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The ongoing ground war on TPLF warlords must be matched with the war on the firehose of falsehoods

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Teshome Debalke
January 10, 2021

TPLF and its apologists have two distinct commonality – a disdain for the unity of Ethiopians and the sovereignty of the nation.  The potent weapon in their arsenal to accomplish that nefarious missions are ethnic apartheid rule and ‘firehose of falsehoods’

After two-and-half-years attempt to convince a handful of ethnic mercenaries that ruled Ethiopia for almost three decades masquerading as Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) representing a manufactured ethnic Tigray Region, the necessary but unfortunate ground war to dislodge them started and ended in few weeks.

sdAs expected, apologists that qualify the belligerent warlords to represent Ethiopians in a self-declared Tigray ethnic region intensified their firehose of falsehoods further on the world stage to preserve ethnic apartheid rule, deception and ignorance as soon as the new Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed declared  — TPLF warlords will not continue their proxy occupation and lawlessness against the people of Ethiopia and the nation.

But, alike the ground war, the disinformation war against the PM Abiy decision to bring them to  justice especially expressed by sponsored journalists of mainstream Medias has nothing to do with fact findings but to perpetuate more division, deception and ignorance  thus, endless conflicts and corruptions – the hallmark of the old European colonial empires’ policy as it was designed for 21st century.

In a December 10, 2010 article titled The Western Media and Ethiopia Tessema Ijjigu and Makonnen Haile summarized mainstream western Medias’ narratives in favor of the belligerent Former ruling minority ethnic apartheid member party of the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) against Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed of Prosperity Party of unity, truth and knowledge reform initiative as,

“The western media’s reporting on the conflict in northern Ethiopia has been unbalanced and consistently biased against Ethiopia. This should come as no surprise. It is characteristic of how the West treats developing countries, especially when they are acting in their own national interest.

The general outline of the western media’s vilification of Ethiopia is: that the conflict is due to the provocative arrogance of the Ethiopian government; that the Ethiopian government has attacked innocent civilians, its own Tigrayan people; that the TPLF is legitimately defending itself against the central government; that the TPLF is more sinned against than sinning; that the Ethiopian government would not resolve the conflict using peaceful and diplomatic means prior to the outbreak of hostilities; that the Ethiopian government callously rejected negotiations after the outbreak of hostilities; that Ethiopia is gambling its reputation and leadership in the African Union; that Ethiopia is destabilizing the whole region; and that PM Abiy probably should not have been recognized as a man of peace.”

Granted there no coherent western “national interest” nor the resemblance of Free Press and professional journalism in mainstream western Media as we know it but communication management platforms for the highest political, social, and economic bidder, the damage it inflict in the lives and livelihoods of people perpetuating firehose of falsehoods is visible for a necked eye.

Unfortunately, the people of Ethiopia nor the Prime Minster Abiy administration like many peoples and nations are not prepared for well-orchestrated and financed firehose of falsehoods onslaught by mainstream Media communication mangers masquerading as journalists.

One should not go far but look at the propaganda infrastructure TPLF and its sponsors built and the ethnic operatives they trained as journalists in-and-out of the country to perpetuate falsehoods over the years.

The mastermind behind it all is nonother than the Former Federal Minister of Information and Technology of Ethiopia until 2018 and Chairman of TPLF Debretsion Gebremichael ever since he replaced his late ethnic apartheid comrade-in-arms and the long-time Chairman of TPLF and PM of Ethiopia Meles Zenawi that ruled ‘Tigray Region’ with an iron feast North Korean style

The propaganda guru on the run from justice, Gebremichae was trained in Italy in the early 1970s  to perpetuate Fascist Italy modeled ethnic apartheid propaganda was not by accident.  But what he accomplished building ethnic propaganda infrastructure in Ethiopia and wherever Ethiopians in the diaspora scattered around the world in the last four decades is the envy of Fascist Italy invader that miserably failed to disfranchise Ethiopians.  Fortunately, since TPLF propaganda guru Gebremichael and his deputy Getachew Reda run from justice, their diaspora deputy masquerading as Chairman of Union of Tigrayans in North America established 45-years ago in UK and CEO of Tigray Media House established in 2018 in Washington, DC to save TPLF from it inevitable demise is a boneheaded operative named Solomon Alula.


The unregistered foreign agent and US national Alula remained untouched from facing justice in Ethiopia as well as in his adapted country of the USA for violating the 1938 US Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) and the 1977 US Foreign Corrupt Practice Act (FCPA) as many of his comrades in the diaspora.

But, just watching one bizarre episode of Alula Solomon perpetuating firehose of falsehoods on his Tigray Media House he established in 2018 capsulates the evolution and capacity of TPLF diaspora operatives’ to rely on firehose of falsehoods about Ethiopians and Ethiopia to sustain the criminal enterprise of TPLF and fulfil their sponsors’ mission in what the controversial Canadian Evolutionary Psychologist Professor Gaad Saad and the author of Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas are Killing Common Sense  (2020) described as “Humans have an evolved capacity to engage in self-deception in order to navigate through life in delusional state of blissful ignorance”.

Listening Alula dissecting Ethiopian history with his clueless make-believe host he hired to convince the people of Ethiopia in a language they hates to love not only shows their “delusional state of blissful ignorance” but how low they are willing go to serve their sponsors and humiliate themselves along the way in front of the world.

