The Man Who Stole the Nile * An Ethiopian billionaire’s outrageous land grab

By Frederick Kaufman
Forget about diamond heists, bank robberies, and drilling into the golden intestines of fort Knox. In this precarious world-historic moment, food has become the most valuable asset of them all – and a billionaire from Ethiopia named Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi is getting his hands on as much of it as possible, flying it over the heads of his starving countrymen, and selling the treasure to Saudi Arabia. Last year, Al Amoudi, whom most Ethiopians call the Sheikh, exported a million tons of rice, about seventy pounds for every Saudi citizen.

(Photo file)
(Photo file)

The scene of the great grain robbery was Gambella, a bog the size of Belgium in Ethiopia’s southwest whose rivers feed the Nile.
I wanted to get to Gambella to see the Sheikh’s plan in action. A friend of mine at the State Department suggested I contact a fixer she knew once I got to Addis Ababa. When I met Aman on my second morning there, he looked the part—blue jeans, black button-down, pin-striped jacket, dark glasses. (He asked that I not use his real name for fear of retaliation by Al Amoudi.).
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  1. You people are disgusting ur rubish post about the person who have contributed a lot on ethiopias development on every direction .this man is not what you discribe him he is ,he open up so many jb opportunities for so many desperate people he hire everyone regardles who they are even ex derg soldiers none mhslims and any religious background .our country hS changed a lot it could have been war raveged city like moqudosho or syria or libya please do not take it for granted i know we have so many problems in our country but it is normal when you try to came out of poverity there will be so much chalenges .As a journalist let us be lrofessionals let us talk reality with out taking sides we have to tell the truth about everything evry day.

  2. This rabish article resembles the dull propaganda that we hear dayin and dayout from “Amhara hate Radio (ESAT)”.

    Like America, Investors from every corner of the world were welcome into the new open pro business Pro advance Ethiopia, there is endless opportunity in Ethiopia, included farming,Hydro power,Industry and service investments. This the main reason Ethiopias economy has been growing in double digit for the past decade.

  4. Why Esat is not saying or making any programe on this weyane Arab ? Is that because there are some inside Esat who are under alamudin payroll ? Esat brake your silent on the Alamudin land grab of the poor Ethiopians if you are serious to the people who are displaced from their land for the good of the Saudi millioner and the weyane thugs.

  5. @Nesanet,
    The Neftegna dictated Hate Radio/ ESAT will be sued and will be held liable for defamation if they dare to open their dirty mouth. That is why.

  6. To Habesha
    As some people mentioned above, I was wondering whatever happened to my previous and neutral mild comments. Are you for real guys? You guys are pretending to be pro-freedom, diversity and pro-expression, etc. Website, but in reality you are doing the opposite. Worse still, you live in the West where those values are learned and promoted and fairly respected. You are promoting your own Amhara supremacist agendas by censuring other Ethiopians’ opinions. You act like Woyane regime, if not worse. Good luck for naivety and naked age-old tribal bias! Small wonder you call yourself the habesha . Good thing that 70 % of Ethiopian are not habesha zer. Adieus!

  7. The poster here seems to be like that of the proverbial saying of the ostrich burying her head. The fact of the matter is that the writer is not an Ethiopian of any shade of political persuasion as some try to allude. He is a westerner, who it as he saw it. Some have alluded that arab land grabber has contributed to Ethiopia. I have contribute by promoting slavery by exporting women to the arbss and promoting prostitution or expanding the building of mosques, rather than building school, hospital, bridges, road to the very same people and country he is exploiting so blindly. So so give me a break and see for what it is what these exploiter arab does.

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