Video: The Silent Genocide on the Amhara Documentary


  1. We will seek justice in every way we possibly can. we will not leave a single stone unturned until we bring the fascists AT THE LEADERSHIP OF Tigre people liberation front to face justice. WE HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE for the genocide on the amhara population which has been ongoing for the last 21 years. the evidence is abound.

  2. Achibe how rude. Did not your parents teach you to respect elders? You must be one of those wayne clicks or hodam. Ato Gebre Medhin is a true Ethiopian who stands for truth and freedom unlike the dedebit satans bent on destroying a historical and patriotic country Ethiopia. Little Hitlers ” banda and yebanda twelede hulu ” They are just born to carry on what their banda parents failed to accomplish-make Ethiopia Italy’s colony.So their children are selling out country to China, India, Saudi Arabia and etc and give our land to Sudan free of charge to round up oppositons group. They are worest enemy than soldato!!!!

  3. i am Amara and i will support my people till the last minute hey amara brother ande sister we have to united and defains our bloved people

  4. Amara people must unite and build their organization in order to defend themselves and the country. Amara must do their work in action, talk ,talk and again it doesn’t work. Amara must do in action. Action is overdue !! Action is overdue !! Action is overdue!!

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