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Genocide 2Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing of Amharas, non-Oromo Speakers, Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia

by Belay Zeleke

Background: Violence, Hatred and Brutality (Mogasa & Geda)

“In the 16th century the Adal war lord popularly known as Ahmed Grange, with Ottoman Turks push and support carried out jihadist invasions and destroyed whatever was left of the Christian Amhara after the destruction of Yodit’s atrocities. Grange Ahmed’s Islamist war against Amhara left feudal lords and kings of that moment weak and defenseless. (I mentioned about this in a number of my articles). Asa result, the various Oromo Lubas carried out successive moves into Amhara and other ethnic Ethiopian lands. The relentless, opportunistic and ”predatory” acts of invasions during the second half of the 16th and 17th centuries by the Oromo resulted in their forced settlements on traditional and historic Amhara and other ethnic Ethiopian territories. The Oromo invasions left hundreds of thousands of Amhara and other ethnic Ethiopian people killed & the rest in particular child bearing women and small children mostly girls were assimilated. The boys just like grown men were mutilated massacred and their organs were severed and taken as trophies. The Amhara and the other ethnic people lost thousands of young and adult men whose male organs were cut or mutilated

Nowadays in the country, Oromo elders or Gedas as they are called openly wear on their foreheads a replica of a male reproductive organ during traditional or cultural ceremonies, proving beyond reasonable doubt that Oromos never gave up their obsession of displaying in public a mutilated maleorgan as a trophy of victory

For a detailed and precise nature of Oromos predatory invasions and atrocities of the above mentioned era, read the eye witness accounts of Abba Bahrey’s ‘Zenahu Le Galla’ that narrates in detail the Oromo invasion originally written in Geeze script during the end of the 16th century.”1

During that time as the Oromo Lubas & Tribes marauded they destroyed and laid to waste over 28 ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Their aim was to not only take over the land but also destroy the existing cultures and replace it with Oromo. To do this they utilize Mogassa and Geda. Mogassa is the act of taking/adopting the survivors of these massacres who are typically women and children and having them become Oromo. These survivors are forced to abandon their culture, language and practices and in it’s place the Oromo culture is involuntarily placed upon them.

The Answer to why the racism/radical extremism of Oromo Prosperity Party: Oromuma

Oromuma is a political ideology that aims to Oromize Ethiopia. Let me be clear that it does not represent the average Oromo. So for example they want to take over South Wello, They want to take over Addis Abeba, They want to take over Beni-Shangul Gumuz region and on and on. It is an ideology that likely comes from the 16th century Oromo expansion. Oromuma today = Oromo PP (many elements like Abiy Ahmed, Shimelis Abdisa,..) + OLF + Querro + Oromo Extremist politicians (like Merrara  Gudina and Bekele Gerba and Jawar Mohammed..) + other extreme Oromo political subgroups and activists. Once again these so-called ignorant elites are a tiny minority of the Oromo people and do not represent them in any way shape or form.

The criminal TPLF created OPDO, it now seems like the demon child may be far worse than the devil himself. Both are very dangerous for Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

These are the recorded words of Shimelis Abdisa the current President of the Oromo regional state and executive member of the Ormo Prosperity Party. His voice from a secret closed door meeting from about 7 months ago was released August 8th2020. The people in attendance are Oromo politicians, Oromo business people and other extreme Oromo activists.  The first part of the meeting was open to the press and likely for pretend. The real meeting and discussion happened after the press were told to leave. The full audio can be heard at these links     in Oromigna

Below are some quotes from Shimelis Abdisa during his lecture and explanation to the audience. There is enough here to inform the reader what Oromo PP intends

—-“አንድነገር ልንገራችሁ አማራቁልቁል እየሄደነው። አማራ እየሞተነው። አማራ ስል አማርኛን ነው ብሔሩን አይደለም።አደራችሁንይሄውጭአይወራም።”

“… Let me tell you Amhara is dying and will continue to die. When I say Amhara I mean the language not the ethnic group (this last piece seemed to have been said to try and absolve the Oromo Prosperity Party of crimes) Please Please I implore you this cannot be repeated outside this room”…

—-“ዘመድ ለማፍራት ብዙተሰርቷል።……አባይን ተሻግረን ባህርዳር ብዙ ሰርተናል። የቻልነውን አሳምነን(Convince) ያልቻልነውን ግራአጋብተን(Confuse) ።አሁን የሚያስቸግረው ሌሎች ለምን ግራ ተጋቡ ብላችሁ ትጨነቃላችሁ።ምንአገባችሁ?”

