The Misery of Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia – By Sadik Ahmed


  1. Here is a “to do ” list to the so-called government of Ethiopia:
    *** First and foremost demand an apology from the Saudi government for the savage and violent treatment of Ethiopians by the hands of its police force and citizens.
    *** Cease and desist any investment dealings linked the Saudi government and Saudi citizens including ‘SAUDI STAR’, the blood sucking investment group run by Al-amoudi.
    *** Discontinue import and export business between the two countries. That means no food and meat products exported from Ethiopia to Saudi Arabia and in reverse stop the flow of money from Saudi Arabia to Ethiopia which we all know is used to destabilize our country in the name of Islam.
    *** Demand compensation for the family of Ethiopians who lost their lives, our women who were savagely raped, and injuries sustained by the savage beatings of vigilante Saudi citizens backed by police.
    *** If/when the demand of compensation is rejected, then confiscate all Saudi properties in Ethiopia and kick out all Saudi citizens out of Ethiopia within 24 hours frame.
    *** Allow Ethiopians to vent their anger in the streets of major cities in Ethiopia without any restrictions.
    *** Bring our people back home in a dignified manner. Send in chartered planes if you have to. Make sure they get rehabilitated from this psychological trauma. As a government this is the least you can do.
    ***Last but not least discontinue diplomatic ties with Saudi Arabia, a country known as the breeding ground of terrorism. The master minds of 9/11 were Saudi citizens who killed thousands of Americans in that fateful day. The irony of it was–fearing backlash against Saudi’s–the Americans provided a chartered plane and safe getaway to the royal family Saudi Arabia residing in the US. That my friends is the difference between civilized people and barbarians.
    At the end of the day, i see the whole thing as a blessing in disguise. Now that the Saudi’s made it clear to us their racist intentions towards Ethiopians–every move they make from here on will be scrutinized carefully. No more free ride or back door deal in the name of religious charity to poison the unity of Ethiopians. The Saudi’s hidden agenda is an open secret manifested by their generosity to groups out to fulfill their wishes. Sans their oil, the Saudi’s have nothing on us. Taking oil out of the equation Saudi Arabia is a god forsaken barren land inhabitable by animals let alone humans. Ethiopia is a land of milk and honey in comparison to Saudi Arabia but the vicious cycle of bad governance kept us back from reaching our potential. Well, that’s another topic, but for now [email protected]((k Saudi Arabia!!

    • In those days, when God Ejected Lucifer also known DEVIL(SATAN) from heaven; the first place he landed on the earth planet is in Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, he established the central command or the head quarters of the “DEVIL Kingdom”. From Saudi Arabia gives instruction around the globe.That is why there is NOTHING good comes out from that DEVLISH COUNTRY. The people of saudi are like SPEAKABLE ANIMALS, even an animal has a common sense. I personally don’t see them as human beings,rather SPEAKABLE ANIMALS! We are serving the LIVING GOD,not a dead GOD; at the Day of Reckoning they’ll surly pay the price,which is eternal FIRE! The entire Arab society is PEST for this civilized world. They should be WIPE AWAY before it’s too late.

      • This is not the time to put such shallow and silly ideas. We need to try to help our brothers and sisters. Spend time to make an impact, not to uncover your empty mind.

  2. Birtu/can.
    As much as I agree with you,this can only happen when you have a government of the people by the people for the people.And TPLF is not that.

  3. tplf always stands to humiliate Ethiopia in the world arena and the Saudi case is the extension of the grand mission of the tplf.

  4. 3 1 1 1 you will be measured by what measure you measured. The shading human blood with out any reason is not easy. Saudi Arabia.

  5. I am suggesting Ethiopian in Saudi Arabia scan and save all the necessary documents at your hands into your email or social media accounts, or send it to Ethiopian Satellite Television [ESAT] and Ethiopian Website editor-in-chiefs.

    Uncivilized islamist Saudia Arabia ganging up with another islamist regime of Egypt to deporting ethiopians to weaken the economy and to slow the hydro dam project.

  7. John,
    I am well aware of that my brother. I am just trying to put sense into them what a legitment government supposed to do. But you and I and millions others know it is not going to happen with the vagabonds back home. Peace be with you!

  8. our government gives millions arcs of land for Saudi
    all our cattle product goes to saudi while meat became a food only for rich people in my country 200br per killo
    and saudis they eat our brother and sister
    who said muslim means peace this is jok do you know guys saudi is number one the worest t country in the world
    shame on you EPRDF

  9. Dear Ethiopians: all of you I do love so much to be honest
    I have warned always and opposed the sending of Ethiopians to those countries . You may not believe me, I have said this many times, their aim to do this . They have no any ideal; their ideal is not only to kill Ethiopian, but the entire humanity. I have spoken out boldly warning Ethiopians; But I am always bashed and even given as anti-Islam. Why would I hate Islam out of 100 000s of religion. We have 100 000s of religions across the globe. None of them engage in killing in human except Islam. I have never afraid of muslims. I spoken out loudly warning. My message is proven by time and action. There are not human being. They are in form but in in real sense. However, the woyane government will stop sleeping with them in bed like a prostitute. These are cruelest creature on earth; they cut people, they burn people, they bomb people, they stone people to death. They bury their women alive ; you may not know this; they do bury their women alive. They are lowest than animals; There is any creature which does like them. If there is devil, it is them; There is no other devil on our planet . if they get power one day, they will wipe out humanity.
    My surprise, where the human rights now? I am taken by surprise? where the western journalists now? where did they go? Oil has sealed the mouth of the west? they kept quiet?

  10. አባት እና ወ ንድም የሌለው ልጅ አላፊ አግዳሚው ይኮረኩመዋል
    ወገኔ የሚቆረቆርልህ፡የሚጠብቅህ መንግስት የለህ ፡፡ ለራስህ እራስህ እወቅ
    ተነስ ተባበር ለወገንህ ቁም፤ ጩህ አገርህንም ነጻ አውጣ ለመብትህ የሚቆምልህ መንግስት ሰይም

  11. I don’t expect nothing good coming out of this evil nation where terrorists are produced like flies. watch out you evil doers! sooner or later you will get what you deserve. shame on weyanes and their symphatisers

  12. Soudis, they will pay for this gross crime they done. those evil must leave our country too ASAP., we should order they Ambassader to leave Ethiopia

  13. Gentelmen:
    You need to see what some Ethiopian do in Saudi!
    They kill and smash cars…Do you think governemnt will stand off??

  14. Ethiopians are nothing but a joke. Defending criminals (AKA brothers) is all what you’re doing now.
    Birtu/can: looooool

  15. what you Muslims does not know is; what your book is saying about humanity, if you are not happy with these Ethiopians then repatriate them not treating them like animal,
    if you know your history; Ethiopia was the first country who gave refugee to Muslims where they are in trouble and have no where to go. and don’t forget still we have hundreds of your people in our country, would you like to see to your people in Ethiopia that what is happening to us?? it is doable and we are very upset about it, do not under estimate the power of the nation, you may have oil we have our proud which kept us free for centuries.

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