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The Greediest Nature of the Sudanese Government

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by Netsanet Zeleke – Addis Ababa
Should I say few words to slightly describe who I am? If I should, this is I in brief; I am a citizen of the disfigured or deformed Ethiopia, of the 21st century, temporarily living in Addis Ababa hiding myself from the direct scorch of TPLF, the mercenary junta hired by our torrential sins to severely punish us. I believe in a God; that God being the God of truth and light. I most certainly believe that the God I believe in has His own time to do, redo, or undo what He thinks is best to His subjects based on His own schedule. I believe in all His modus operandi. I believe He is the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last Who decides the fate of not an individual but also that of a nation. Creed is personal. Take it and live it or leave it and get relieved from it. Now to the Sudan.
I wonder how the leaders of this large country, maybe as large as more than three or four fold of that of the size of Ethiopia, have become inexplicably foolish to crave a piece of land, leave alone the alleged 1000+kms x 60+kms of huge territory, from the land of lions! Ethiopians are lions in the time of theirs; not actually in such times of temporary submission to and strategic retreat from organized international conspiracy, a conspiracy to eliminate one national and Pan-African pride which may vie the megalomaniacal political and economic interests of the Big Brother(s). [We know that the primary source of our chronic political problem has to do something with the global monster which has always been responsible for the grotesque shape of our planet; the horn of this monster, the offspring of the serpent, is in Ethiopia while its tail is abroad.] It is surprising that the Sudanese leadership is qualitatively so low that it aspires to grab territorial lands from consciously sleeping lions and tigers miscalculating the future risk. It is really wonderful to see such ignorant bargainers in this age of common sense. In terms of responsible statesmanship, they are mentally crippled to the extent of not recognizing the negative consequences of dealing with an illegal organization such as TPLF that is known for its nihilistic and destructive nature. [The world knows the nature of TPLF that it can happily arrange an auction sale to sell even the whole Ethiopia if there is any volunteer to buy.] I wonder how many foolish and gluttonous people are collaborating with the historical enemy of Ethiopia, TPLF, to dismantle this land of shrines. I wonder how the people of the Sudan, especially around the borders, have become supportive of the mad leaders of Khartoum while their counterparts, the people of Ethiopia, are in jeopardy, and in a dumbfounding silence due to the incredible experience they are forced to pass through. To my knowledge, the Sudan has always been unpredictable. Behaviorally, it is our common understanding that the government of [the] Sudan has most often been known for its consistent inconsistence in any of the relations it has had with neighboring states or beyond.
Understandably, the Sudanese, both the leaders and the leadee, seem to be lost in a capricious or illusory state of mind; following their natural bent, perhaps. Despite the fact that they have an uncontrollably enormous mass of land, they dream to have some more land from Ethiopia, a country temporarily without her own children as leaders, rather, a country being mistreated and sentenced by butchers, butchers who had usurped the palace some years back, to being apportioned to anyone who claims any size of land. By the way, even the farthest countries such as Honolulu or Haiti can claim and secure any size of land from Ethiopia as long as TPLF is in power; this happens because;
1. TPLF is in dire need of money to run its business empires and fill the coffers of its bottomless pits, the corrupt idiot officials.
2. TPLF is an alien to Ethiopia and literally it is Un-Ethiopian; therefore, this junta has no any sense or feeling of national sentiment.
3. TPLF wants to destroy what Ethiopia is known for, be it cultural, religious, or social heritage and/or territorial integrity. TPLF simply wants temporary political power that enables it to demolish the nation and accumulate wealth. Period! And hence, any entity that negotiates and signs any agreement with respect to the interest of the Ethiopian people is by default the enemy of Ethiopians and the agreement(s) will automatically be invalid when our own government comes into being. It is against the interest of all sane Ethiopians if any country reaches at any agreement with TPLF; that agreement may even stoke up devastating wars between Ethiopia and the country in question. It is due to this that the Sudan must think twice before negotiating with TPLF. TPLF will surely go to its historical grave soon but the country and the people are there eternally. Whose interest should be respected? It is up to the Sudan to differentiate what is profiting and what is not.
