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This World is Led by Immoral Scoundrels

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 By         Meskelu Ayele
The translator’s note – I would like to thank Meskelu Ayele, an outstanding writer on opposition websites in recent times, for his amazingly superb, timely, and brief piece of writing he made us read this morning. I am really wordless to express my gratification during and after my reading of his piece. He concisely reminded me of my almost ‘agelong’ readings on the subject he directly mentioned and indirectly alluded in his short and precise message.  I also tried to imply this subject of world leaders in my recent letter entitled “WHO is falling headlong into the Abyss of Decadence?” which was posted on many websites.
I would like to confess that it was too difficult for me to translate his title, which goes like this in Amharic,  “ዓለም የሚመራው  በለየላቸው ማጅራት መችዎች ነው”. I understand the testing occasions of professional translators, not amateurs like me, in conveying the original message of people from one language to another. It is practically very difficult, for languages are not related only with words of the languages. It is vitally important to know the psychology, the culture, the tradition, etc. of the linguistic family to properly translate. I, for example, was very much bothered to translate”ማጅራት መችዎች” and “መናጆ” into English and I went to the extent of asking one white person whose mother tongue is English. He told me to use ‘loot’ or ‘pilferer’; nevertheless, I was not satisfied with these words, too. On the other hand, Meskelu’s hidden point is not referring, I believe, only looting or pilfering materials. It rather focuses on immorality and beyond that. Otherwise, Bill Gates or thousands of others who are billionaires currently are going to be looters and/or pilferers. I guess they are not, at least now. They do not have any material or financial problem though material satisfaction is endlessly infinite. Their main hidden agenda is to divert the moral status of the people of the world to the standard of their great master whose source of happiness is human sacrifice and pyrrhic destruction.  …  Now let me take you to the translation.
George Bush [Sr.] and Tony Blair had killed [were the reasons for the killing of] about 1.2 million people in Iraq. The number of victims goes up exponentially if we consider the overall calculation of casualties, internally displaced people, and those exposed to the ugliest life of refugee camps anywhere in Middle East or Europe. This public secret is well known by the Security Council of the UN as well after a committee of experts formed by this same international organization had ordered a study. But what remains to be ridiculously puzzling is that the result of the study is deemed to be locked in an iron box up until 60 years as of now. This awkward decision, a decision whose makers should be brought to justice if there were an authentic court system on Earth, might have been passed to conceal now and expose later the alarming result of the study after all the actors and actresses of the doomsday in Iraq are surely extinct by the time 60 years are gone. By that time this top secret, which holds the bitterest human holocaust caused by the few elect of our time, is released, newspapers and media outlets will enjoy it for a week or two saying “Mr. so and so caused the extinction of some five and six million people in Iraq and the Middle East 60 years ago.” Period!
The nation we now know as ‘Saudi Arabia’ is a property of an individual whose name was Al Saud, a nomadic boss of the powerful clan by the time he was alive. This country is named after this guy some 100 years back. As of that time to date his predecessors are ruling this influential petroliferous nation. All the kings that reign in tandem are from the genealogical pedigree of this man.  His children of the 21st century created a dangerous virus called ISIS which it is by now the main reason for the suffering of millions of people in the Middle East.
Here is the story how ISIS was created:- There were prisoners in the dungeons of Saudi Arabia who were convicted of crimes such as rape, drug and human organ trafficking, murder, and others. Those prisoners were waiting for the beheadings sentenced against them according to the Sharia law of the country. But with the blessing of the West, those so called criminals were allowed to escape and establish ISIS. That political drama was meant to set the Middle East onto fire as we see it now glowing to the extent of which the flames are far reaching to Europe and elsewhere .
Nowadays, the former goatherds of Saudi Arabia are able to buy modern fighter jets and hire mercenary pilots from Latin America and East Europe to incessantly bombard Yemen. It is heartbreaking that these days Yemen has become the bath blood from human sacrifice to the Illuminati and the Masons. She is being pounded from the air, the land and the sea to quench the blood thirst e of  the aforementioned forces. It goes without saying that the news of this dying country, Yemen, is hidden from the world due to the agreement made between the mainstream media and their “Lords of Poverty”, according to an expression of Graham Hancock. Both the Security Council and The UN as well never want to discuss Yemen in any of their meetings. This is done on purpose.
Including Ukraine, almost all East European countries are infested by authorities and statespersons who want to be seen more American than even the Americans themselves. In Latin America, a conspiracy, as a result of which the decent President, Dilma Roussef, was deposed from power through mob, was made to take roots in Brazil. Instead of her, the new president, Michael Tumer, who is said to be the puppet of the aforesaid forces of darkness, was made to be the leader of this fledgling nation. But thanks to the gradual change in awareness of the people of Brazil, they have begun now to revolt against him after becoming cognizant of the CIA mission he has been implementing with the expense of Brazil and Brazilians. Nevertheless, it is a  pity that the country is getting into another chaos due to the insatiate nature of leaders of this world along with the mega corporations they or their brethren manage.
