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The final days of evil Woyane. By Yilma Bekele

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We are entering a new and turbulent phase in Ethiopian politics. This is the first time our country has gone for long without a ‘strong’ Leader at the center. Dear old Meles is the last of the ruthless breed that left our country saddled with poverty of mind, education and void of a positive outlook on life. How do we wean ourselves from this dependence to be bossed around and be humiliated by self appointed leaders is a good question.
Today the TPLF core is in disarray. The house of cards they built is crumbling down from the inside. Famine, unemployment, inflation are decimating our people. On many occasions brave Ethiopians have attempted to take matters into their hands. We have sacrificed plenty of beautiful Ethiopians to Woyane killers. Like most us I can recite names and places where our friends, leaders and righteous Ethiopians have fallen to Woyane professional killers.
We are still working hard to liberate our political prisoners in Woyane dungeons public and private.  Again I can recite the names and years my Ethiopian brother and sister are kept in the dark even not allowed visit by family and friends.
Today I am not lamenting over the thirty years of atrocity by a few criminals that assumed power under murky condition. I have no time to dwell on that. There always is a time and place for everything.
I have been watching the deteriorating condition in our motherland. I am both happy and saddened by the news. I am sad because so many of our young people are getting killed by Woyane troops. Our towns and villages are in turmoil affecting the peace of our people. It is a very stressful moment for our family that live from day to day.
I am also empowered when I see the gallant students standing up for the cause they believe and doing it in such a graceful way. Our Oromo brothers and sisters are doing what is expected of a conscious human being – saying no to injustice. Woyane philosophy, Woyane logic, Woyane propaganda has at last hit a brick wall.
People hare taking power away from Woyane appointed thugs. In Oromia region of Chelia OPDO cadres and the police have removed their uniform and joined the people. This is just one instance. It is exactly why the Woyane regime is using helicopters to transport troops because trust with the local officials is no more. May I remind you that the regime did not use any helicopter to transport food and medicine for people in dire situation due to lack of food. This in a nutshell is the character of the Ethiopian dictators.

(photo : Muktar Kedir, President of the Oromia regional state)
(photo : Muktar Kedir, President of the Oromia regional state)

Woyanes are reduced to house imprisoning their junior partners and confiscating their phones. The Kilil bosses are at a loss. The Oromo and Amhara anointed leaders are squirming like the rat they are. Reminds one of South Africa during its dying days. The Bantustans were where the fear of retribution was felt the most. It is curious the President of Oromia has nothing to say while his Kilil is burning. What do you expect for a person that owes his position to no other than our billionaire Sheikh. Like the infamous Ugandan dictator Idi Amin I see Muktar in Saudi Arabia when the time comes.
The famine is showing what a farce Woyane TPLF played on the world with their hollow elections and phony growth statistics. It is a cruel and inhuman game that was played with the lives of our people. Today Woyane would rather have millions suffer than admit ‘in one of the fastest growing economies in the world’ human beings are dying due to lack of food. Famine does not distinguish ethnic afflation.
Some like puppet Muktar would like to reduce the current movement into a simple issue of disagreement over the so-called  ‘Master Plan.’ That is not true friend Muktar. The “Master Plan’ ignited the deep resentment that was boiling and churning all over Ethiopia. Woyane has been stealing land since they assumed power and much more aggressively since the 2005 Election. So you see it is not just about land. It is about power if you really want me to say it out loud. Who has it, how was it acquired and how is it used is the fundamental question here.
Right now TPLF has the power, it was acquired illegally by manipulating elections and is being used to take land away and reduce people to second-class citizens in their own land. That is what the Oromos and the rest of Ethiopians are asking – the power to decide for themselves. Today is a beautiful day in Ethiopia. Our people are asking this question in a loud manner. Our children are dying for asking this question.
mplsThere is more good news. Ethiopia’s children on the outside are working together to challenge dictatorship more than ever. Attack on one is considered as attack on all.  All Ethiopians are incensed about the use of lethal force on peaceful students and their families. They are marching in protest in all major Metropolitan areas. We have learnt from Gambela, we saw what happened in Gura Fereda and we witnessed Beneshangul. We recognized our silence emboldened the rude regime and we are saying no more.
We are going to ask foreign governments that sell such lethal weapon to the rouge regime to use their influence and stop dictators from using it on our people. We are going to write our representatives in Congress to use the power of foreign aid to curb the blood thirsty regime from using donated weapon, troop carriers and other war stuff on our people.
Right now the Ethiopian people are on the move. We ask their children not to go to Ethiopia this holiday season. We ask our friends, family and supporters to stop feeding Woyane killers’ hard currency. The so-called ‘Master Plan’ is a scheme to take land away from ordinary farmers and sell it to the Diaspora. Buying that land is as criminal as the original robbery.  It is a morally bankrupt deed. It is also a fool’s decision because there is no guarantee it would be there tomorrow. If you really think the poor farmers is going away that easy then you got some reckoning to do not in the distant future.
The Woyane regime is busy inciting conflict between the children of Ethiopia. There was a time that used to work. That is not true today. We know siding with Woyane thugs only demeans ones soul and makes one hide from family and friends. There are a few among us disparaging the struggle of our children and splitting hair about the kind of flag we carry and the language on our placards. That is what is called missing the point. Today Ethiopia’s children are working for the common goal of freedom and democracy. Those two concepts don’t come with color, ethnicity or gender. Let us all focus on the main issue – ending thirty years of hell on earth for our people.  We shall overcome.