The Ethiopian Elites Have Failed to Follow The Principles of Our Forefathers!

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By Belayneh Abate

In the western world,  you have to produce astounding  resume to get a decent job.  To reassure the job offer, you have to provide references that could speak highly about your past achievements in addition to your resume. Based on the resume and the references, the employer can predict what you can and cannot do in the future. In other words, the employer predicts your future achievements based on your past accomplishments.

Before  the Westerners start to read resumes, our forefathers  used to predict future abilities based on the past activities. Predicting the future achievements based on the past accomplishments  was the culture of our ancestors. For example, our forefathers never  elected a volunteer slave, a  liar, a traitor, a looter,  or a coward as Gobez Aleqa, Shimagille, or Atbia Dagna. Our forefathers used to think in three dimensions  for long not to give the hands of their daughters to uncultured and unprincipled boys or boys raised of such parents.

When The Natural & Spiritual Intertwine

The Ethiopian elites have lost the principles and the culture of our forefathers as much as they have failed to follow the Westerners’ tradition of reading resumes. As the result of this tragic failure, many Ethiopian elites cheer behind murderess,  looters, volunteer slaves and traitors.

It was perplexing to watch the Ethiopian elites endorsing  the murderers, looters, and  volunteer slaves that shuffled power last year under the pressure of the West after thousands of people were massacred , disabled and tortured by these looters and volunteer slaves.

The opportunist Ethiopian elites salivated when the volunteer slaves such as Abiy Ahmed pretended to act as visionary leaders that  stood on their own spines. Failing to stand by their forefathers principles and ignoring to read their resumes, the opportunist elites blindly trusted the  shameless volunteer slaves when these volunteer slaves acted as if they emancipated themselves from the bondage of slavery.

The opportunist elites did not want to listen when principled citizens cried not to support the volunteer slaves that murdered and tortured patriots that freed them. Defying the concerns of principled citizens and shouting the “national unity” mantra as an excuse,  the gullible elites failed to admit that these slaves were criminals, who were librated by the martyrs they slaughtered.

Like an immature girl cheated by a cunning but useless boy, the gullible elites were miserably seduced by the slaves’ rhetoric and pretensions behind podiums. These elites forgot how the Legesse Zenawi’s gang group selected these slaves in order to establish its rule at the graves of Chauvinists and Neftegnas. The elites forgot that Legesse Zenawi’s gang group never assigned slaves that would question the atrocities and treasons the group committed.

As aliens that recently descended from Mars, these unprincipled elites acted as if they did not  know that the criminal  party Abiy Ahmed leads made the country land- locked, granted land to Sudan, promoted endless ethnic conflicts, massacred people, tortured and sterilized innocents. The pseudo- elites did not want to remember  that this party executed these atrocities and treasons after designing and building effective weapons. The elites do not want to admit that these effective weapons were Abiy and other volunteer slaves who are now embraced like a darling first child by the unprincipled elites.

The unprincipled elites did not want to listen when principled citizens spoke loud that trusting  these criminal slaves is trusting Yihuda. Yihuda served Satan betraying Christos that groomed him as disciple. Similarly, these slaves served Legesses’s gang group betraying the people that cultivated them from cradle to adulthood.

The opportunist elites do not want to admit that Yihuda was a better traitor than the volunteer slaves they support. Yihuda never hammered nails to Christos’s extremities nor did he tie rope around his neck to gratify Satan. But these slaves, who are now supported by opportunist elites,  shot bullets and bombs to their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to please their masters. Yihuda regretted his treason and committed suicide, but these slaves showed no remorse and placed themselves into seclusions. Instead of placing themselves into seclusions, these shameless traitors pretended as if they were visionary leaders to steal the hearts of the naive mass and unprincipled  elites.  The elites fail to understand that these shameless slaves were regrouping themselves to stay in power for the coming decades.

The shameful Ethiopian elites are also supporting the traitor leaders of “opposition” political parties, who are currently dancing with the criminal  leaders of the Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF).

How could a sane elite stand behind the  traitor opposition party leaders that dine with the heads of EPRDF that massacred, amputated, sterilized and blinded the members and supporters of their political parties? What kind of sane elite supports  traitor politicians that open a bottle of sparkling Champagne and cut a decorated cake with the murderers of their members and followers? What kinds of citizens vote for these types of traitors?

The Ethiopian elites have failed to follow the principles of our forefathers as much as they have failed to master the western culture of reading resumes. As a result of their failure,  the Ethiopian people, known for granting the outmost respect to intellectuals, have completely lost hope on the Ethiopian elites.

In order to get the trust of the Ethiopian people back and to save the country from demise, the elites should follow the principles of our forefathers and  stop supporting the criminal  slaves that massacred, amputated, sterilized and tortured millions of our citizens!

Thank you.

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