Three people killed when abandoned bomb explodes in Addis Ababa

December 20,  2020

Three people were killed when an abandoned bomb exploded in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Sunday, a state news agency reported.

The incident happened in the Lideta area near the centre of the capital, Ethiopia News Agency reported, adding the explosion killed three homeless people and injured five others.

The explosion occurred amid a six-week conflict in northern Tigray region between federal forces and a rebellious force there, but there was no indication it was linked to that.

“An investigation regarding the explosion is now going on and the public will be informed once the investigation is completed,” the agency reported.

There have been several small bomb explosions in Addis Ababa since the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an offensive against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the rebellious former rulers in Tigray, on Nov 4.

Federal police have blamed some of the explosions on TPLF, but have not provided evidence to back up their claims.

The Ethiopian government captured Tigray’s capital Mekelle on Nov. 28. TPLF leaders, possibly hiding in surrounding mountains since then, had said they were fighting back. Reuters has not been able to reach them for comment for more than a week.

^^^Reporting by Addis Ababa NewsroomWriting by Elias BiryabaremaEditing by Frances Kerry


  1. please donot tell if amhara died I am tired of this news .amahars are killed always

    yemisrach le telatochachin atingeru bakachuh

  2. In the last three years within Addis Ababa where building homes is made easier by PP Party Adanech Abebe / Takele Uma the home builders not required to go through any governmental bureaucracy of applying and getting permits to acquire lands or build homes it is highly unlikely for anyone to choose to lead a life as a homeless sleeping outside in bomb and disease infested streets of Addis Ababa. That is why I suspect the so called homeless individuals are not from Addis Ababa instead most probably they were violent extremist insurgents who died fighting in the war against the Addis Ababa residents or Balderas.

    Whether the people received Condo or not, Addis Ababa’s residents got homes they built, there are few mentally disabled people who are still homeless besides those mentally disabled noone is homeless.

  3. Such sad incidents are not uncommon. It happens everywhere including here in the west. I remember when I was a young boy when one day the local police chief summoned all of us to warn us about the danger of strewn grenades. After the Italians were overrun by Liberation forces the hastily withdrawing occupying soldiers were dumping ammunition everywhere they could. Most of the Italian soldiers that were stationed along the old railway line at towns like Bike, Afdem, Mieso Asabot, Kora and Bordode were Dubat Somali regiments and their commanders were the notorious Albanian officers. Those Somali soldiers were former farmers in their country before they were deceived into joining Graziani. So when these Somali soldiers found out that the tide was turning they just tossed away their guns including hand grenades in every bushes and shrubs in the area. Most of them asked to be repatriated and the late Emperor did so. But many of them chose to stay put and just melted into the pot of the local populace as farmers. I grew up with some of their children. So one time kids at Kora found something that looked like a toy and started tinkering with it. It went off and one child was killed and others badly wounded. Then the governor ordered the police to scour the area thoroughly and gather such dangerous explosives. The police in our found some laying around inside thick shrubs. The chief showed us what it looked like and told not to touch it or pick it up but to tell his soldiers or our parents. What was more worrisome to our parents was some of those toy looking objects could be canisters of lethal chemical explosives the Italians used during the war. Later on when a family was constructing a house found a huge metal box buried shallow in the ground. They called police and had to be removed carefully. They found several hand grenades and even disassembled machine guns. Then decades later a huge stash of weapons and human remains were found by a river side during a major road construction. Those human skeletons were believed to be those who dug up the hole. Those fascist soldiers believed they will return soon and those weapons would be waiting for them when they came back. But they did not want anyone except them to know where they had stashed them. So after the laborers they brought from faraway places(it was believed to be captured freedom fighters) finished preparing the hole they were shot on the spot and buried on the side of the weapons. I believe such sad incidents could have happened in other places of the country after the Italians were driven out. It is reported that similar danger is present now throughout Tigray since the goons have been running for their lives in every direction tossing away dangerous explosives. It has nothing to do with the capability or inefficiency of the government. The government has proven itself beyond the benefit of the doubt that it has its mojo working like a well oiled machine when it comes to shattering away the goons at the top echelons of the TPLF. Shane and those criminal gangs in Gumuz will be next. Already in Afar and Somali regions you can hear a pin drop. My merchant relatives have reconnected with their Somali counterparts conducting business like a gang buster. The same goes with their Afar partners. I can tell you where you can buy the coveted Afar butter y’all. Bigots! Eat your hearts out. Better yet, set yourself alight! Or better yet find a high rise building, go up at least to the 14th floor and jump down to your assured death. Everyone would meditate with hummmmmmmmmmmm! Good riddance!!!!!

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