Quite frankly, Alula is a small fish in the big pawn of dilutional TPLF operatives. From self-proclaimed  professors from prestigious higher educational institutions of the West to Mikelle University in the North to Jima University to the south of Ethiopia,  “self-deception in order to navigate through life in delusional state of blissful ignorance” that destroy two generations of Ethiopian youth is the way of life under TPLF apartheid regime as it was designed.

At the meantime, how far TPLF sponsors would go endorsing and fronting boneheaded and corrupt indigenous operatives to divide and destabilize Ethiopians the old colonial fashion way in the 21st century is historic.

The renowned Former Director of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission and the present Director of The Kenya School of Law Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba said it best. “The tragedy of Africa is that Africans are in the business of canonizing thieves and demonizing its saints.”

The distinguished Kenyan lawyer Lumumba’s eloquent way of telling the truth about everything and anything about Africa and Europe especially on governance, ethnic apartheid rule and democracy is a textbook example how to fight firehose of falsehoods perpetuated by delusional elites and their sponsors.

In one of his speeches titled Africa Does Not Need Europe’s Approval for Anything! Africa Must Redefine Democracy better describes TPLF operatives “canonizing thieves and demonizing its saints” on behalf of their sponsors.

Incidentally, among the well-known clandestine diaspora Media outlets disguised as ‘impartial’ Media disseminating TPLF sponsors’ ‘firehose of falsehoods’ to ruin the mind of Ethiopians at home and abroad in the last two decades includes: Aiga Forum of Northern California, Tigray Net of Colorado, EBS of Maryland, Ethiopia First of Toronto, Tadias Magazine of New York are among a dozen and, Tigray Media House of Washington, D.C under Alula Solomon leadership happened to be the latest addition for the occasion.

But no Media outlet come even close “canonizing thieves and demonizing saints” of Ethiopia with firehose of falsehoods in the last three decades than  TPLF propaganda arm in the diaspora Aiga Forum run by nonother than a clandestine operative by a name Isayas Atsibeha.

A lawsuit filed in 2013 by journalist Abebe Gellaw against Atsibeha reviled his identity, whereabouts and what he does for a living for the first time in over two decades.


Isayas Atsibeha

For a Media operator in the free world to hide his identity and whereabout for so long only shows, firehose of falsehoods peddlers are taking instruction from their sponsors for sole purpose of what Orwell refers as, “the more a society drifts from the truth it will hate those who speaks it” — as Ethiopian witness TPLF operatives scramble to circumvent the truth by attacking those who speaks it ever since TPLF inception.

But, before the Ethiopian National Defense Force operation began, the belligerent TPLF’s firehose of falsehoods guru and the Former Chairman of TPLF Debretsion Gebremichael in one of his many  temper tantrum on Media outlets he controlled in the Tigray Region against PM Abiy that gave him and his comrades unimaginable pass for their past crimes hoping they will repent their crime, stop terrorizing the people of Ethiopia and destabilizing the nation tells everything one needs to know TPLF’s very existence depends on firehose of falsehoods.

After all, TPLF warlords and associates’ firehose of falsehoods diet of over four decades that brough about their present dilutional state of mind cannot go away by wishful thinking as Prof Gaad Saad articulated.

Moreover,  since its inception TPLF never nor claimed to be a political force that would submit for any rule of law or truth but a mercenary that  operate under the rule of the jungle and firehose of falsehoods with a specific instruction to institute ethnic apartheid rule to disunite, deceive and deprive knowledge to Ethiopians replicating what the 19th century colonial regimes tried and failed disfranchising the people of Ethiopia.

It should remind Ethiopians where the homegrown TPLF’s firehose of falsehoods  idea against Ethiopians and Ethiopia originated.

country, slavery under any form, is abolished”.

For instance, according to twentieth-century Europe historian Eden McLean, Fascist Mussolini sanctioned serious of Aurelio Bertigli’s propaganda postcard images depicting Ethiopian civilian interacting with the occupying Italian soldiers in ethnic apartheid region constituted by Fascist Italy to portray good relationship under its occupation. One of the postcard message written in Italian translated roughly by the renown French/Ethiopian Writer and Freelance Journalist Amanuel Neguede reads: “People of Tigray; boys listen; you know that whenever the Italian flag is raised there is freedom, therefore, in your country, slavery under any form, is abolished”.

Unfortunately, TPLF ethnic propaganda is nothing more than a replica of Fascist Italy. So, the flag TPLF raised in ‘Tigray Region’ to portray the same image. Who would replicate the occupying Fascist propaganda of the mid-1930s but TPLF Propaganda Chief Debretsion Gebremichael trained in Italy in the early 1970s to undo Ethiopia?

No wonder he initiated and led ‘Digital Woyane’ operatives to flood the cyberspace and social Media with firehose of falsehoods to disfranchise Ethiopians and undo Ethiopia as witnessed in real-time.

Any way one look at it, the war on TPLF warlords is a continuation of the war against Fascist Italy invasion, occupation, plunder, and the firehose of falsehoods that came after the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 followed by Fascist Italy invasion and occupation from 1936-41 and TPLF proxy occupation of Ethiopia from 1991-2020.

Anyone who dispute that reality is as dilutional as the last TPLF operatives standing represented by Alula Solomon of Tigray Media House.

As the ground war for liberation of Ethiopian from TPLF proxy occupation raping up, watching firehose of falsehoods coming out of TPLF operatives in the diaspora and their sponsors on mainstream world Medias and institutions’ against Ethiopia and Prime Minster Aby’s long overdue decisions to end their lawlessness speaks volume; nothing much changed since the defeat of Fascist Italy in 1886 and 1941  and, TPLF removal from body politics of Ethiopia in 2018 and the subsequent defeat by the ongoing Ethiopian Defense Force operation.

