, but we are paying for it. Today Tigreans are benefiting because the TPLF is paying back “for their sacrifice” while reducing the rest of Ethiopia to parasites on the benevolence of TPLF. Is it any wonder that we hate to be ruled by a minority government? Who likes to governed by another body without the consent of the ruled? You are well aware that no economic development can make up for the humiliation that the rest of the Ethiopian people are going through. Remember that Italy constructed many roads that we are using today, but people revolted against the rulers inspite of th economic development. Those media controlled by the TPLF are reducing us into small kids who would be tricked by sugar coated poisons.

  16. Thank You Honorable Abebe Gelaw for exposing theses idiots banda to the Ethiopian people. You work so hard for the interest of all Ethiopian, You already won the heart and the mind of all the people. That is why you got elected Man of the Year.These Banda dogs such
    as Michel Abe are paid so much money to run a propganda machine.Their days numbered.We have more problems today anybody can imagine.

  17. Abebe gelaw one of the best detective in the planet please do not publish this silly staff we know him he is EPRDF agent so what? there is hunderds of oppostion agent in US come up with bold issue men

  18. thank you abebe gelaw for exposing this idiot racist individual who has been promoting hate and genocide against non-tigrian ethiopians and indeed we will provide you every single items that are documented by us and we should bring this idiot racist dude to justice here in the USA and thank you lord we live in a freedom country called USA…not ethiopia where a few tigrians TPLF criminals are above the law and killing and torturing everyone who is oposing thier tribal criminal dogma

  19. The man that shouted Freedom is against freedom of speech by others. There are hundreds of websites including yours that makes their agenda to fabricate lies against the current government and Mr”man of the year” “Patriot” is gunning for supporters of the current government. If these clowns want to sensor a website just because it doesn’t have the same view like them,imagine what they would do if they were given power. ??

  20. Bini, You deliberately don’t get it. People like Mikael Abai make dictatorship possible. But they have to do it in the open. They must be known. Abebe has liberated this man from shooting from the dark to the sunlight. Wonderful Abe!

  21. The big problem here isn’t Abe or the man behind tigrai online, the problem I think is why the people of Tigray, Tigray the people where the honorable Ras Alula Aba Nega was born, couldn’t understand Ethiopia is invaded by Eritireians!!! Unless all Ethiopian’s realize that we are under invasion by the Shavia and come together to defeat and remove the Shavie out of our country We will not have peace at all! Please think about that and forget the rest!!!

  22. I agree with Abebe these websites are pretending as if they represent Tigray. They may represent TPLF, but not the people of Tigray. Aiga and Tirayonline are both the mouth piece of the mafia Shaebian wing of TPLF. Thank you Abebe for disclosing who they are. People of Ethiopia will prevail and the mafia group will demise.

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