The Ethiopian army is crucial for change in Ethiopia!!

I just finished reading Dr. Aklog Birara’s recent piece posted on Ethiomedia. It is also posted on many websites worth reading it.

I agree with his opinion of the “opposition” in being fragmented and thus hurt the cause of the struggle for freedom and justice.
I would like also to add considering the army as “Woyane Army” and categorizing it as the enemy hurt the struggle for freedom and justice too.
The generals in the army almost Tigreans are filthy rich while the rank and file multi ethnic is not better than the majority of Ethiopians.However, the propaganda emanating from the opposition medias help the regime by alienating the poor soldiers and officers from the masses.
Mass revolt like the one we witnessed this month in Burkina Fasso can happen in Ethiopia any time without any warning. The opposition medias should better correct their flaws by bringing the rank and file of the Ethiopian army with the masses, inform them no reason to defend those in power who enrich themselves at the expense of the masses including themselves. Ethiopian army are defenders of the masses and Ethiopia. That should be the propaganda line coming out of the diaspora medias.
United opposition with the dissatisfied Ethiopian army can bring hope for our country. Without the army participation in our struggle whatever revolt is coming certainly will not bring a regime change in Ethiopia. USA and UK trained officers of the Ethiopian army who see the suffering of their people should play a transitional role for future change in Ethiopia. The 1974 Ethiopian “Abyot” is our recent history to look back and learn from it.
Tedla Asfaw


  1. Ato Tedla,
    You want “Yehamsa Aleka Legesses” of the Woyane army to run Ethiopia? That is the lesson learned from your “1974 Abyot”. The Ethiopian people are tired of outdated ideas like the one you suggested and the current regimes lies. All we need is true democracy and the ability to exercise our God given rights:- Freedom of Expression, Assembly,and Pursuit of Happiness.
    We don’t need “be wetader yemimera abiyot” once again. Wake up you people and learn from what people are doing around the world to gain their freedom … it is a miracle that millions of able Ethiopians submitted themselves to a bunch of gun touting 5th grade drop outs for almost three decades … what a shame!

  2. Here we go again. What is your point Mr. Tedla? Are you advocating military coup ? I don’t think so. Diehard selfish diaspora is always in dream to see the country destroyed and fall as failed Somalia and othere middle east countries. I think you should think about the country first if you realy care just get life

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