Anyways, please listen to me, Ms. Sudan. Know that Ethiopia has been slumbering especially for the last 23 years. She has been deprived of all her rights as a country and her people as a people. The astonishing silence of nearly 90 million people of the nation doesn’t mean the country should be something MONEY CAN BUY. No! No! No! Such an ill-fated disposition can happen to any country. There is a time of hibernation as there is a time of aestivation; there is a time of grace as there is a time of disgrace. Probably, Ethiopia and Ethiopians are currently paying off their debt of some historical curses imposed by certain national karmatic occurrences in the past; it is the same to Syria or Iraq or Afghanistan et al. Don’t get surprised, others will follow suit maybe soon. No country, or no people if you will, has immunity from karma cleansing, dear guys! And hence, mark my words, when Ethiopia rises from the dead, everyone should know that no force can stop her people from attaining their rights. No weapon can set them back from conquering their enemies in time of justified wars, albeit, to my conviction, wars shouldn’t seek any form of justification. Go to historical galleries and check it by yourselves. Besides our historical achievements in science and technology, like in architecture ad fine arts, such as the obelisks and the rock-hewn churches we have, if we have something to be proud of, it is “making wars” and become triumphant. Led by genuine Ethiopians, regardless of ethnicity, we are there at the tower of almost any war we engage. Time will prove us everything if I am telling a lie.
Leave alone the Sudan, this country of yesterday, this country of fragility, this country of [all what we know], other accomplices all together will get their due reward when Ethiopia rises again and begins to torch the beacon of independence and human liberty as before.
I personally don’t get that much surprised by what I observe here and there worldwide to destroy this otherwise beautiful country, Ethiopia. I don’t get that much upset when I see people craving to get their share in a situation like Ethiopia where there is a chance to ransack and loot the resources, resources that have no proper owners, instead, in a situation where there is favorable condition created by TPLF to sell out anything Ethiopian; it might be unnaturally natural to voraciously devour upon the available scavenge among scavengers. But I prettily understand that every action has an equivalent retribution from above or from below, or perhaps from both in a synchronized manner. This is what has to be feared. Many people in this world, including the Sudan-TPLF syndicate, are pitifully myopic. They don’t want to learn from history. They are regrettably adamant and are the causes of avoidable destruction upon their nations as well as their loved ones. They think everything stays permanently stable; they are absolutely wrong. I think money and other secular possessions blind people.
Thanks to TPLF, the Sudan may annex a big amount of land from Ethiopia; it is fine and good luck guys there. But, alas for the future relationship of this country of moron leaders with the future generation of Ethiopia; a hard time that the Sudan will never challenge will surface in the Horn of Africa if what we hear is true. Sudan should know that TPLF is just an iota of black spot when compared with the entire history of Ethiopia. Now, it is a time allotted to the Judas. Now, it is the time of traitors. Now, it is a time of stupidity and self-denial. But it doesn’t mean this ugliest Ethiopian scenario stays forever. Never! It will change soon. When it changes, we will go up to Khartoum and will do whatever the situation demands by then. I am warning, not intimidating and my source of confidence is the God of truth. He is impatient to take revenge upon the outlaw scoundrels, such as TPLF and its collaborators, wherever they might be dwelling now or in the later times of the ultimate judgment upon the crooked. We have been witnessing this inevitable divine intervention since time immemorial. Today, everything seems conducive to harass Ethiopians and do anything harmful against them, wherever they might be living, in or out of country. Thanks to God, the golden time of this historic country is coming soon. By then, alas for those who have been the reasons for the suffering of Ethiopians; understandably, these miskin Ethiopians, these poverini, have by no means been the causes of atrocity to anyone, especially nowadays. Though some might not be as good as they are expected to be so to each other on individual basis, they are nice and congenial to live with the people of other countries in the world. They are hard working. They show earnest efforts to grow through hard work. They are not menaces to any citizen on the planet. These days, their major problem is lack of a country of their own; due to this, they may show some restlessness and may become victims of hopelessness. That affects many citizens a lot and may disturb their life. But this doesn’t mean they will remain in this mode of life forever. …
I don’t have any intention to tell the Sudanese to quit this land grab (border-grab?), from owner-less Ethiopia; on the other hand, I don’t want to say ‘Sudan, keep it up this vulgarism’; these things are things to be left for their discretion. Moreover, I don’t have any interest to say the same to TPLF gangsters because I perfectly understand that they are simply hellish instruments to punish us. They themselves are prisoners of evilness, i.e, the negative energy; they have little chance to abandon the satanic deeds they are committing and get freedom. If they could, they would; but they are predestined for such a ruinous act of national atonement.
