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The Great Conspiracy against Ethiopia: Part 2 – The TPLF disorders

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By Michyas Gizaw
In part one I wrote about the conjugal between the “illuminate” (ILU) and the Haughty Sebhat (HS): the architect of “Great Tigray” and the owner of “EFFORT”. Now I will try to say a slight about the disorders of TPLF; the toxic by-product of Sebhat and the little toy of the illuminate.
Dear Ethiopians – time and history brings us into an area of great importance for the correct understanding of the current situation in Ethiopia. Presently Ethiopia is suffering from satanic tyranny (a conjugal between the Illuminate and TPLF). TPLF kills; never care about lives of Ethiopians. TPLF has deaf ears; never listen to the woes of the poor. The groups of TPLF never learn; they are boasting for constructing the Renaissance Dam or Addis-Nazareth motorway. TPLF has no obedience which springs form the heart and conscience. “Their hearts are turned towards selfish gain; their hearts are callous and unfeeling”. The problem of obedience arose when their will was confronted by an alien will; the illuminate. Hiding within the souls of TPLF traitors – the illuminate – is tormenting Ethiopia; one of the most respected land. Dear Ethiopians – We need to cooperate and unite more than ever, before Satan kills us one by one.
It is known that the very best leaders are first and foremost a country and people loving individuals. Unfortunately, Ethiopia today has no such a “human” leader. (Even human tyranny (DERG) was better than the present satanic tyranny (TPLF)). The puppet Prime Minister, HD is surrounded by “evil obsessed TPLF gangs”. They are using him as a remote controlled dummy. I doubt that PM HM, as a Christian grasps the word of God. “For you say I am rich. I have prospered, and I need nothing, not realizing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind and naked (Rev.3:17). PM HM – I don’t think that you apprehend what is going on. Please read these words. “..Put no trust in extortion; set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them (Psalm 62:10) “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). Do you have to lie to make Satan happy? Do you have to lie to be a prisoner in the palace? You have ordered agazi soldiers to kill Amharas and Oromos. Wouldn’t that make Satan happy? Please dear PM – run then confess then wash your hands.
TPLF – the little toy of the illuminate – received guidance from World Bank and IMF: an off-shot of illuminates. Major parts of Ethiopia therefore are taken by USA affluent individuals. China, on the other hand, is investor and prime lender in Ethiopia which indirectly controlled a significant part of Ethiopian resources. The Saudi rich man, Al amoudi is looting the minerals and gold of Ethiopia. The rest part of Ethiopia is literally sold to Turkish, Indian, South Africa and other Western investors. It is indeed a shame to Ethiopia – a 3000 thousand years old independent and sacred country – to be misappropriated by the evil powers. Is it not a shame – to clergy-men and Imams?
The groups of TPLF suffer from personality disorder characterized by enduring antisocial behavior. They will kill anyone who stands in front of their interests. When people asked for their rights TPLF lose trust and eventually become bitter and killer. Even their servants, whom are without empathy and remorse, are killers too. They are rewarded by the groups of TPLF for acting the way it craves. If all could be sent to a criminal psychologist they’d be diagnosed as psychopaths and cowards.
TPLF encourages greed. But greed is only for bad men. For normal people it is anti-social and soul destroying. TPLF destroyed the belief of Ethiopia which relies on altruism, compassion and a generalized concern for others. TPLF got credit from colonizers for doing this evil. Prostitution, corruption, inflation, unemployment, etc., is deliberately done to get cheap labor by suffocating moral and ethics. This is a direct revenge against Ethiopia.
TPLF is a system of minority privilege and class rule based on satanic ownership of means of livelihood. This gives the groups of TPLF not only the power to exploit but to kill or burn humans alive. Innocent people are sent to prison and tortured alive. Unless God interferes they can destroy the entire population.
The group of TPLF knows how to speak about “nation and nationalities”, but they destroy beliefs and psychological make ups of “nations and nationalities”. TPLF gave permission to “nations and nationalities” to dance their traditional dances. Thus, they went out the back door to bargain the land and wealth of the “nations and nationalities”. They vended the land to foreign investors. In connection to this we recall with sorrow the speech of President Jomo Kenyatta, the first president of Kenya. He said, – “They –colonialists – taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible”. The opposition parties at home and abroad fight bravely to reveal this kind of misery. But TPLF undermine all that encourage people to cooperate with each other and act collectively to safeguard their wealth and land. Eskindir, Andualem, Habtamu, Bekele and others are sent to prison for telling the truth to TPLF.
