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The Great Ethiopian Nationalism !!! (Tedla Asfaw)

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great_ethiopian_run_2007In less than 24 hours some 37,000 will participate on the 13th Great Ethiopian Run (GER) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Out of which there are 500 elite runners from Ethiopia and another 500 from overseas. As always this platform will be used for denouncing the ruling regime for its crimes.

Tomorrow’s run which I rename it as The Great Ethiopian Rise (GER) is “historical” because it is on the weekend where the Ethiopian Diaspora staged in more than 35 cities all over the world protest rallies denouncing  Saudi Arabia for killing, raping, beating and jailing Ethiopians close to the number that are now participating on the 13th GER.
The organizers of the GER rejected the call by the Blue Party of Ethiopia for all to put a black ribbon on their hands to remember those that are killed and are now suffering in Saudi at this moment. Unfortunately, the organizers rejected the call.

The good thing is the organizers have no control of the crowd “mouth”. They can remove from the race anyone with black ribbon in his or her  pocket  but they can not control the “brain” of the participants and the crowd who is watching the run.
The Ethiopian people protested in front of Saudi Embassy on Nov. 15 and were beaten and chased that is reported by world media the likes of AlJazeera, Washington Posts and others. Ethiopian Satellite Television and Radio (ESAT) has followed the humanitarian crisis day by day by putting eye witness accounts from Riyadh.
The Ethiopian people are aware of what has been going on in Saudi Arabia and are very much proud of fellow Ethiopians for staging successful rallies  ashamed Saudi and the ruling Woyane.
It is now time for Addis Ababa residents shaming  Saudi and Woyane in the GER tomorrow. First we start with the Woyane security who beat the Saudi victims for the second time in their own soil. Woyane security has proven to the world that they are protecting Woyane and their foreign masters like that of Saudi regime to continue the modern slavery that profited both of them the slave trader and slave master. Shame onWoyane thugs !!!
Shimeles Kemal the spokesperson for “Arab League” attacked the Addis Ababa protesters  by accusing them of as “Anti Arab”. Ethiopians have shown him and his masters that We Are Proud Ethiopians never to be enslaved by anyone including ARABS. Shame on Shimeles Kemal !!!
Tedros Adhanom the darling of the Woyane Supporters in the Diaspora should be ashamed of himself for using this humanitarian crisis to promote himself. His crocodile tear is an empty gesture  shaming Hailemariam who said not a single word as a father of three daughters against the Rapist in Saudi Arabia. Shame on both of them !!!
It is a total shame for Woyane and their Saudi Masters who are now worried about their business in Ethiopia. The Arab media asked another Shameful Ethiopian so called Ambassador Mohammed Hassen what will be the future of Saudi business in Ethiopia which is close to 15 billion dollars. The shameful Ambassador promised it will be OK !!! Shame on Mohammed Hassen for his incompetency. He is accountable for the crimes committed against our people under his watch.
The bridge of Saudi Kingdom of Shame with Ethiopian Mafia is Al Amoudi. For him the rape, killing and beating of Ethiopians is not his “business” until his mafia business is OK. Saudi Business in no more OK in Ethiopia. That slavery bridge between us and Saudi is broken beyond repair. Never Again !!!!!
The GER  is indeed will be turned into the “Great Ethiopian Rise “. Such humiliation has united Ethiopians more than ever in the last 22 years.This unity will bring the end of slavery in Ethiopia for good.
The successful rally in the Diaspora is the result of Ethiopians humiliation. Ethiopian Pride suffered a major bow. Each and every one of us are angry and should be angry by what our people endured in Saudi Arabia. Such humiliation will accelerate the Regime Change in Ethiopia, the Rise of Ethiopian Nationalism !!!
Chinese has a great lesson form their humiliation by West and Japan that brought the best out of them, Chinese Nationalism. Ethiopia which is quoted on Chairman Mao s book as example of fighting aggression will rise up soon fighting both home and foreign anti Ethiopia forces. Ethiopia’s Great Rise is Certain !!!