Therefore, as the famous American researcher and author on intelligence, politics, and human behavior Carmine Savastano put it.  “when the unformed argue with the misinformed, there is no need to choose a side” but ask, who is responsible and benefiting from the ‘firehose of falsehoods’ on behalf of TPLF warlords against Ethiopians and, why mainstream Media of the world failed to investigate TPLF’s crimes and the unconditional support the international community renders for the self-declared minority ethnic “liberation front” that proclaims to represent six percent of Ethiopian population other than to ferment division, deception and ignorance and perpetuate endless animosities and conflicts among Ethiopians for the foreseeable future to come?

In that regard,  in a Sept of 2020 article titled BBC Zealously Weaponizing Its Ethnic Journalists Against The Ethiopian PM Reform several mainstream Media outlets and wire services including Al Jazeera, VOA, AP and Reuters recruited foreign and domestic drifters as journalists and present experts of one thing or another in a frenzy of putting out ‘firehose of falsehoods’ to the world as news to undermine PM Abiy’s modest reform are identified. Their collective amnesia about the well-documented criminality of TPLF is unprecedented for 21st century and speaks for itself.

Ironically, the UK Government Foreign & Commonwealth Office publish Human Right, Democracy and Corruption  violations reports year-after-year about the regime while its own infamous BBC look the other way as it was designed.

In another August of 2020 article titled ‘Honor among thieves’ undermining reform again: costing lives and liberties of Ethiopians reviled the origin of colonialists’ disdain for the unity and sovereignty of Ethiopians and Ethiopia  goes as far back as 1835 alike the uninformed and the misinformed are led to believe by the usual suspects.  Unfortunately,  the homegrown TPLF warlords became the extension of the old colonialists’ ambition to disfranchise Ethiopians and undermine the sovereignty of the nation. The potent weapon in their arsenal remained disseminating firehose of falsehoods visible for necked eye.

In yet another article titled, William Davidson’s Ethiopia Insight or Incite division, deception, and Ignorance?,  the Former Bloomberg News freelance journalists deported from Ethiopia in March of 2018 for operating without a license established Ethiopia Insight platform with domestic and foreign drifters right after his deportation for nonother than to sustain ethnic apartheid rule against Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed’s reform initiative to unite the people of Ethiopia and restore law and order  on TPLF warlords instigated and led ethnic conflicts.

2120Mohammed Jamjoom and William Davidson

Unfortunately, Al Jazeera on its recent Insider Story program hosted by Mohammed Jamjoom and titled How far will Abiy Ahmed go with his operation in Tigray featured nonother than the same William Davidson, not as freelance journalists nor as “Owner and Editor in Chief of Ethiopia Insight” he pride on but as Senior Analyst of Ethiopia for International Crises Group (ICG) as expected.

Why Insider Story program host Mohammed Jamjoom left out from his worldwide audiences, the Senior Analyst for ICG  Davidson primary work is a freelance journalist for a decade and the “Owner and Managing Editor” of Ethiopia Insight with questionable ethnic Ethiopian national and western characters he assembled after he was deported in 2018 to continue instigating ethnic conflicts he analyses for ICG at the same time?

At the meantime, Davidson not disclosing his ‘prized’ Ethiopia Insight platform nor, his Al Jazeera host Mohammed Jamjoom failure to find out can only be summed up – the selective amnesia mainstream Medias journalists and mainstream institutions’ experts to reach a predetermined outcome haven’t changed much since the colonial periods.

Moreover, journalist Jamjoom failure not to inquire how a deported Former Bloomberg Ethiopian freelance correspondent with a platform that promotes ethnic apartheid rule ended up to be Senior Analyst on Ethiopia for International Crisis Group in direct contradiction to the organization’s stated mission says more about willful ignorance of Al Jazeera journalists to do due diligence on guests they presents as experts over-and-over again as well as ICG’s complicity  to bring abroad a drifter ‘journalist’ as Senior Analyst on Ethiopia.

212w0Femi Oke, Esiays Hailemariam and  Abraham Yohannes (same man with two names?)

The incompetency and conspiracy of Al Jazeera journalists and editors’ get worse-and-worse by the day. More recently, Femi Oke in her ‘The Stream Program’ titled Is Ethiopia’s war over or  just beginning? came up with yet another little known clandestine TPLF operative masquerading as member of the Global Network of Tigrai Scholars (GNTS)  ( self-identified with first name Esiays only with no last name provided claiming to be UC Berkeley graduate in “legal profession in Oakland California” with no challenge to disclose his full name and occupation from the host.

A search for self-described Esiays last name Al Jazeera host Oke failed to disclose according to University of California, Berkeley is Hailemariam. But, the same man also goes by a name Abraham Yohannes, a lecturer in law at Harmaya University, according Ethiopian Legal Brief blog he runs. It appears, the same man uses a name Esiays Hailemariam in the US and Abraham Yohannes in Ethiopia the esteem Al Jazeera journalist Oke happened to miss.

At meantime, according the Global Network of Tigrai Scholars’ twitter account that claims GNTS is a “Non-Partisan Global Knowledge Network of 3,000+ high caliber Tigrai Scholars/Professionals aimed at creating Knowledge-based sustainable economy & Society” with not a single “high caliber Tigrai Scholars/Professionals” including Esiays disclosed should have alarmed anyone let alone a ‘professional’ Al Jazeera journalist.

