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The Case of ​ Tedros Adhanom and the Stranger Hyena

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It is a travesty of history for the world to install an incompetent and racist individual who has been a high- ranking official of a criminal organization as director of the world health organization (WHO).

by Belayneh Abate | Feb 18, 2021

Tedros Adhanom’s hypocritical preaching about global unity to combat epidemics reminds us the case of the stranger hyena. The stranger hyena traveled to a village where it was not known and preached the villagers (well-known for respecting and accommodating guests) about the importance of laying a sitting mat made from an ox leather for him.

Perhaps,  the world is a stranger village for Adhanom, and the world villagers do not know that he has been the high-ranking official of the terrorist Tigre People Liberation Front (TPLF)  that worked relentlessly against Ethiopian UNITY and butchered a five- thousand years old country into ethnic slices. As a result of TPLF’s divide, rule, and rob satanic policies, Ethiopia is still engulfed in ethnic conflicts, and children, women and the elderly are dying from ethnic swords more than they are dying from epidemics of COVID-19, malaria, and tuberculosis.

It is a travesty of history for the world to install an incompetent and racist individual who has been a high- ranking official of a criminal organization as director of the world health organization (WHO).

Tedros Adhanom never uttered a word when thousands of Amaras were massacred, and millions of Amaras,  Gedios, and other ethnic groups were displaced because of the ethnic division policy he installed in one of the oldest nations of the world. Now,  he is accused of using the WHO office, and his  contacts in different international organizations to resuscitate the life of TPLF. [1-3]

Because this world is often unjust and unfair, Adhanom sat at the higher chair of WHO despite being a leader of a terrorist organization that committed three decades of genocide on Amaras and other ethnic groups. He had repeatedly bragged about his mafia organization, and he once said, “working with Melese Zenawi was a blessing”. Meles Zenawi was the architect of TPLF,  and a ringleader of public bank robbing.

TPLF robbed human lives, and national wealth creating a weapon called the Ethiopian People Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRF) for three decades. EPRDF served as  the entry receptor for TPLF as ACE-2 serves as receptor for the novel coronal virus.  As  the novel corona virus enters through ACE-2 receptor to attack the lung cells, TPLF used the Amara National Democratic Movement (a branch of EPRDF)  to enter and wipe out Amaras, and the Oromo People Democratic Organization (another branch of EPRDF) to incarcerate Oromos until the Ethiopian prisons and jails learn how to speak Oromigna. TPLF entered through similar receptors in Gambella to massacre Agnwaks and take away their lands.

These heinous crimes were witnessed by Ethiopians all over the country, and reported repeatedly by Ethiopian Human Rights Organization, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Oakland Institute and Genocide Watch. [4-16]

As part of the three-decade ethnic cleansings of Amaras, TPLF is accused of implementing a unique birth control program in Amara regions while Tedros was the minister of health. As a result of this unique birth control program, the birth rate of Amaras disproportionately declined compared to the birth rates of other ethnic groups of the country. Many young Amara girls became germanely infertile, and many Amara men were forcefully sterilized in the official and unofficial prisons. About 3 million Amaras vanished from the 2007 census. [11-14]

After he was awarded preferential educational opportunity in the West, Adhanom became high -ranking official of TPLF, minister of health and later minster of  foreign affairs. He climbed to these key positions of EPRDF playing the ethnic cards designed by his late friend Zenawi.

Despite all these despicable crimes his party committed, Tedros was nominated to lead the WHO after he used his government’s power to close the door on the well-qualified Ethiopians who could have run for this position. To win the nomination, he played the race card as usual to galvanize the support of the brutal African dictators. With the support of these African dictators,  he took the position as the head of the WHO.

Since leading the WHO with brain and transparency is quite different from ruling the Ethiopian people with ethnic division and irksome lies, his leadership miserably failed, and part of the world was shouting loud for his resignation. To resist the crowd requesting his resignation, Tedros picked up the race card again, and the looter-African dictators stood behind him as expected.

African dictators are infamous for defending African criminals involved in full blown ethnic cleansings and genocides. In 2009, they defended the Sudanese dictator, Al-Bashir, from facing the international criminal court. For African dictators, Al-Bashir was more valuable than the millions of people massacred under his rule. [17]

African dictators were not alone in supporting the former leader of TPLF and EPRDF foreign mister. Embarrassingly, many of his former Ethiopian critics supported him sitting on the coffins of tens of thousands of Ethiopians the TPLF and EPRDF massacred. These hypocrites and opportunists changed their position as if the innocent Ethiopians slaughtered have resurrected and enjoying life on earth.

However, the dead souls are still waiting for justice. The disabled, the amputated, the tortured, the sterilized and the displaced Ethiopians are still crying for justice.  The parents who lost their children, the children who lost their parents, the brothers who lost their sisters, the sisters who lost their brothers are still praying for justice.

Since Tedros Adhanom was baptized with racism, it is not surprising to watch him abusing the international office to safeguard TPLF and advance his racist ambition.  Because racism is in his bones, Tedros stands with his criminal keens who massacred hundreds of thousands of Amaras and other ethnic groups. The souls of innocent Ethiopians massacred  will continue to haunt Tedros Adhanom as it is haunting his criminal colleagues for ever and ever, including after life.

Until then,  Adhanom will continue his hypocrite preaching  about the importance of global UNITY  to foreign villagers just like the hypocrite hyena preached  about the importance of an ox leather to the cattle breeder villagers, who were not informed about all the oxen the hyena devoured.

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