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The TPLF Regime Billing for Killing

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Mikael Arage for Amhara Network-የአማራ ትስስር
Long disguised as a national army, the TPLF army continues to go on the loose as it opens a new absurd chapter of cracking down on influencers where dozens of priests, deacons, mosque and church elderlies are locked behind bars in different parts of the Amhara regional states of Ethiopia.
“Amhara and Oromo university students continue to be a subject of arrest, torture and extra judicial killings,” says a student at Bahirdar University.
“Such atrocities tantamount to the exacerbating barbaric ways how terrorist regime TPLF slaughter its hostages,” continued the student at Bahirdar University.
University students are demanding that the Tigrian regime leave hostaged territories of the Amhara and Oromia regional states; However, ethnic Tigrian university students have joined with Tigrian security forces to beat and murder a number of ethnic Amhara and Oromo university students as opposed to joining with the authentic causes of their fellow classmates.
ANDEM and OPDO — which are the Amhara and Oromo wing of the ruling party respectively — boycotted the meeting of EPRDF’s executive committee deliberated this week, citing exacerbating internal colonization and atrocities in their constituencies , on their people by the Tigrian regime. Another imperative parliamentary secession — called for this week by the prime minister — was unanimously boycotted by the representatives from the constituencies of the marginalized Amhara and Oromia regional states. Furthermore, ANDEM and OPDO are demanding the immediate pull out of colonizing TPLF forces from their regions , citing exacerbating atrocities against their people and large scale devastation of communities.
Headed by General Samora Yenus who publicly said,” We have weakened Amhara and the Ethiopian Orthodox church” , thousands of Tigrian troops entered the Amhara and Oromo regional states , counterproductively overtaking the regional administrations nearly a year ago. Since then thousands have died as well as became chronically disabled while close to 60,000 are under incarceration; Furthermore, the TPLF army continues to bill the department of finance of the Amhara regional state for its exacerbating heinous crimes against humanity of militarily repressing ethnic Amharas. Credible sources at the finance unit of the regional state quantify that over 62% of the annual budget for the Amhara regional state will be fragmented off to accommodation, salary and military logistics of the invading Tigrian Army ; As a result, basic services such as education, health and agriculture are deteriorating .
Cars belonging to the ‘Amhara Health Authority’ , ‘Amhara Education Authority’ and other regional institutions are increasingly put to use for the commotion of invading Tigrian soldiers.
“Bills are charged to our regional state as if we have ordered a repression service,” bitterly complained a middle aged personnel at the finance unit of the Amhara regional state.
This comes at a time when Ethiopians across the country and the international community are increasingly calling for a swift transition to democracy and/or united international intervention so as to stop atrocities by the authoritarian regime that has been exercising tyranny for the last three decades.
Corruption, kickbacks and bribery are on the rise in Ethiopia. The national debt of the country is going up while more than 30 billion USD has gone out of Ethiopia as an illicit financial outflow, according to a report from Global Financial Integrity, a Washington-based research and advocacy organization.
“The people of Ethiopia are being bled dry. No matter how hard they try to fight their way out of absolute destitution and poverty, they will be swimming upstream against the current of illicit capital leakage. The global shadow financial system happily absorbs money that corrupt public officials, tax evaders, and abusive multi-national corporations siphon away from the Ethiopian people,
“ wrote Sarah Freitasin in the report which she co-authored with GFI Lead Economist,Dev Kar.
Micro to Mega projects are often pretexts used for large scale money laundering by the terrorist TPLF regime which is hostaging Ethiopia. The Ethiopian regime didn’t manage to secure yet another sum for laundering. Not surprisingly, no one will be held accountable.
“TPLF should consider a mediation by the U.S. government and organize an all party conference before the country collapses,”
says Herman Cohen, the former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs.
One thing is clear. The regime is losing its legitimacy — if there’s any — and crumbling day by day. Consequently, the sooner essential transitions are made now is in the best interest of Ethiopia and beyond. The article was originally posted in the Amhara Network-የአማራ ትስስር by Mikael Arage Michael Arage is a freelance PR journalist, techprenuer, manager, engineer, strategist, life long interdisciplinary student and Human rights activist based in Helsinki, Finland. He uses his free time to cover on atrocites in Ethiopia.