Incidentally, the Global Network of Tigrai Scholar that claim nonpartisan was established in 2010 but had by some miracle no activities until 2018. Furthermore, according to its official website, it  “established partnership with Mekelle University, Tigray regional government, and Tigray education bureau” all run by the same belligerent and corrupt TPLF warlords on the run from justice.

The fact GNTS does not discloses any of its “high caliber Tigrai Scholars/Professionals”, officers of the network, its legal status nor location on its official website should have alarmed Al Jazeera  host Femi Oke when she made a mockery of network of scholars not to mention her own profession of journalism to ask, who sponsored Femi Oke to make a mockery of journalism inquiry?

In reality, the self-describe ‘Tigrai Scholar’ Esaiyas is freelance scholar for TPLF sponsors at best or a press secretary for TPLF at worst to reinforce, TPLF is a legitimate representative of Ethiopians in Tigray Region and, by default the people it held hostage in the region are victims of Ethiopian Defense Force as its sponsors demand on mainstream Medias.

The whole exercise of the clandestine “Network of 3,000+ high caliber Tigrai Scholars/Professionals” in hiding represented by Esaiyas as a tragedy as it is only proves, they are the bread-and-butter of sponsored journalists of mainstream Media to generate firehose of falsehoods about Ethiopians and Ethiopia as reality.

The second guest on Femi Oke’s The Stream program was a self-identified freelance journalist for Vice News and newly hire for Al Jazeera by the name Zechariahs Zelalem. According public record, Zelalem writes for Middle East Eye, Addis Standard, (Oromo Pride), Quartz Africa and Open Democracy.

21230Mohammed Ademo and Zacharias Zelalem

But closer look at Zelalem reviles, he is close associate of the Co-Founder and Editor of OPride and Editor at Al Jazeera America Mohammed Ademo.   According to Foreign Policy Magazine Ademo where he and Jeffery Smith wrote a dozen article on Argument Section is profiled as Co-Founder of OPride and Editor at Al Jazeera America.

One January 2018 article Ademo and Smith wrote titled Ethiopia is Falling Apart reviles why Al Jazeera hire ethnic apartheid proponents disguised as journalist to get what their sponsors wanted than professional journalists that investigate reality of what the damage TPLF instigated ethnic apartheid rule caused.

Zelalem is also an associate of Tsedale  Lemma who is a fixture on the roster of Al Jazeera guests where he wrote a dozen article in the past on her platform Addis Standard.

And, the third guest defending PM Abiy’s action from ethnic apartheid proponent was Dr Yohanse Gedamu, an Ethiopian American Political Science Lecturer at Georgia Gwinnett College as verified  by the official website of the College. For Femi Oke to claim an impartial host fronting two clandestine Tigre and Oromo apartheid proponents without disclosing who they really are is dereliction of her journalistic duty at best or she is part-and-parcel of the ethnic apartheid onslaught of her sponsors against the people of Ethiopia at worst.

Unfortunately, Femi Oke is no amateur. Her bio reviles, she is “an international journalist, writer and moderator. since the 1980s, she has worked for BBC television and radio, Sky TV, all U.K. terrestrial television networks, CNN and U.S. public radio”.

Yet, it is not clear how a journalist of that caliber botched to investigate the self-describe member of Global Network of Tigrai Scholar with little credibility, public profile, and conflicting identity. Nor she cared enough to examine, the new Al Jazeera hire Zacharias Zelalem that is all over the world Media landscape  from the Middle East, including Al Jazeera, Vice News in North America to the London based Quartz Africa indigenous ethnic national operated Media Addis Standard and Opride as freelance journalist to qualify him as credible journalists to present as expert of anything let alone on the ongoing EDF’s operation against TPLF ethnic apartheid warlords is unprecedented.

Moreover, why Femi Oke fail to disclose, Zechariahs Zelalem is associate of Editor at Al Jazeera America and the Co-Founder and Editor of OPride Mohammed Ademo who is married to one of her associates at Al Jazeera speaks volume, her platform is nothing more than a reinforcement to sustain ethnic apartheid rule of her sponsors.

Unfortunately,  Femi Oke like her colleague Mohammed Jamjoom, Mohammed Ademo and the newly hired Zechariahs Zelalem sold journalism profession for the highest bidder at best or are ethnic apartheid political hack at worst. Either way, the truth is buried so deep to the detrimental of the people of Ethiopia and Africa in general.

232230Michel Martin, Tsedale  Lemma and Dr Awol Allo

But, nothing come even close how sponsored journalism for predetermined outcomes of making Prime Minster Abiy a ‘warmonger’ just because he advocates for unity, truth and knowledge and, respect for the rule of law contrary to what TPLF ethnic apartheid sponsors  wanted than the most celebrated National Public Radio (NPR). In its November 29, 2020 coverage titled  Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Belligerent Warmaker: Ethiopia Under Abiy Ahmed journalist Michel Martin not only showed how sponsored journalism spewing firehose of falsehoods became the norm than the exception even with the supposedly progressive ‘National Public Radio’ but, anyone that reenforces that narrative became acceptable journalist and expert on the matter.

The fact, from all experts in the world with factual information to the reality of Ethiopia on the ground, Michel Martin of NPR  featured guest against PM Abiy decision to bring TPLF “belligerent warmakers” to justice were  Tsedale  Lemma of Addis Standard Media from Germany masquerading as ‘journalist’ and the infamous Oromo ethnic apartheid proponent Dr Awol Allo masquerading as Senior Lecturer in Law at Keele University from UK is a definition mockery of journalism and scholar of law.

