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Thanksgiving comment

Agere Denqnesh, Georgia, USA

I guess by now everyone of us knows how TPLF works and why.  In a nutshell, it is an organization working driven by hatred, greed and power.  Relative to its competitors, being more skilled and determined in what it does, it has succeeded in achieving most of its goals, however evil they may be.  In the process, many have become victims of its inhuman actions.  As a central guiding policy for its work, it has created and installed animosity among Ethiopians, most importantly, by including articles of ethnic-based division in the constitution of the country.  This has been used as a justification for every misdeed TPLF and its likes carry out in Ethiopia.

As amply reported in the media, the slaughtering of more than 600 law-enforcing peaceful citizens by the TPLF has led to the current conflict between the central government and the TPLF junta.  I personally think that at this time, the Abiy government is doing the right thing in its attempt to bring the perpetuators of the crime to justice.  Although careful evaluation is necessary, we just cannot reject everything what Abiy does knowingly or unknowingly.

When hit hard, reversing the cause of the problem, the TPLF has started crying foul to misinform its supporters and the international community.  Using its widespread network of support (including the WHO office), it is now attempting to put pressure on the Abiy administration to stop the search of the criminals in Tegrai.  While events at present are going on in a positive direction and optimism seems to be emerging, as concerned Ethiopians, we just cannot sit and watch things as bystanders.  We have to use the opportunity to contribute to the process by exposing at least the lies of TPLF and its foreign and domestic allies, and supporting and pressuring the Abiy administration to finish the job it has started by moving it faster to the path that fulfills the long-awaited aspiration of the Ethiopian people.  In my humble opinion, a major achievement in this regard would be to change the current TPLF constitution to the one that allows the flourishing of the best of Ethiopia in all aspects.  Every Ethiopian, while demanding this change, should also contribute to it.   

Turning to practicality, there is also some encouraging news reporting that Ethiopians in different parts of the country are in support of the actions taken by the Abiy administration in Tegrai, meantime condemning the destructive antiEthiopia stands taken by TPLF and OLF, and the terrorisms carried out by them and their collaborators.

Demand to change the deadly constitution.  No time is better than the current.

Long live Ethiopia, the birthplace of humankind!!