If we analyze the global affairs or transactions mostly controlled and headed by the big corporatocracies, everything is surprisingly full of maladies. Truly speaking, that sphere of life does not belong to sane people. It only belongs to those who have sold their souls, perhaps, in a euphemistic expression, to hedonistic secularism because of which the person may be tempted to be inhuman and utterly deviant to achieve his political and material aspirations.
Bill Gates and &c. are currently queuing up at the doors of the UN and WHO to fulfill the ill-intentions of the Supreme Master of the negative energy in this entire world. As a matter of fact, these children of his are said to have been prepared to minimize the population of this planet [possibly by 80% in the near future]. To that end, there are scores of documents of mega projects, to be (being) funded and run by people like Bill Gates himself, on the tables of big offices worldwide.  To accomplish such mysterious plans of mass destruction, empowering feeble minded people such as Tedros Adhanom from the third world is vitally important.  This Adhanom, an Adhanom known for his sympathetic attitude toward and psychological inclination to gays, had out rightly been found to be the very person helpful to go ahead with the instructions of big brothers. According to insiders, this guy has been groomed for the last two years by hired special trainers so that he fits this position as WHO Director General. It was crystal clear, therefore, that other candidates were simply accompanies, what we call  መናጆ in Amharic [read as – mennajo]. The responsibility of those mennajos was to simply serve as a conjuring spell during the election process and deceive the already deceived and confused population of our planet. [Some facts:- Once in the near past, Adhanom received a VIP, who was an activist of homosexuality in addition to his presidential power, at Bole Airport. By then, because the weather was rainy, the color combination of the umbrella Adhanom used was the emblem of gays; we can presume that he should have done it on purpose to appease his master. Adhanom was free from any significant responsibility of TPLF’s government in the past two years, perhaps, to get an adequate time for the training he has allegedly been engaged to fit the office he has recently assumed. Once gays demanded certain rights in a somewhat secret meeting held in one of starred hotels in Addis; there was a rumor that that meeting was carried out or to be carried out with the blessing of Adhanom. The list goes endlessly to suspect this man at least as a sympathizer of gays. NB. Being gay or sympathizer of gays per se may not be harmful with respect to nation building or fighting injustice. No need of argument here.]
No force has made the ferenjis to be owners of the Big Bang and this planet belongs to all of the residents irrespective of race, color, sex, religion, etc. We all human beings need no one’s permission to co-exist with each other. Bill Gates, whose behavior is absolutely the same as that of Joseph Gobles, the Minister of Hitler’s Army during the Holocaust, is by now trying his best to control WHO and do whatever his capricious mentors are planning to do. Understanding the insincerity of this conspiracy, we Ethiopians alone shouted and cried if we could minimize the danger that is coming ahead. But it was in vain and the villains have triumphed in a “landslide” win. What we are sure of is that the world, which, perhaps, is by now scoffing upon us, will regret soon when the Pandora’s Box will have been opened and millions, even billions, of people will face the consequence of their silence now. The sole intention of our crying worldwide was to expose the conspiracy of those big brothers. Nothing else.
Last time, The Russian President Vladimir Putin openly exposed that the invention of Ebola virus which took many lives in West Africa, along with its psychological, social and economic impacts, is directly related with this man’s, Bill Gates’, intervention. Moreover, President Putin pointed out that the absolute silence of WHO not to react in time was the result of this man through the international syndicate clandestinely formed for the purpose of accomplishing the will of the [Illuminati].
In connection with the lamenting incidence caused by the aforesaid virus, there and then we observed some alarming phenomena. While countries like Morocco refused to host the African Cup, for fear of the spread of the virus, and while many others temporarily blocked the flow of tourists and commercial ties, on the contrary, the TPLF government of Ethiopia was more titillated by the dollars its airway scoops than the death of its citizens. That was so amazing and we all were dumbfounded. No nation in the world gives more priority for money than the security and wellbeing of its citizenry. Our leaders have proved that they are so special in various aspects. In addition, while countries were calling back their citizens from the virus stricken areas of West Africa, the TPLF government sent a so called task force to Liberia and that was also registered as a show of its love for money. Therefore, it is better for any concerned body to examine the whole secret behind the sphinxlike nature of this ethnocentric anaconda of the  so called Ethiopian government .
The translator can be reached – [email protected] [I shall be responsible for any bad translation and/or for any content(s) the writer has not intended to convey.]
Translated from Amharic by Netsanet Zelleke