The irony Tsedale  Lemma of Addis Standard,  the ‘law expert’ Dr Awol Allo of Keele University nor NPR program  host Michel Martin had complete amnesia about the self-declared ethnic minority apartheid rule of TPLF with unthinkable atrocities, racketeering  and corruption it inflected on the people of Ethiopia for three decades is nothing short of a PR stunt on behalf of their sponsors to sustain the status qua.

Once again, a frequent guest on Al Jazeera and many mainstream Media, for self-described journalist Tsedale  Lemma not to ask the lack of journalistic integrity of her colleague in the mainstream Media she appears often also speaks volume, who sponsors her own Addis Standard Media.

But, in 27-years of TPLF warlords atrocious apartheid rule, no mainstream Medias nor institutions or leaders nor ethnic national operated media journalists ever called the notorious TPLF late warlord and PM Meles Zenawi nor his pupate replacement Hailemariam Desalegn Boshe that destroyed countless lives and livelihood of millions of Ethiopians based on their ethnic affiliation ever referred as ‘Belligerent Warmakers’ they actually were. But yet, PM Abiy who took personal responsibility for their crimes and  for patiently waiting two-and-half years for them  to join in the unity of Ethiopians and abide by the rule of law ended up earning “Belligerent Warmakers” label by nonother than the celebrated public radio NPR host Michel Martin for going after belligerent warlords and the guests she assembled to reinforce that label agreeing in silence said it all.

If that is not gross professional misconduct of the worst kind, no one know what to call it.

Looking at who is sponsoring NPR programs may explain what went wrong with NPR. In that regard, Tim Schwab in Aug 2020 in Colombia Journalism Review titled Journalism’s Gates Keepers reviles the extent sponsored journalist go to underwrite their funders’ narratives.

Just following up the depth and reach of Bill Gates’ sponsorship of  mainstream Media outlets and institutions to disseminate falsehoods on behalf of his favorite regimes globally should alarm journalists around the world and transparency institutions what the Information Revolution guru masquerading to help the poor and the sick is up to on global scale.

But it gets worse when mainstream Media masquerading as ‘modern digital Media’ using young and amateur journalists to push ‘firehose of falsehoods’ for predetermined outcome.

Vox Media that declared, “we live in a world of too much noise and too little context. And so, Vox’s journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics, and policy, business, and popular culture, food and science and everything else that matters” to distinguishes it from the established mainstream Medias tells the story of young sponsored journalists following the footsteps of the old counterparts.

232232Cameron Peter

In its November 2020 rare article about Ethiopia by Cameron Peter title Ethiopia says it captured its rebellious Tigray region with a caption – “Internal conflict in Ethiopia is causing a humanitarian crisis that could leave 6 million in need of aid” made  ‘too much noises and too little context’ he accuses others throughout the article to reach a predetermined conclusion of incriminating PM Abiy and broke the record yellow journalism along the way. It speaks volume, ‘modern digital Media’ like their traditional counterpart are not escaping the reality — spreading firehose of falsehoods to generate internet traffic is where money is.

Cameron Peter of Vox that should know better started with a “statement by the county’s prime minster, Abiy Ahmed Ali” that Ethiopian armed forces are “fully in control” of the city of Mikelle after a Saturday offensive against the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF)” – insinuating TPLF, by default Ethiopians in ‘Tigray Region’ it occupy are victim of the “the latest clash in conflict between Ethiopian federal government and TPLF, “an Ethiopian political party”

But in search of sources and witnesses to reach the desired outcome of incriminating PM Abiy and by default the people of Ethiopia for going after the notoriously corrupt and atrocious TPLF warlords and by default the people TPLF claim to represent in the region by 100% as victims of the national defense operation throughout the article, Peter did not bother to tell his readers about TPLF besides “an Ethiopian political party” violating journalistic inquiry  as he is instructed.

Peter’s excuse for not having firsthand  sources and witness on the ground is the Washington Post statement  of “a communication shutdown and bans on Media access across most of Tigray has made verifying the government’s claim nearly impossible” as if TPLF warlords occupied ‘Tigray Region’ was utopia for Free Press and Media access for three decades before the operation began. And, the excuse for not able to find witness on the ground was statements made by refugees that fled to Sudan under the care of humanitarian group including UNHCR as if wanted TPLF warlords and their families are not fleeing to Sudan nor are free of TPLF goons among them to speak what really happened … so much for “too much noise and too little context”.

232e232Amy Goodman and  Nermeen Shaikh

Probably the most progressive non-for-profit Media in the US — Democracy Now that demands ‘democracy now’ as it names implies to end up finding the notorious anti-democratic ethnic apartheid proponent Dr Awol Allo with yet added credential as Princeton University ‘Global Fellow’ on the top of Associate Lecturer in Law at Keele University UK to elevate him as a legitimate and impartial scholar to incriminate PM Abiy he allegedly  “nominated” for the Nobel Peace Prize before he changed his mind is a tragedy for journalism profession as well as a low blow on democracy itself.

In a program titled Ethiopia’s PM Won the Nobel Peace Prize A Year Ago; Now He Is Leading Nation Into Possible Civil War” hosted by the legendry journalists Amy Goodman reviles, no Media not even ‘Democracy Now’ host is immune from presenting sponsored experts to put out firehose of falsehoods to protect the status qua on behalf of the sponsors to make sure democracy as we know it never see the day in Ethiopia.

