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The Amara Genocide Has Continued, but the Ruthless Rulers Are Denying and Still Calling It Ethnic Conflict

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Belayneh Abate

tedros adhanom has been the highWhile the Mali crimes against humanity are being investigated by the office of the United Nations, the Amara genocide continues. Amaras are still massacred, displaced, and threatened in the Western, Southwestern, Eastern and Central Ethiopia, but the ruthless rulers of the central government, and the rulers  who govern these regions of genocide are still calling it “ethnic conflict”, completing the tenth stage of genocide: DENIAL.  According to Genocide watch, denial is the last stage of genocide. [1]

In the country where the famous historian Herodotus called the land of  just men,  unfortunately we have been seeing  the gruesome slaughtering of Amaras and Christians of other ethnic groups in the southern, Eastern, Western and Central Ethiopia. Ethiopians and part of the world population have confirmed that the barbarian killers were shouting “get out Amara”, get out neftegna (a code for Amara), get out orthodox while they were killing the martyrs they identified prior to the killings. These heinous   barbarians  murdered even nine-month pregnant women in front of her children shouting, “kill the  unborn and the would be Christian.” How further can genocide go  beyond the killing of unborn child based on his possible future identity? [2-7]

Whenever  the barbarians slaughter the unborn babies, children, pregnant women, the youth and the elderly, the local administrators  and security forces  watch idly  and, in some instances, participate directly in the killings. When the barbarians burned  the businesses and houses of citizens in Shashemene following the lists they compiled in July, 2020, they first controlled the gas stations to have unrestricted access for petroleum they used to ignite the fires. The local administrates and security forces did nothing to stop the burning of the residences and business centers of the victims. These evidences confirm the already established  facts that genocides do not occur without direct or indirect participation of local, regional or central governments. [2-7]

The central, the regional and local “governments” then flatly denied genocide to complete the tenth stage of genocide and to insert sharp spears in the broad wounds of the genocide survivors and our conscience. Just like the other genocide- denier governments in history, these ruthless rulers  started their futile attempt to destroy the evidences of genocides.  They  intimidated  genocide survivors  not to talk about their ordeals and forced witness not to give information to the local and international medias.

Furthermore, they incarcerated courageous and historical journalists that exposed  the genocides. No doubt these courageous incarcerated journalists will be rewarded on earth and in heaven when justice prevails as those timid and liar journalists who cover up the genocides will be cursed  in history and the coming generations.

As it happened during the Jewish Holocaust, the actors of the genocides are not the only heartless people who are flatly denying the full-blown Amara and Christian genocides. Many disgruntled individuals are still shamefully denying these genocides. Furthermore, many radio and television stations, websites, newspapers, magazines and websites are also still denying these genocides either through intentional cover ups, or through dereliction of duties.

It is an unavoidable responsibility of this generation to make the primary actors, collaborators and genocide deniers  face national and international justice. This responsibility should not be left to the next generations as it happened to the current generation of the Armenians.

In the meantime, the genocide survivors need physical, mental, and emotional support to mitigate their sufferings from  post-traumatic syndromes. Children who have seen their parents slaughtered like Easter lambs and dragged on streets like tree branches will never have a normal life. Parents who have seen their children beheaded and denied  timely burials will never live  healthily lives. Therefore, the genocide victims shall receive timely justice, and the genocide survivors should get strong assistance from the general public, Churches, Mosques, psychiatrists and psychologists.

Ethiopians please stop being the habitual spectators of genocides and make grave historical mistakes. The Amaras and Christians in the regions of genocide should be provided with their God given rights and  arms to organize and defend themselves.

Amaras never expect others will stop your continued genocide.

Stop the Amara Genocide now!

End notes: (all last accessed in December, 2020)


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December 22,  2020