“… We have done our work to find allies. We crossed Abay and went to Bahir Dar (capital of the Amhara region). We convinced as many of them (Amharas) as we could and confused the rest with our duplicitous political gestures. You (referring to the Oromo political leaders & business people in the room) are creating the problems for us by asking why they (Amharas) are confused. Why do you care it’s not your problem….”

—-“የሰዎቹ ኔሽን ቢዩልዲንግ(የአማራዎች) ከመቶ አመታት በፊት ጨንግፏል።አንድ ሐይማኖት፣አንድ ቋንቋ አንድ ባህል ያሉት ከሽፏል። አሁን እኛ ኦሮሚያን እናኢትዮጵያን እየገነባን ነው።ኢትዮጵያን እኛእንደፈለግን አድርገን እየሰራናት እየፈጠርናትነው።”

“…The people’s (Amharas) nation building failed 100 years ago. One religion, one language, one culture is gone. Now we are re-creating Ethiopia in the image of the Oromo. We are Oromizing Ethiopia in the way we want…”

—-“ብትወዱም ባትወዱም ቄሮን የፈጠረው ኦህዴድ ነው።
ሰልፍ ስናስወጣም ስንበትንም የነበርን እኛ ነን።

“…Whether you like it or not we (OPDO now Oromo Prosperity Party) created Quero. We directed them to protest and we were the ones that dispersed them…”

………ቁማር በደንብ ነው የተጫወት ነው።ቁማሩን ስለተጫወትን ነው የበላ ነው።…ፖለቲካ ተንኮል ነው።ከውስጡ ሌላ የለውም።ምን ያህል ተንኮል ትችላለህ ነው ዋናው።”

“…We gambled and we have won. Politics is about being deceitful, conniving, plotting & conspiring. That’s all there is to it. It is about how much/how well you can cheat & double deal, that is the most important thing…”

ኦህዴድ የህወሓት ነበር። ህወሓት ኦህዴድን የሰራው ስልጣን  ላይ ላለመልቀቅ ነው። እኛም ብልፅግናን የመሰረትነው ከስልጣን ላለመውረድ ነው።ብትወዱም ባትወዱም ብልፅግና ደግሞ የእኛነው።ራሳችን ነው የሰራ ነው።

“…OPDO (Oromo People Democratic Party) was owned by the TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front). TPLF created OPDO to remain in power. We (OPDO) created PP (Prosperity Party) to make sure Oromos always stay in power. We Oromos created PP in our image, we own PP…

n  ከአሁን በኋላ ብልፅግናን የሚመራው ኦሮሞ ወይን ምኦሮሞ የፈቀደለት ብቻ ነው።TPLF ኦህዴድን የፈጠረው ለኦሮሞ ህዝብ  ብሎ ሳይሆን ለራሱ ነው።እኛም ብልፅግናን የፈጠርነው ለኛ እንደሚመችን አድርገን ነው። ብልፅግናን የፈጠርነው ከስልጣን ለመውረድ አይደለም። …

“..From now on PP will be led only by Oromos or whomever Oromos give permission. We created PP not for other people of Ethiopia but to make sure Oromos stay in power..”

n  ለአዲስአበባብዙመፍትሔአለ።አንደኛውበሕገወጥምሆነበህጋዊመንገድሰውማስገባትነው።ሌላኛውአዲስአበባንየማትጠቅምከተማማድረግነው።በኢኮኖሚእናዳክማታለን።ከተሳካልንየፌደራልመንግስትመቀመጫነቷንሦስትእናአራትቦታእንሰነጥቀዋለን።የድንበርመካለያአዋጁወጥቷል።እሱለስሙይፀድቃል።ዋናውግንአዋጁአይደለም።እኛበአጭርጊዜዴሞግራፊውንለመቀየርእየሰራንነው”

“..To ensure Oromos own Addis Abeba there are multiple solutions. One was is to illegally change the demography of the city. The other way is to make Addis Abeba an irrelevant city. We will destroy the economy of the city, We can also create 3 or 4 other federal cities and weaken the city…”

አማርኛእየደከመነው፣እየቀነሰነው።ኦሮምኛከአማርኛበላይእየተነገረነው።በቤንሻንጉል37 በመቶኦሮምኛይነገራል፣በቤንሻንጉል፣በጋምቤላ……ይነገራል።አማርኛእየቀነሰነው።……

“..Amharic is dying. Oromigna is being spoken more than Amharic. In Benishangul Gumuz 37% of the people now speak Oromigna. Also in Gambella. Amharic is dying..”