But, when Amy Goodman’s colleague Nermeen Shaikh that did her due diligence on TPLF warlords as every professional journalist should asked Dr Allo the forbidden question of ‘if he can provide the ‘historical context on the conflict with TPLF that represent six percent of the Ethiopian population dominating the ruling party for three decades’ is when the ‘bonified scholar’ began rambling like a drunken sailor acting more like a defense lawyer to exonerate TPLF than a scholar that provides impartial assessment on the belligerent ethnic apartheid warlords that are causing havoc throughout the country expected of him — making a mockery of the profession of law in the process.

When Shaikh did not get the answer, she follow up the same question again through the COVID-19 pandemic impact on the conflict and the controversial WHO  General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus that happened to be one of the nine TPLF Central Committee member wanted for committing alleged genocide is when Dr Allo showed he is no scholar but a political hack pushing TPLF ethnic apartheid  mission of disunity, deception and ignorance against Prime Minster Abiy that abolished the ruling ethnic apartheid party and replaced it with Prosperity Party of Unity, Truth and knowledge.

Incidentally, Dr Allo’s amnesia on WHO  General Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus not only lobbying UN Agencies on behalf of TPLF but accused of alleged involvement in directing TPLF led Ethiopia’s security force in genocide was no accident for pseudo scholar sponsored to appear on mainstream Media over-and-over again.

The irony mainstream world Media masquerading as Free Press totally failed to investigate the well documented TPLF warlords’ crime against humanity and racketeering and the complicity of their foreign sponsors speaks to the larger problem facing Africans in general and Ethiopians in particular that are dealing with the aftermath of what the lawless rogue group known as TPLF on behalf of its sponsors did in the past three decades and continue to do in real time.


A closer look at the recent UN Agencies conference led by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator Mark Lowcock on PM Abiy’s decision to go after the belligerent TPLF warlords including WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus shows how TPLF sponsors that brought abroad the notorious TPLF warlord as WHO General Director are on the offensive to undermine PM Abiy’s reform effort in Ethiopia on behalf of TPLF.

Mark Lowcock led ‘plot’ to save TPLF lawless warlords in a cover of humanitarian crises is better described in depth analyses by Yenta Media host Melaku Yelma with the legendary Ethio-Think-Thank Editor Seyume Teshome. It is instructive what Ethiopians and PM Abiy’s reform effort are up against and what Ethiopians must do to mitigate TPLF’s sponsors onslaught.

Mark Lowcock’s own December 2020 opinion (more a confession) titled Humanitarian workers must be allowed to help in Ethiopia without fear of attack published in The Washington Post explains who may be behind it.  The irony the head of UN Emergency Relief Coordinator engage in opinion rant as oppose to the facts and The Washington post interest to entertain his opinion than the reality itself speaks volume, what TPLF sponsors wanted the world to believe than the reality.

The well-documented criminality of TPLF warlords’ that eluded mainstream Media and institutions is not by accident either. The long-held tradition of the old European  colonizers’ masquerading as democratic nations fermenting division, deception and ignorance thus, making wars the old colonial fashion way in partnership with their contemporary African emissaries remained an impediment for the rule of law and democracy in Africa to martialize.

Unfortunately, among prominent western leaders that consistently championed TPLF ethnic apartheid rule and disregarded its atrocities, racketeering and plunder in the last two decades and beyond are not from the old European colonial nations but from the Land of the Free and the Brave and the beacon of democracy USA. Among them Susan Rice and Gayle Smith & Associates comes up on the top.

Rice, the Former global management consultant for the infamous Mckinsey & Company that out of nowhere ended up as the Assistant Secretary for African Affairs under Secretary of State Madam Albright in the Clinton Administration and the US Ambassador to the UN and Senior National Security Advisor in the Obama Administration under Secretary State Hillary Clinton and Smith, the Former ‘journalist’ that covered TPLF’s insurgency in the early 1980s that ended up in various State Department positions up to the top USAID Administrator during the last term of the Obama Administration have a special fondness for the Father of Ethnic Apartheid of Ethiopia and the late TPLF long-time Chairman Meles Zenawi that ended up to be the PM of Ethiopia (1995-2012).

The rational for top seating US officials to stand behind a self-proclaimed minority ethnic apartheid party led warlord that instigated the present political, social, and economic crises of Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed dealing with is not policy nor measure up to the standard expected for a high US government political office holders.

232ddwSusan Rice and Gayle Smith

Thus, the personal nature of the relationship between the top seating US Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice and a small-time ethnic apartheid depot of Ethiopia Melese Zenawi can only be explained  by non-other than Rice’s own words at his funeral in the nation capital in the summer of 2012 as reported by BBC.

Unfortunately, by praising the notorious ethnic apartheid warlord beyond-and-above the call of duty as a top US official, Rice set the stage for President Obama’s in-person endorsement three years later (July of 2015) to declare —  the ethnic apartheid party led by TPLF “is the democratically elected government of Ethiopia” as reported by Amy Goodman of Democracy Now herself.

In her report at a time, Goodman of Democracy Now invited Professor Horace Campbell Syracuse University African American history that dissect TPLF led regime’s atrocities and corruption and the complicity of its stanch western supporters, including President Obama, Susan Rice and Gayle Smith among many high-profile western leaders. He not only summed up the disdain western leaders have toward the people of Ethiopia and Africa in general, but he made a point of they no longer feel shame praising African depots in public.

But there is an irony and at the same time a lesson to be learned in the whole episode leading to the First African American US President and the First African American US Ambassador to the UN endorsing the self-proclaimed ethnic minority apartheid rule in Ethiopia they despise in USA and South Africa. In the words of the Civil Right icon Dr Martin Luther King Jr, ‘judging a person by the color of the skin as oppose the content of his/her character remained an elusive quest even for ‘African American leaders that give lip service to milk it for whatever it worth for their own nefarious agenda.