To my understanding, the Ethiopian situation indicates that we deserved such a whip to weep and consequently wipe our tears for once and for all through the lesson we learn thereof. When sins become rampant in a nation, when love decreases and hatred increases, when fairness and justice grow smaller, when moral and ethical values become on the wane, when greed and selfishness begin to take root, when religion and religiosity become commercialized and hence compromised, when racism and ethnicity become the fad of the time, when education fails to impact citizens to get onto the right track, by and large when the flesh dictates the soul, … it is more likely to have a reign of chaos and human stupidity in nations such as Ethiopia. But fortunately, like other futilities, these are temporal, too, and all such trivialities will wither away as the time of high consciousness supplants this elementary form of human development, which is, according to Abraham Maslow’s human needs hierarchy, mainly motivated by eating, drinking, and copulating, i.e., biological and physiological needs. Surprisingly, TPLF and its likes all over the world are led not by Mr. Mind but by Mr. Belly [??]. And it must be a conundrum to the physical human civilization to see such animalistic beings in the 21st century of the IT age. The presence everywhere of these creatures belies the claim of humanity to have achieved greater spiritual and material advancements. It doesn’t matter who they are and/or where they live. The major emphasis lies in the fact that we have people of mutton head in power who massacre and imprison humans with no other apparent reason than filling their bellies and staying in power indefinitely for decades, even for centuries if possible. This mere instance is enough to understand the fact that humans are less important and less preferable than any other animals in terms of creating peaceful co-existence in this universe, or at least on planet Earth. This is shame to human race at large.
To say few words to those who need my solace, just be patient. The time is coming. The time that has to come and be reinstated is a time in which we the oppressed will rejoice. Do not envy the people of evilness, as the bible recommends. It is because their days are limited and very short. They will perish and turn to ashes. They will doubly cry in a manner they made millions weep day and night. Their master, the current ruler of this world since the last two millennia, will never have any power to save them from the wrath of God against the commandments of Whom both the master and his servants have led millions and billions astray so that they join the kingdom of the disgraced former ‘light bearer’….
Ethiopia will rise and will be the star of humanity again. Ethiopian lions are under the making of His Almighty; He is the only One we Ethiopians depend on to slough off all our temporal problems. We will win as long as we are with Him, and He with us. Everything will be back to normal. As a matter of historical phenomenon, we are through one nasty tunnel; a tunnel whose end is clearly visible to a clairvoyant elder citizen. To whatever extent the situations may seem gloomy now; we shall come out of the quagmire with the help of God in a short period of time. Believe me; God’s power is invincible. Despite all the might this planet has presumably possessed for her insincere purposes may seem destructive and unwinnable, God willing, the downtrodden, the oppressed citizens of this bloody planet will once again defeat those powers of the darkness with the help of the true God. God is not a toy to scornfully laugh at; though some inventions and innovations have intentionally or unintentionally been used for the enhancement of the plans designed by the people with the negative energy; nevertheless, we have to realize that God is the One Who had created the brain that has invented the nuclear power, the dynamite, the electricity, the telephone, the computer, the train, the airplanes, all in all, all the technology we already have. Moreover, He is the One to Whom the hurricanes, the storms, the tsunamis, the earthquakes, the wildfires, the drought, the rains, the floods, the volcanoes, the chilling colds, the searing heats, the diseases, the ices and snows … are sleeplessly at His service to take any orders and destroy their target in any moment, if He wishes and is obligated to do so. Sodom and Gomorrah might come to our mind and witness the undisputable application of the justice system of God in times of complete disorderliness such as now. Man’s technology is nothing if He runs out of His patience, and, let’s not be unaware of the fact that there are several occasions in which He becomes furious and unsympathetic with intolerable sins and wrong acts. “God is merciful,” yes He is, there is no argument in this regard. But He is also wrathful if He is pushed towards that unfavorable direction. Correctly put, a father punishes his children when they repeatedly fail to abide by his rules.
Man cannot depend on his armaments to counter attack the skies. What is the impact of a drop on the vast surface of an ocean? Furthermore and on the other hand, what is the essence of the civilization of Man if he cannot save even one of his nuclear stores from, say, an earthquake? In most worst cases, the blind leading the blind to the abyss. The voracious killing the veracious. The liars persecuting the truthful innocents. This is our world now. No joke intended! No pun intended, too. The serious days are coming ahead. I wish this message would get due attention by everyone. If not, it doesn’t matter; ??? ??? ??? ????
God bless Ethiopia,