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Three people killed when abandoned bomb explodes in Addis Ababa

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December 20,  2020

addis ababa 1Three people were killed when an abandoned bomb exploded in Ethiopia’s capital Addis Ababa on Sunday, a state news agency reported.

The incident happened in the Lideta area near the centre of the capital, Ethiopia News Agency reported, adding the explosion killed three homeless people and injured five others.

The explosion occurred amid a six-week conflict in northern Tigray region between federal forces and a rebellious force there, but there was no indication it was linked to that.

“An investigation regarding the explosion is now going on and the public will be informed once the investigation is completed,” the agency reported.

There have been several small bomb explosions in Addis Ababa since the government of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed launched an offensive against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), the rebellious former rulers in Tigray, on Nov 4.

Federal police have blamed some of the explosions on TPLF, but have not provided evidence to back up their claims.

The Ethiopian government captured Tigray’s capital Mekelle on Nov. 28. TPLF leaders, possibly hiding in surrounding mountains since then, had said they were fighting back. Reuters has not been able to reach them for comment for more than a week.

^^^Reporting by Addis Ababa NewsroomWriting by Elias BiryabaremaEditing by Frances Kerry