The question now is, why President Obama, Susan Rice, Gayle Smith, and associates are silent or not supporting PM Abiy effort to end ethnic apartheid rule, the lawlessness of TPLF ethnic warlords to submit for the rule of law and democracy they preached for decades raises more question than answer who may be behind the three US political leaders primary responsible for the political crises unfolding in Ethiopia.

Moreover, why mainstream Media masquerading as Free Press invite them to speak on the crises President Trump brought in the US but failed to invite them to answer on the crisis the rogue ethnic apartheid regime of Ethiopia they supported remained a mystery.

Gayle Smith recent talk titled Building Up and Investing in Africa  at John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding at the prestigious Dartmouth College may explain why she and her associates got away with ‘murder’ for far too long. This time, the ‘grand’ apologist of TPLF warlords

23bdwBono and Bob Geldof

throughout her professional career came as President and CEO of One Campaign founded by nonother than the infamous Irish musicians Bono and Bob Geldof  of U2 turn fund raisers for the Ethiopian poor since the early 1980s and investor in Africa two decades later.

When Smith failed to mention her beloved TPLF warlords led apartheid regime she praised and glamorized for over four decades with Bono and Bob Geldof and the EDF operation that ended their extended crime spree nor the ongoing reform including economic reform in Ethiopia in her entire presentation, “Building Up and Investing in Africa” is the last thing in her mind as it was the case with the empty promises of promoting democracy and rule of law in Africa.

Moreover, when the host and the Director of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding Don Benjamin failed to challenge Smith to come clean with her audience and the people of Ethiopia instead of praising her made up ‘leadership’, “International Understanding” is not what he had in mind but preserving four decades’ partnership developed between TPLF warlords’ and Gayle Smith and Bono & Associates around fund raising and venture capital investment in Africa in the name of helping the poor by helping themselves and their sponsors in what is now referred as Public Private Partnership (PPP) where no one knows who the public and the private party may be in TPLF led ethnic Mafia State they invested on for three decades.

But closer look at Gayle Smith led One Campaign’s African Policy Advisory Board members reviles who-is-who in the ‘poverty industry’ pushing the firehose of falsehoods framed as ‘Building Up and Investing in Africa’ narratives on mainstream Media.

The fact the leading Queen of Poverty in Ethiopia Dr Eleni Geber Medhin that is all over fund raising for the poor and investment to help the poor map in Ethiopia and East Africa  for the last two decades left One Campaign’s  African Policy Advisory Board recently to join PM Abiy’s Economic Reform Advisory Council should alarm every Ethiopian and friends of Ethiopia. There is no policy reform nor  “Building Up and Investing in Africa” in any self-respecting economy without complete transparency of the policy makers, the advisers, the investors, the fund raisers and the Medias and institutions that cover them as they rotate roles at will on behest of their foreign sponsors.

The reformist Prime Minster should be aware, ‘Building Up and Investing in Africa’ in shadow of darkness is an invitation to reinvent the Mafia state that benefited corrupt players associated with Former TPLF warlords and sponsors in the last three decades not the people of Ethiopia.

As the new President Elect Joe Biden take office in the shadow of President Obama Administration endorsement of the Former TPLF led rouge apartheid regime and, the chaotic four-years of the President Trump transactional Administration emulating authoritarian regimes of the world that followed, it would be interesting to see whether the President Elect would maintain the same old Africa policy with the same faces or  a new policy change of promoting democracy and rule of law with fresh faces take place to make the responsible parties accountable.

After all, with previous administrations’ policy of appeasing rogue regimes like TPLF led ethnic apartheid regime of Ethiopia, Biden should be awakened to the reality – the era of appeasing rogue groups and regimes is becoming a de facto surrender the American interest for authoritarian regimes of the world at many levels visible for a necked eye as Americans are experiencing what out-of-control President can do to well-established democratic institutions of America that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

So far, picking the Former Assistant Secretary for Bureau of African Affairs Linda Thomas Greenfield out of the Former Secretary of State Madam Albright led Albright Stonebridge lobby group with investment interest in East Africa including Ethiopia is not a promising sign. The consequential UN appointment shows, the Biden Administration’s African policy throughout the UN bodies including the WHO where one of TPLF warlord is hiding from justice is a tale-tell sign nothing much may change.

To make matter worse, the ill-advised appointment of the infamous Susan Rice to lead the Domestic Policy Council, though better than anywhere near foreign policy arena, particularly in Africa is not a good sign either. Her speech on her appointment reviled her love-hate relationship with apartheid rule depending what serve her political and economic ambition best.

Therefore, her influence on UN Ambassador Thomas Greenfield on behalf of her beloved TPLF warlords and operatives that infested multilateral and bilateral organizations and foundations should be closely monitored and reported to appropriate authorities and Media outlets.

At the meantime, the shout for a negotiated settlement  between lawless TPLF warlords that led the apartheid party and PM Abiy led Prosperity Party at the expenses of the foundation of the rule of law, the unity of the people and the sovereignty of the nation is nothing short of an attempt to sustain the corrupt ethnic apartheid status qua of three decades as displayed on mainstream Medias.

