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The day Ethiopian protestors shut a busy street in Brussels

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By Robele Ababya, 08 November 2014
Tribute to heroic Ethiopian protestors in Brussels
Ethiopian protesters shut down busy street in BrusselsI had the privilege to watch, with tears choking my eyes, the stunning demonstration, in front of the EU Headquarters, by heroic Ethiopians that shut a busy street in Brussels. Ethiopians converging in a display of colorful unity from all over Europe and probably beyond made history by their unique act of patriotism.
The mammoth demonstration was no doubt necessitated by the complete denial of fundamental freedom of expression and gross violations of human rights by the brutal TPLF regime in Ethiopia during its dictatorial rule of the last 23 years and counting. These heinous crimes of the ruling regime are well recorded by respectable international organizations – and even by those powers in the Western industrialized democracies such as the United Kingdom and the United States that nevertheless keep the genocidal regime afloat with generous all round support including military, security, and direct financial assistance at the expense of the taxpayers of their citizens.
It was inspiring to watch our brave Ethiopians young and old holding the beautiful true flag colored Green, Yellow, and Red without the eye-soar satanic epigram. It was enlightening to hear the hard-hitting powerful slogan “One country Ethiopia; one people Ethiopians” voiced by the enthusiastic protestors.   It was glorifying to see the demonstrators demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, journalists and bloggers calling the names of the victimized heroes and heroines.
TPLF colonizes Ethiopia on the watch of AU
The TPLF militia with direct support of radical Arab states such as Libya made its way to Addis Ababa walking on the blood and leaping over the corpses of fighters of both sides recruited from mainly peasant parents toiling in a feudal society.  The TPLF fighters were brain-washed to overthrow the Derg and replace it with a classless society where citizens are rewarded with fair share of the national economic output according to the precept: “To each according to his needs; from each according to his ability”. Ironically, the injured or fallen combatants on both sides were victims of internecine carnage inflicted by their respective leaders professing communist Marxist – Leninist ideology.
The first evil act of Meles Zenawi regime to dismantle Ethiopia was to desecrate the Green, Yellow and Red original flag as well as remove the statute of Emperor Menilik II – the illustrious victor of the famous Battle of Adwa that became a beacon of hope in the liberation of oppressed black people on a global scale.
The following facts prove beyond any doubt that the TPLF was a puppet collection of thugs with a mission to destroy Ethiopia:-
The tyrant finally died leaving us with the legacy of: sellout of Ethiopia’s vital national interests such as active support for the separation of Eritrea; grisly heinous crimes including genocide, victims of torture, incarceration of peaceful protesters en masse; extra judiciary execution of peaceful protesters, the wailing of mothers, the agony of bereaved families, filthy jails in which hundreds of political prisoners are cruelly kept, toiling peasants in serfdom, interethnic hatred, daylight robbery of votes, pervasive corrupt practices, culture of pathological lies, demised free media, government monopoly of all pillars of democracy, blocked freedom of expression, poor educational standard, forbidden academic freedom in tertiary institutions, a land-locked country, fertile farmland ceded to the Sudan; leasing large chunks of fertile farmlands to unscrupulous foreign investors at tiny price; massive unemployment largely affecting the youth; demoralized youth addicted to psycho-thermal drugs; abject poverty; embezzlement of national treasure and diverting donor fund;  rampant breach of the constitution; regional instability et al.
All in all it was a tragedy that befell Ethiopia bringing her to the precipice of catastrophe that will require divine guidance, visionary leadership and hard work in a democratic environment in order to nullify the gruesome legacy of tyrant Zenawi whom Ambassador Rice calls her friend she truly misses.
Strategy to defeat the TPLF regime
The brutal EPRDF regime is spewing its propaganda of accelerated economic growth in a ‘developmental state’. It is therefore proposed to enrich and advance the arguments provided in the following few paragraphs in order to isolate and defeat the regime.
The GERD is foremost in the propaganda of the ruling regime. But the rivers  tributaries to the Blue Nile originate from the Amhara, Oromia, and Gambella regions of Ethiopia. The three regions are sitting on abundantly fertile lands and mineral resources that are usurped by TPLF leaders, their cronies and unscrupulous foreign investors.  And yet it is the people of these regions that are victims of genocide, heinous crimes, and exploitation perpetrated by the TPLF regime for the last 23 years and counting! The trio should there act in unison to dethrone the TPLF corrupt warlords.
The rank-and-file members of Woyane defense and security establishment bellow the rank of Lt. Colonel or equivalent civilian ranks unaffected by corruption are indispensable in bringing change at minimum cost. This is obvious in that experience has shown that it is practically impossible to avoid their participation in the lofty struggle for regime change. It also will make sense to woo as many as possible of the 6 million cadres of the regime to join the opposition.
The OPDO and ANDM leaders should be persuaded to end their coalition and with sincere apology join other democratic opposition forces and thereby make history. I wish most sincerely that the OLF and other opposition forces wearing a tribal acronym discard their ethnic garb and join the national movement to dethrone the EPRDF brutal regime and on its grave build a strong, united, democratic and prosperous Ethiopia where compassion and the supreme rule of law are prevalent.
The greedy corrupt TPLFites leave no stone unturned to divide the Amhara and Oromo ethnic groups, just like the Fascist Italian invaders did in order to make the two numerically dominant people economically poor and politically impotent. These two major groups should emphatically say no to the intrigue of the TPLF.  Furthermore the Woyane leaders falsely accuse Emperor Menilik II for ordering to cut breasts of Oromo women in Arsi. Dismiss this shameful and unfounded blatant lie meant to tarnish the image of the magnanimous victor of the famous Battle of Adwa that even his enemies. That victory at Adwa stands monumental forever for it became a beacon of hope for all black people on our globe fighting for freedom.
Let me bring to the attention of my fellow Ethiopians that a minority parochial segment of the great Oromo people had in its culture that an adult male had to cut and show the private part of mainly an Amhara male in order to get a bride. Is this not a gruesome act of savagery?  Why didn’t the ruling TPLF regime bring this atrocity to light in its ongoing political indoctrination?
 In closing,
Let the soul of Emmeye Meinilik rest in eternal peace. The time now is to vanquish the EPRDF at the polls in just the same way as it was convincingly done in the election of 2005.   This time however denying the EPRDF daylight robbery of votes!
In a nutshell, it is of paramount importance to paralyze and dethrone the repressive ruling regime and take power in order to create a conducive environment in which to manage Ethiopia’s national resources for the benefit of all of its mosaic ethnic groups living in harmony.
I subscribe to the motto: “One country, Ethiopia; one man one vote!”
It is my ardent hope and fervent prayer that all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia including:- Andualem Aragie, Eskinder Nega, Andargachew Tsige, Abraha Desta,  Bekele Gerba, Reeyot Alemu, Haptamu Ayalew Daniel Shibeshi, Yeshiwas Assefa, Leaders of the Ethiopian Muslims, the 9 bloggers and 3 Journalists, Temesgen Desalegn et al are released immediately and unconditionally!
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