……አምስትቋንቋየመረጥነውለእነሱአስበንከልክበላይለብሔረሰቦችተጨንቀንይመስላችኋል? እኛአፋርናሳማሌንስናመጣሰዎቹን(አማራናትግሬውን) ወደታችለማውረድነው።ለኦሮምኛብለንነው።”

“…Do you think we chose 5 languages to be the Federal languages because we give a damn about those other ethnic groups. (spiteful laughter is heard from the Oromo politicians and business people in the room). We added those other languages to defeat and bring the downfall of the Amhara and Tigreans. We are doing it for Oromigna.

—-ብታምኑምባታምኑምሁሉምክልሎችበፍጥነትቁልቁልእየሄዱነው።ኦሮሚያከግምታችሁበላይእያደገነው።እኛምንእየሰራንእንደሆነያወቁትያለእረፍት24 ሰዓትእየጮሁነው።እናንተግንገናአልገባችሁም።

“Whether you believe it or not all the other Ethiopian regions except for Oromo region are declining, they are diminishing. Oromo region is growing more than you know. The ones ( meaning: parties like Balderas for Democracy, EDP, diaspora media etc…) that have understood what we are doing are opposing us 24 hours a day. You all (the Oromo politicians and business people in the audience) have not understood our plan…”

The Genocide that occurred between June 29th, 2020 and July 10th, 2020

When we saw and heard the atrocities and Genocide in the Oromo region committed by the radical Islamic Quero group starting June 29th, 2020 it makes us wonder about the mindset and psyche of the Oromo Prosperity members. Why have they not acknowledged the massacre officially or even visit the victims? This starts from the leader Abiy Ahmed. The slaughter by a machete of a 9 month pregnant mother in front of her husband and children because they said an Amhara child will not be born on Oromo land. The decapitation of Orthodox men and women and children as the murderers cried Allah Wakbar.  The dragging of dead bodies from town to town. Below are some of the gruesome news reports.

Ethiopian News Agency Report on July 15th2020:

Following the killing of Hacahalu Hundessa residents in Agarfa in the Oromia region of Ethiopia were singled out as neftegna (code word for ethnic Amharas or Orthodox Christians) and killed. 7 people were killed and properties looted and burned. Members of Agarfa’s Oromia police appear to have provided weapons to these looters/killers and watched while the mayhem was unfolding. 14 members of the Agarfa/Oromia police have been relieved of their duties and are under arrest. Mr. Ahmed also said that groups (such as Oromo Liberation Front) that were allowed back in the country are the ones creating & inciting the problem, which they wanted to lead to ethnic violence.

Abbay Media an Ethiopian based news outlet reported onJuly 14th2020:

In West Arsi/Kofele Oromia region of Ethiopia. According to Miss Yerbealem Gedenu: “They surrounded by brothers house and chanted his name Tamerat and called him neftegna. They killed my brother Tamerat Tsegaye tied him to a motorbike and pulled him from one precinct to another. The Oromia police allowed the Oromo youth called Querro to continue pulling his body even though residents tried to stop them. They burned our house our business….They targeted Orthodox Christians.. “

VOA Amharic July 13th2020:

In the Oromia region of Jimma Hotel Dololo built using capital of 100 million dollars was completely burned. The owners said it was done by a mob (Oromo youth called Qerro) and the government should take responsibility. This happened to numerous targeted businesses. In addition 44 Oromia government officials and 20 Oromia security personnel have been arrested suspected in the unrest.