In that regard, the first ultimatum for negotiated settlement coming from EU with a treat to cut budgetary support as reported by yet another half-baked Politico article titled EU considers aid cut to Ethiopia amid violence was expected. The leading sponsor of TPLF led ethnic apartheid regime that ruled Ethiopia for almost three decades, for EU to point finger on Prime Minster Abiy as oppose to the belligerent and corrupt TPLF warlords is reminiscent of what EU’s colonial powerhouses did to the people of Ethiopia before and after Fascist’s invasion and occupation in the 1930s.

Fortunately,  EU got the appropriate respond it deserves from PM Abiy himself as, “my message to friends of Ethiopia is that we may be poor, but we are not a country that will negotiate our sovereignty. Threatening Ethiopia for coins will not work …..” once again, reminiscent of the legendary Emperor Menelik II that defended the sovereignty of Ethiopia from belligerent colonial Italy King Victor Emmanuel and his European counterparts.

The bigger question is, why would leaders of the old European colonial nations masquerading as democratic nations undermine unity, truth, knowledge and the rule of laws by appeasing  lawless groups and regimes like TPLF is where the long awaited answer for the bigger problem facing Africa is found.

Is history repeating itself?

Therefore, ‘firehose of falsehood’ coming from mainstream Media and institutions on behalf of the ethnic apartheid TPLF warlords visible for a necked eye is yet to be tackled as the ground war that ended their criminality raps up.

Ironically, the latest invasion of Ethiopian territory coming from the newly formed government of Sudan PM Abiy Ahmed helped to establish is the continuation of the assault on Ethiopian sovereignty by the same belligerent sponsors of TPLF warlords instigated and led by the rouge regime of Egypt in an attempt preserve what is left of apartheid rule.

In hindsight, it is a miracle how Ethiopians and Ethiopia survived over a century of relentless firehose of falsehoods campaign perpetuated by the old colonial powers, their pupate regimes and indigenous emissaries– reenforcing, TPLF is noting more than a modern-day mercenary established to cause havoc on the people of Ethiopia.

Regardless, the battle for unity, truth, and knowledge thus, the rule of law and democracy will not be won by ground war alone but the war on the firehose of falsehoods perpetuated by sponsors of dysfunctional elites masquerading as journalists and experts in the mainstream Media and institutions.

As the legendry 19th century Jamaican political activist and journalist Marcus Garvey rightly put it “liberate the mind of men and ultimately you will liberate the bodies of men”.

Ethiopians are in dire needs of ‘truth telling’ to liberate the minds now that ever and counter the firehose of falsehoods coming from all direction.

PM Abiy Abiy led Prosperity Party of unity, truth and knowledge that liberated Ethiopia from TPLF sponsors instigated ethnic apartheid rule alone is a giant step in the right direction that deserve Mandala size Noble Prize and Statue but that is not enough.

As he navigates to end the prolonged nightmare of poverty, rights violation, and conflicts, he must official declare war on firehose of falsehoods coming from all direction  to free the minds of the people as  the ground war did to free the bodies from TPLF proxy occupation.

The mechanics of ‘liberating minds’ is not as complicated as peddlers of falsehoods masquerading as journalists and experts made the world to believe either.  As the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’ … so ending the firehose of falsehoods perpetuated by dysfunctional elites led by clandestine TPLF media operators and scholars of one thing or another.  Simply instituting laws on complete public disclosure with severe penalty for violating perjury will end  most, if not all falsehoods peddlers’ existence in society.

Setting up Media Monitoring Commission to identify who-is-who peddling  firehose of falsehood in the Media and institutions to disfranchise and robe Ethiopians would go a long way to end the nightmare of the misinformed and uniformed citizens.

Credible Media outlets can collectively initiate and establish Media and institution factcheck  organization to fight back falsehood peddling counterparts and their clandestine operatives masquerading as journalists and experts.

Ethiopians at home and abroad can help in many ways than one to make viable Medias and institutions monitoring efforts possible without fan or favor to any political, social, and economic entity but to sort out the good from the bad and ugly peddlers led by TPLF operatives and sponsors end firehose of falsehoods.

Involving independent institutions, particularly independent Media organizations and law enforcement authorities abroad goes a long way to speed up the process.

But, like the ground war, the war on firehose of falsehoods requires patriots dedicated to free the mind of Ethiopians by dislodging falsehoods peddlers disguised as journalists and experts of one thing or another from the rat holes they have been hiding.

Any Media or institution that consider TPLF a legitimate entity or remain silent on its atrocities, racketeering and plunder is complicit. After all, “silence in the face of injustice is complicity with the oppressor”

The sooner PM Abiy declare official war against falsehoods peddlers that circumvent the foundation of the rule of law and the right of Ethiopians to know the truth, the sooner the nightmare of over 100 million Ethiopians held hostage will end.

Likewise, the sooner new generation of Ethiopians are involved to end the barrage of falsehoods coming from all direction, the sooner they will have a safer and brighter future than the generation before them.  They cannot afford to ignore nor compromise on the very foundation democracy that rests on the rule of law and the people right to know the truth no matter who is in charge.

Therefore, the sooner they help establish falsehoods monitoring institutions the sooner the peddlers run and hide and the sooner they free their mind and body and emancipate themselves and the people of Ethiopia.


The article is dedicated for the Ethiopian Defense Force fallen in liberating the occupied territory of Ethiopia. By far, it is the best thing that happened to the people of Ethiopia since the  Adowa Victory of 1886 over Fascist Italy invasion. What remained is to win the long-awaited battle against the persistent firehose of falsehoods about Ethiopians and Ethiopia perpetuated by the usual suspects that requires armies of falsehoods fighters and truth tellers.