IMF and World Bank make the largest propaganda system for TPLF to convince us that it is the only system possible to make the “double digit” economic progress. It turns people into naive through propaganda, entertainment (dramas and movies) and even so-called news. They are using their creativity to twist feelings of love, desire, human solidarity and fairness into tools of manipulation, so that ever more looting and robbing flows into the hands of tiny TEGARU minorities and their collaborators.
TPLF is a system in which the principle of abhorrence dominates love. The puerile websites that supports TPLF learned how to lie to elevate the evil government and the parasitic economy. Even rich people use their money to manipulate boob journalists. Hence – those with the power and money got coverage on the news. The insolvent Journalists (cronies) therefore are entitled to the most goods (luxury) and services. The high they echoed the untruth – the big money they are rewarded. Even those who worked for the “SHIEK” for a dollar are daily asked to uncritically follow orders, to act as if they are machines, and limit their creativity to what profits their bosses.
TPLF proclaims the virtue of “DEVELOPMENT”, but development without regard for morality. The empty “Developmental State Doctrine” and “The Pretext of Poverty Reduction”, leads TPLF to seek profit absolutely everywhere, regardless of the damage done to the will of the people and the health of livelihood. Their twisted conviction of “development” leads TPLF to destroy any rival system or way of thinking (such as land not for sale, democracy, humanism and respect for human rights) that can be a barrier to their endless quest for looting.
TPLF is not a friend our Tigray brothers and sisters but ultimately their enemy. When pushed, they choose to run with the money they stole over them. If the Tigray people use civic disobedience, demonstration or violence to weaken the power of the evil TPLF – no doubt that TPLF uses various forms of fascism in order to keep them silent. This is the fear of our Tigray brothers and sisters “Look – what we’ve done – we are scorching prisoners in Klinto”, no one cares for them; we rounded up and kill the youth in Oromia, Konso, Gojam, Gonder and Bahrdar, no one cares; our brave agazi soldier killed a young man in Dembi Dolo and ordered the Oromo mother to sit on the corpse of her deceased son and lashes her with the stick he holds, no one cares. In Konso our brave agazi soldier killed a newly born woman and took the weaned baby away. No one cares. Our sniper shooters kill the youth everywhere, who cares. We sent all the journalists to prison, no one cares. Who perceives the empty cries of the opposition parties, Diasporas, human rights activists, journalists and concerned individuals? You know why – USA is our friend, GB is our friend, China is our friend, Germany is our friend, Israel is our friend, Norway is our friend, France is our friend, Al-amoudi is our friend. Even the UN is our friend. We gave them land and minerals – they gave us protection and money”, says every inhuman TPLF vagrant to the Tigray people to downgrade their courage and belief in God. But sooner or later Tigrays upsurge against TPLF is inevitable. Tigrays are patriots and God fearing people.
TPLF is a cancer taking over ethics and morality. Even brokers (with a hierarchy to the top) make profits from selling university girls to Arab fornicators and Nigerian mobsters. It is a shame for all of us. During the times of Hailesselassie and the Derg – prostitutes and street girls- were not allowed to get contact with foreigner erotic purchasers – let alone students and young girls. Today “universities” in big cities are becoming a “red light districts”. It is a shame on us. In sadness, we heard that homosexuals in Addis Ababa raped a young man. For us Ethiopians it is better to die 1000 deaths than wound our honor.
TPLF is destroying humanity, traditional ethics and morality and lied to the nation that the current uprisings of the people of Oromia, Amhara, Konso, Ogaden, Bensangul, Afar, etc., are the result of the growth of needs (craving of material necessities) or “increase of demand” which the government will eventually tackle it by “increasing supply”. They are joking. “Supply” from where? Ethiopia is becoming a hell for looters, thieves and their masters.
Go away TPLF – the little toy of the illuminate – you are with disorders that cannot be cured.
Dear Ethiopians – Only by getting rid of TPLF can we rescue our soul, humanity, history, patriotism, culture, moral, ethics, beliefs, relationships and tradition.
Let us throw off the yoke of Satan oppressors.
Long live Ethiopia.