Reported by Ethiopian Orthodox media Mahibere Kidusan on July 11th2020

Reported by his holiness the Primate of West Aris Abune Henok:

In West Arsi region of Oromia Orthodox Christians were targeted.
* 19 Orthodox Christians were killed
* 934 companies and businesses belonging to Orthodox Christians were destroyed
* 4 Schools belonging to Orthodox Christians were destroyed
* 493 houses belonging to Orthodox Christians were destroyed
* 72 vehicles were burned
* 1 Church was burned
* 3362 believers are sheltering in nearby churches

VOA Amharic July 8th2020: 

After the killing of singer Hachalu Hundesa Ethiopian Federal police have reported that 177 people have been killed. 167 in Oromia region and 10 in Addis Abeba… One mother reported that the mob (Oromo youth called Querro) killed my son right in front of me… 3100 suspects in Oromia and 1600 suspects have been arrested according to Mr. Jeyland Abdi spokesperson of the Federal Police. On another note many other victims of the massacre are sheltering in Zeway without any help from police or officials…

Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Office July 8th2020:

“Update on current issues:…Protestors took to the streets of Addis Abeba and Oromia region on June 30th2020… not all of them were peaceful many citizens as well as government officials lost their lives. Hundreds of people were wounded, private and government state property was destroyed estimated to be in the millions of birr…”(The mob were using the word neftegna to target vicitims.) “Neftegna is often related to ethnic Amharas ..however not only the Amharas were part of the neftegna ruling class some of them were also ethnic Tigres, Oromos Ghurages etc..”

From Washington Post July 8 2020

At least 239 people have been killed and 3,500 arrested in more than a week of unrest in Ethiopia ..In the Oromia region, the toll includes 215 civilians along with nine police officers and five militia members, regional police commissioner Mustafa Kedir told the ruling party-affiliated Walta TV on Wednesday.

Officials earlier said 10 people were killed in the capital, Addis Ababa, eight of them civilians, amid outrage after a popular singer was shot dead last Monday..

The 3,500 arrests have included that of a well-known Oromo activist, Jawar Mohammed, and more than 30 supporters…Local reports have said that in some places ethnic Oromo have attacked ethnic Amhara, and in Shashamane town some people were going home to home checking identity cards and targeting Amhara residents

VOA July 6th2020:

In the Oromia region of Ethiopia citizens from one ethnic group (to be understood as Amharas) were targets of heinous attacks. In Arsi Zone in 5 precincts 34 people were killed according to the administrator of the zone. A son reported that the mob of Oromo youth killed his father right on front of his eyes. They burned our entire property. Although the attack appeared to be against one ethnic group many of the residents have intermarried and lived together.

International Crisis Group July 4th2020:

Unrest quickly spread across the capital and many parts of Oromia. Youthful Oromo protesters, known as Qeerroo, staged protests in Addis Ababa and across Oromia, destroying property and attacking members of other ethnic groups, prompting non-Oromo to mobilise in self-defence. Eighty-three civilians and four police officers have been killed in the mayhem, according to Oromia’s police commissioner. By 3 July, troop deployments appeared to have mostly brought calm to the capital and large parts of Oromia. But if attacks resurge, they could snowball into even more serious intercommunal violence and breathe further wind into the sails of a group of Oromo nationalists who have been running an armed rebellion for the past two years in the state’s western and southern extremities.




The other (non-Oromo) members of the Prosperity Party (Amhara, Somali, Southern, Sidamo, Benishangul,Gambela etc..) must re-think whether or not they can continue with the dangerous, ethnically hateful, racists/extremist and deceitful Oromo PP.  Tigray PP with it’s criminal leaders TPLF is in self exile in Mekelle so they are a wild card. However it is well known who they are and what they want to do as has been seen for 28 year. Now it is crystal clear what Oromo PP is planning as well. Once you know the problem then you are more than half way to the solution.

Can PP continue down it’s current path, given that during a training session for their cadres there was guidance that in terms of religion the PP does not work well with Orthodox Christians and Islam but is rather is more compatible with Christian Protestantism?

The mayor of Addis Abeba who was appointed by Abiy Ahmed must be made to step down and hand over the authority to a group of temporary technocrats (AA residents) with no political party affiliation.
Jawar Mohammed, Bekele Gerba and OMN media/staff must be charged with terrorism and incitement of Genocide just like RTLM in Rwanda.
Free Eskinder Nega and the other prisoners of conscience.
Finally: All of those who are working to cover up the Genocide or brush it aside, think if it were your relatives, brothers, sisters, father, mother, grandmother or grandfather.


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