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The crime of the village mercenary Woyane and the Kingdom of Saudi that finance it

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by Teshome Debalke

 What can be said more than what my compatriots and the world over said about the shameful act of the ethnic Chiefdom of Woyane regime and the tribal Kingdom of Saudi in the suffering of Ethiopians. How an 18th century ethnic mercenary at home and tribal Kingdom in Arabia that financed it inflect so much pain and suffering on our people in front of our eyes?
adhanome tedros
We knew all along when the mercenary ethnic regime sold our people and nation in daylight. We witnessed our people being chased out of their country in every direction to end up in strange lands around the world. We watched when Woyane invites Arabian moguls and Chinese and Indians scavengers with the red carpet treatment in Sheraton Addis owned by the infamous Ethiopian-born Saudi investor to be handed our precious land pennies on the dollar. We were also distraught when our leaders and history tarnished by small time TPLF mercenary that sold it soul for petro dollars of Arab depots, on and on.
Noting should surprise us knowing what Woyane is capable of doing.  We should have known better about the brazen Woyane when it sold donated food out of the mouth of our starving people to sell it for $$$ to finance it crime.
Woyane has proven us again-and-again it a mercenary that came to destabilize and robe Ethiopians one behalf of its petro lords, sadly in the name of Tigray. The Saudi Kingdome’s crime and the silence of Woyane is another evidence the mercenary regime never been and will never be on the side of Ethiopians.
In fact, what is surprising is the expectation of some Ethiopians that Woyane will do anything good to Ethiopians and Ethiopia it never did in its existence. What is even more surprising is there are still people that stick around with the worst ‘regime’ ever seen in our history.
To its credit, Woyane told us over-and-over again it cares less if Ethiopians or Ethiopia go to hell in hand basket. It made it abundantly clear it is only interested what it can sell off for foreign investor for dollar. In spite of that, we keep insisting it is Ethiopian.  Honestly, when you think about, we can’t blame Woyane. It is like asking why fascist Italy invaded and subjugated us.
We have to accept the self declared ethnic mercenary that maneuvered its way to occupy our country is proven to be what it has always been since its inception.  As difficult as it is to accept, we have been under TPLF occupation or as Woyane put it, under Tigray Empire.  Contrary what we believe, an average Woyane today also thinks and acts the same; facilitating the occupation of our nation and robbing our people.
Part of the problem; beside our denial of the reality of what Woyane is all about is the greed  of some of us to join in grabbing the little Woyane throw at us. Some of us actually bigger fools to belive Woyane brought us equality and development played by its camera tricks.  Looking at the little Woyane stooges game is more evidence Woyane is any thing but a mercenary ‘photo shopping’ its survival.
Take the infamous Aiga Forum and Tigray Net in Diaspora as example of village boys going hysterical ‘photo shopping’ to save the mercenary Woyane. What possible reason could there be altering picture besides hiding the deed of a mercenary regime?
If history is a lesson, we are experiencing similar to what Fascist Italy’s occupiers did to us.  Like fascist Italia, Woyane’s first campaign was against Ethiopiawinet labeled as Amahras domination. Woyane was so desperate to undermine Ethiopiawinet it found criminals to play the role of ethnic stooges including Berket Simon, an Eritrean national as representative of ‘Amahara Region’.  Like fascist Italy, its next move was to create animosity among Ethiopians by dividing us in ethnic Chiefdom it calls Federalism. Then, it moved on to secure its economic robbery by creating EFFORT — gabbing up everything imaginable worth a dollar. Like fascist Italia, undermining our past leaders and history continue to be what Woyane is paid to do as a mercenary, on and on.
But, one thing the village mercenary Woyane couldn’t do is to earn legitimacy in the eyes of Ethiopians. No problem, wining election by 99.6% was as simple as ABC thanks to the stooges in the Election Board. In fact one sorry Woyane apologist in Diaspora who referred himself as Doctor… said, “the people have spoken”.  What possible reason could there be cooking numbers besides hiding the deed of a mercenary regime?
Then came; the justification of Woyane’s robbery of our people. No problem there either, it came up with ‘Growth and Transformation Plan’ to bring about ‘Ethiopian Renaissance’. Who would oppose such progressive mercenary but ‘Diaspora extremists, Jihadists, and Dergist…’?  What possible reason could there be accusing real Ethiopians terrorist, jihadist…besides hiding the robbery of a mercenary regime?
Finally, the chicken came home to roost. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the boss and the financer of the mercenary TPLF/Woyane regime decided it has no use of our people Woyane sold as indenture servants and chased as refugees.  This time around, Woyane became mute and the Petro dollar it was paid to do the job has spoken.
The tribal Kingdom that is as lawless as Woyane on its own citizens tuned uglier on our citizens. Normally, the tribal Kingdom should abide by international treaty it signed as member of the UN to deal with the situation. But, the timid Woyane under its payroll gave it a green light to take the law on its own hand on the citizens of the sovereign state.
Naturally, if the Saudi tribal Kingdom doesn’t have the decency to treat our people humanly the logical answer would be to evacuate its citizens that are exploiting the resources of Ethiopians in partnership with Woyane. But, the mercenary Woyane protects its petro boss than the people it rules.
Incidentally, where is the infamous Ethiopian-born Saudi investor who claimed to love his people more than his dollar? The man that spent millions of dollar to take over the Ethiopian Sport Federation in North America in a name of loving ‘his’ people is nowhere to be found to help ‘his’ suffering people in his own country of Saudi Arabia.   What possible reason could he have to hide beside his love of money that made him to partner with a mercenary regime?
Sadly, seeing Woyane stooges running like a mad dog; biting Ethiopians at home and in the Diaspora brought the true color of the mercenary group we have known as TPLF/Woyane/EPRDF. Fortunately, there would be no more doubts in the mind of any Ethiopian the mercenary regime is anything but…
The good news is Ethiopians finally has spoken in union. The line is as clear as never; Woyane has to go by all means necessary. As we witnessing, the desperate Woyane’s one and only hope-against-all hope became — to cut and paste its way out of Ethiopians demand to surrender.
Before the torment of our people began in the desert of Arabia I was jotting down an article titled ‘Bad boys…bad boys… of Woyane, what you going to do…where you going to run and hide’.  It goes;
“Seeing Woyane bad boys scramble to stay alive by inflicting more pain and suffering on our people is more reason not to nap anymore. We are all at fault in one form or another to abandon our people for TPLF’s mercenaries. We   can do a whole better if we proactively do what needs to be done to rid Woyane than react to events.
We have been fed with poisonous fairytales for all these years – distracting us to see each other as enemies than one people that yearn for freedom to bring about our glories character of tolerance and coexistence and our potential to be the envoy of the world.  When we think about it, it is absurd; when village  mercenary Woyane call us terrorist while terrorizing us or robbing us in daylight and threatening for more or selling us as modern slaves to pocket the money and abandon us for the  shakes…, on and on.

The blame game is over. Our future would be bright when we focus on the important things to our people than reacting to the crime of Woyane. The first thing on our hand is to bring down Woyane on its knees and punish the criminal in its ranks.  The ongoing effort by democratic and armed movements is encouraging but more need to be done. We have to make it abundantly clear, War or Peace Woyane has no choice but to surrender.  If every Woyane stooge doesn’t understand that reality by now it is our responsibility to make sure no Woyane stooge is left behind.”
Therefore, noting is new in Woyane’s behavior on what our people go through in Saudi’s desert Kingdom. Woyane is the same mercenary we knew all these years. Its apologists are the same ethnic drifters that can’t tell the different between a government and a mercenary as long as they get paid in cash or in-kind.
The bigger lesson we can learn in all our suffering and humiliation is the democratic movement isn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be in competition with the bottom of the pits, Woyane. It isn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be to give or take freedom but to bring about the universal suffrage of our people that can’t be tampered by anyone. Nor, it isn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be a slogan to experiment of someone’s wishes on the lives of our people but bring about the universal rights of our people to take charge of their live with no one on their way; noting more and noting less.
In the struggle to rid of the last tyranny in our extended history, we must be mindful of there is life after the brazen Woyane. We must accept what brings us together is the universal rights of our people to live free and exercises their individual rights as they see fit– regardless of one like it or not.  Therefore, what bring us together isn’t, couldn’t and shouldn’t be opposing the ethnic tyranny that brought us so much pain and suffering.
If history is a lesson, opposing ethnic tyranny on its own can’t bring freedom and democracy to our people. It is every Ethiopian responsibility to say we will not tolerate any individual or group that has no desire or credential to bring about the universal suffrage of our people.  We must say in one voice No more tyranny!
While we are at it, we must, without any ambiguity make Woyane’s stooges understand the last tyranny they are babysitting for too long is rotting them out of existence. They have no choice but to surrender for the people’s movement sooner than later; cutting and pasting picture is not going to do it, the most it does is validate they are a mercenary of a mercenary regime.
Be ready to celebrate; Ethiopia will be free from Woyane ethnic tyranny with grace and no one can do anything to stop it.